There are many mobile phone brands in China. As time goes by, a number of brands have fallen, and a number of new brands will appear. The continuous reshuffle of the mobile phone industry is that the market has eliminated a number of low-competitive brands, and eventually survived, they are very good mobile phone brands.
These eight mobile phone brands, both domestically and internationally, have considerable influence and have many supporters.


top hone brands in china huawei
Huawei is currently the leader in China’s mobile phone industry. Huawei mobile phones have strong innovation capabilities and can also produce mobile phone chips by themselves.
Huawei mobile phone is currently the only one in China that can compete with Apple’s mobile phone in terms of quality and price. It can even be said that Huawei’s hardware configuration is more comprehensive than Apple’s mobile phone. Therefore, Huawei mobile phones are very popular in China and international markets.


top hone brands in china xiaomi
Xiaomi was originally established as a MIUI system, and later began to switch to a mobile phone.
Xiaomi’s mobile phone is famous for its low price and high performance. Together with the MIUI system that everyone loves, it has quickly seized a considerable market in a short period of time.
When the Xiaomi mobile phone was first introduced, the word of mouth was not good, but it was only maintained by fans. Until then, the design became more and more novel, and even won many international design awards. I started to move from “making a mobile phone” to “designing a mobile phone”.
Now Xiaomi is not limited to making mobile phones, and the product line has been expanded to TVs, refrigerators, smart homes, etc.


top hone brands in china vivo
Vivo and OPPO phones are almost all the Chinese variety shows.
At the beginning of this brand, it was famous for its arrogant advertising fees, attracting young users, asking for celebrity endorsements, and enhancing the sound quality and camera effects of mobile phones. As it turns out, the effect is very obvious, and the annual sales of mobile phones can reach tens of millions.
In many countries in China and Asia, you can see the mobile phone shop of vivo.


top phone brands in china OPPO
Like the vivo phone, it was originally known for investing in a large number of advertisements and asking for celebrity endorsements. In fact, OPPO and vivo began to belong to the same company. Later it was operated as two independent brands and companies. Both brands will launch new products during the same period, and even the appearance will be consistent. Only later, due to changes in their respective operations, OPPO started and vivo was slightly behind.


top phone brands of china lenovo
Lenovo mobile phone is an older mobile phone brand in China, but it has been a bit tepid in the last two years.
A few years ago, Lenovo Mobile acquired the Motorola mobile phone business, making the industry competitiveness of Lenovo mobile phones always at the leading level. However, in the past two years, the R&D and innovation capabilities of mobile phones have begun to decline. In the fierce mobile phone competition environment in China, the market rankings have begun to lag behind.

6.One plus

top phones brand of china one plus
One plus mobile phone has been very hot in the world recently, and the brand was not born for a long time.
The one plus 6T mobile phone released recently has caused a sensation and looting.
At the beginning of the birth of a mobile phone, it was a bit tepid. The appearance is simple and there is not much intention. But the native Android system, coupled with the good hardware configuration, makes a plus phone shine.


top phone brands in china meizu
Meizu started out as an MP3 player. After making a successful music player, it switched to a mobile phone. It turns out that this change is also very successful. Because the choice of time is very right, when the first generation of mobile phones came out, there are quite a lot of supporters.
The Meizu mobile phone launched a long period of time, and each mobile phone model will be launched several times. This is also due to the strict requirements of the founder for the product, where the slight dissatisfaction will be overthrown. It is this spirit of excellence that makes Meizu mobile phones each one of the best, although there are not many models, but many users.


top phone brands in china smartisan
At the beginning of the birth of the Smartisan mobile phone, it was famous for its design. Even when the first generation of mobile phones was just launched, the design of the Apple mobile phone was full of ridicule. Of course, this brand of mobile phones does have a lot of excitement, and there are places worth learning and learning from other brands.
The design of the Smartisan mobile phone is its biggest feature, followed by the optimization of the mobile phone system. Due to the unique personality of the founder of the mobile phone brand, the attitude of the most popular mobile phone design is adopted. Therefore, although the Smartisan mobile phone is very popular, the acceptance is not too high.