The China Electronic Information Industry Association released the “Top 100 Enterprises in Software and Information Technology Services Comprehensive Competitiveness”, referred to as the top 100 software companies. The top three are Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and China Unicom. From the list, the listed companies have five characteristics, namely, continuous improvement in scale efficiency, remarkable achievements in research and development, accelerated growth in emerging fields, comprehensive deepening of international layout, and continuous enhancement of support.
The Top 100 Chinese Software Industry Companies in 2019 are these:
Chinese software company

RankingCompany name
1Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
2Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd.
3Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd.
4Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
5China Communications Services Co., Ltd.
6Haier Group Corporation
7Jingdong Group
8ZTE Corporation
9Inspur Group Co., Ltd.
10ChinaSoft International Co., Ltd.
11Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
12Nanrui Group Co., Ltd.
13Hisense Group Co., Ltd.
14Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.
15State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group Co., Ltd.
16Aerospace Information Co., Ltd.
17Softcom Power Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.
18Chengdu Jiwei IOT Group Co., Ltd.
19Tongfang Co., Ltd.
20Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd.
21AsiaInfo Technology (China) Co., Ltd.
22Guangzhou Cool Dog Computer Technology Co., Ltd.
23Donghua Software Co., Ltd.
24China Software and Technology Services Co., Ltd.
25Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.
26Liard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
27Ningbo Junsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
28Beijing Car Home Information Technology Co., Ltd.
29Wensi Haihui Technology Co., Ltd.
30Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.
31Unicom System Integration Co., Ltd.
32Perfect World Co., Ltd.
33Shanghai Huaxun Network System Co., Ltd.
34Shanghai Baoxin Software Co., Ltd.
35China Telecom Group System Integration Co., Ltd.
36Guangzhou Guangdian Express Financial Electronics Co., Ltd.
37Ping An Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
38Beijing Cheetah Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.
39Zhongke Soft Technology Co., Ltd.
40Fuzhou Fuda Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
41Guangzhou Jiadu Group Co., Ltd.
42Newland Technology Group Co., Ltd.
43Beijing Road Communication Signal Research and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd.
44Digital China Information Service Co., Ltd.
45Beiming Software Co., Ltd.
46UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd.
47Fujian Netlong Computer Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.
48Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd.
49Beijing Huayu Software Co., Ltd.
50Shenzhen Tianyuan Dike Information Technology Co., Ltd.
51Gaode Information Technology Co., Ltd.
52Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd.
53Zhongkong Technology Group Co., Ltd.
54Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd.
55Shenxin Service Technology Co., Ltd.
56Hang Seng Electronics Co., Ltd.
57Petrochemical Yingke Information Technology Co., Ltd.
58Nanjing Lianchuang Technology Group Co., Ltd.
59Beijing Yihualu Information Technology Co., Ltd.
60Helishi Technology Group Co., Ltd.
61Easy Point Network Technology Co., Ltd.
62Yunnan Nantian Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.
63Beijing Rotary Information Technology Co., Ltd.
64Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
65Beijing Jiuqi Software Co., Ltd.
66Tiandi Weiye Technology Co., Ltd.
67Zhongqi Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd.
68Yinjiang Co., Ltd.
69Wanda Information Co., Ltd.
70Guangzhou Hager Communication Group Co., Ltd.
71Shandong Zhongchuang Software Engineering Co., Ltd.
72Dalian Huaxin Computer Technology Co., Ltd.
73Beijing Siweitu New Technology Co., Ltd.
74Xinhua San Technology Co., Ltd.
75Xiamen Information Group Co., Ltd.
76Beijing Shenzhou Taiyue Software Co., Ltd.
77Xunfei Zhiyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
78Dongfang Netpower Technology Co., Ltd.
79Zhejiang University New Technology Co., Ltd.
80Beijing Tianrongxin Technology Co., Ltd.
81Beijing Dongfang Guoxin Technology Co., Ltd.
82Xiamen Gigabit Network Technology Co., Ltd.
83Pilot Power Information System Co., Ltd.
84Beijing Yuxin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
85Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd.
86Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.
87China Mobile All Access System Integration Co., Ltd.
88Zhongke Chuangda Software Co., Ltd.
89Wuhan Yucheng Technology Co., Ltd.
90Shell Finding Room (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
91Beijing Advanced Digital Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
92Taiji Computer Co., Ltd.
93Great Wall Computer Software and Systems Co., Ltd.
94Beijing Zhongdian Xingfa Technology Co., Ltd.
95Shenzhen Changliang Technology Co., Ltd.
96Linkage Advantage Technology Co., Ltd.
97Bokang Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd.
98Shenzhen Pulian Software Co., Ltd.
99Xiamen Meiya Baike Information Co., Ltd.
100Qingdao Neusoft Carrier Technology Co., Ltd.

In terms of income, the total software business revenue of the listed enterprises totaled 1,237.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%, higher than the industry average growth rate of 2.7 percentage points. There are 17 companies with a software business income of more than 10 billion yuan and 34 with more than 5 billion yuan. The top 100 enterprises have created 20% of the industry’s income and 40% of the profits, which is less than 0.25% of the industry’s total. The support and leading role of the whole industry has become increasingly prominent.
From the perspective of R&D and innovation, the total investment in R&D in the 2019 session was 254 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.2%, which was 10.3 percentage points higher than the growth rate of software business revenue. The number of computer software copyright registrations reached 130,000, an increase of more than 50% over 2018, which was higher than the industry-wide average growth rate of 9 percentage points.
In terms of the field, revenue from big data business increased by 48% year-on-year, exceeding the growth rate of software business revenue by 30%. In the field of artificial intelligence, Baidu and Xunfei have reached the international advanced level and led the formation of a certain industrial chain scale. In the field of cloud computing, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent, Baidu, etc. have launched a number of new product and service frameworks.
From the perspective of international layout, in 2018, the software export scale of the top 100 enterprises reached 31 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.7% over the previous year, accounting for 56% of the national software exports. More than half of the top 20 companies in the 20th century have carried out multinational operations. More than 30 companies represented by Huawei, China Unicom, ChinaSoft International and iSoftStone have set up branch offices, R&D centers and branches abroad.