China in 2019 will be a year of rapid development of mobile Internet. With the construction and promotion of 5G networks, mobile Internet will change people’s lives more.
Top 10 Trends of China Mobile Internet in 2019

1.The impact of 5G commercialization on the industry

Trends of China Mobile Internet in 2019-impact of 5G commercialization
In the 5G year, smart terminals and IOT will benefit first. It is expected that after 2021, the number of innovative enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain will usher in the opportunity to stand out and overtake. 5G will be the first to apply user content scenarios in video content consumption, industrial Internet, remote diagnosis, Internet of Things, and Internet of Vehicles.

2.Opportunities under the deepening of the industrial Internet

Trends of China Mobile Internet in 2019-industrial Internet
Giants such as BAT(Baidu Alibaba Tencent) adjust their organizational structure to enhance the strategic position and development speed of the toB business. Although the breakthrough direction is different, the investment layout focuses on the technical basic level of the industrial Internet, AI, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. The use time of industrial Internet-related industries will continue to grow. The concentration of TOP3 in the vertical track is much lower than that of the C-end consumer Internet. There is a huge development opportunity.

3.Vertical track still has good growth opportunities

Trends of China Mobile Internet in 2019-Vertical track
The report shows that there are still opportunities for “reverse attack” in the vertical track: user sinking, offline scenarios, product innovation, and technical iterations can all achieve new growth.

4.Panoramic ecological flow layout becomes a trend

In 2018, the giants began to deploy small programs, terminal manufacturers made rapid application, and the competition for traffic portals became more intense. WeChat small program takes advantage of the first move, Baidu and Alipay play their unique advantages for ecological flow entry layout.

5.Offline traffic new gameplay

Trends of China Mobile Internet in 2019-Offline traffic
The new retail layout has further landed, and the new logic of online and offline collaboration “people’s goods yard” has begun to exert its effects. The two giants have different ideas. Aliqiang connects and Tencent assists in empowerment.

6.More and more attention will be paid to the refined operation of users.

The user’s refined operation aims to maximize the value of the user, and improves the user activity, retention rate or payment indicator through operational means. For example, through continuous sponsorship of the comprehensive face to obtain new traffic, the use of product iteration to enhance user retention, to achieve healthy growth of user active scale and user stickiness.

7.Ecological payment members become the focus of competition

The eco-members’ rights and joint cross-border member design will become an effective way for all platforms to enhance users’ ARPU. Members’ use stickiness and repurchase rate are higher, but single-platform members have been able to meet the video content needs of most users. The battle will become increasingly fierce.

8.The rise of the circle of interest, the big market in the small field

Trends of China Mobile Internet in 2019-circle of interest
The circle of people who have been divided into interests gradually appeared in the public’s field of vision. For example, “This is Street Dance” and “China has Hip Hop” and other rapid breakthroughs in the circle, pushed by the niche to the public, bringing huge flow and economic value.

9.Multi-level market meets more vertical segmentation needs

In the third- and fourth-tier cities and below, the “small town youth” population reached 256 million, and the online consumption capacity was significantly higher than that of all netizens. The young people in the town are sensitive to price, mainly through the entertainment of games and music, and have a strong demand for local life, socialization and landscaping.
In addition, the “community group purchase” based on the trust relationship between community neighborhoods has risen to meet the needs of the mothers of the treasures, and they need to use the “single product explosion + pre-sale” light operation method, relying on the “team leader” to Platform deep links, community group purchases rely on small programs, entrepreneurs in the second half of 2018 rushed into the field, but are still in the early stages of development.

10.Value transfer brought by new media

The new media upgrade path is a diversified development that adapts to and close to the content/interaction form. The information form is upgraded from graphic to video to fragmented micro video. The data shows that nearly 60% of today’s headlines have formed reading. The habit of video information, the proportion of interesting headline users watching video information is relatively high.
From the channel side, user information is obtained from exclusive to sharing, the social properties of the information media are enhanced, and the media with social attributes is diversified, verticalized, and developed.
In addition, the size of the information flow advertising market has exceeded 100 billion, and the growth rate of short video advertisements has exceeded the growth rate of overall information flow advertisements, becoming one of the most important components of information flow advertisements.