China has a wealth of traditional culture and traditional snacks, which are familiar to Chinese people, but for foreigners, an entry point for understanding Chinese culture is traditional Chinese snacks. The Top 10 Traditional Snacks in China are the essence of the snack culture.These snacks are:

10.Guilin rice noodles 桂林米粉

Top 10 Traditional Snacks in China
Guilin is a beautiful city, and the cuisine of Guilin rice noodles has a high reputation in China. The practice is more careful to grind the rice into a pulp bag and filter it. After the powder is cooked, it can be pressed into a round root. Then add pork. Beef or other halogen products are cooked to a delicate, smooth taste.

9.Shandong Pancake 山东煎饼

Top 10 Traditional Snacks in China-Shandong Pancake
Shandong pancake originated in Taishan, mainly made of whole grains, which is a snack that many people like to eat. Rich in nutrients and rich in fiber, it helps digestion. It is one of China’s top ten famous snacks and is loved by many diners.

8.Ningbo Tangyuan 宁波汤圆

Top 10 Traditional Snacks in China-Ningbo Tangyuan
Ningbo Tangyuan has a long history and originated from the Song Dynasty. It is a food that the people of the whole country must eat every year on the 15th of each month. There are different tastes, sweet and delicious, and there are black sesame and purple potato or bean paste flavors, which are delicious and delicious.

7.Xi’an paste spicy soup 西安胡辣汤

Paste soup is a classic snack in Shaanxi, a favorite food for locals. Walking in the small streets and alleys of Xi’an, you can hear the chef who sells the spicy soup with Shaanxi words selling the spicy soup, enthusiasm, etc. You can taste it next time in Xi’an.

6.Nuo mituan 糯米团

Nuo mituan is a special breakfast that Shanghai people love to eat. It is made into a thin piece of bread and then filled with fried dough sticks and mustard to make a tuan zi. It is one of China’s top ten famous snacks, and friends who have not eaten can taste it.

5.Lanzhou Beef Ramen 兰州牛肉拉面

According to the history book, Lanzhou Ramen is the evolution of the old beef noodle soup. It has a long history and continuous innovation. It has won praises from countless diners and has become the business card of Lanzhou cuisine.

4.Chongqing hot and sour powder 重庆酸辣粉

The top ten food in Chongqing, the main ingredients of Chongqing hot and sour powder are hand-made sweet potato powder, which is then made into 20 kinds of seasonings such as pepper and vinegar. It’s sour and refreshing to eat, and now you can sell sour and spicy powder in restaurants in various cities.

3.Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste 热干面

Dry noodles are the specialties of Wuhan. The top ten famous foods in Wuhan are a kind of food that many people in Hubei often eat for breakfast. The main feature is that the noodles are very strong, and the color is yellow and oily. It tastes delicious and delicious, and it is not expensive.

2.Hanzhong Hot Paste 汉中热面皮

Hanzhong Hot Paste is a well-known specialty snack in Shaanxi. It originated from the Qin and Han Dynasties. The rice was firstly ground into rice syrup, steamed into thin skin and smeared with rapeseed oil and cut into strips. Then, various seasonings and potatoes and yellows were added. Mix the bean sprouts and other side dishes and serve them. The taste is soft and spicy.

1.Fritters 油条

Fritters are the most common snacks in Beijing. They are not only cheap but also crispy and delicious. One of China’s top ten famous snacks is often used for breakfast, very crisp, and glutinous rice noodles is also one of the top ten breakfasts in Wuhan.