China is a big country of food. Chinese people have their own tastes and feelings for food, and even picky. In the eyes of the Chinese, some foreign foods are really unacceptable, even called “super dark dishes”.


Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Baguette
Literally: delicious French bread
The actual situation: a special bread saw is needed to be sawn, and many people can’t bite when they bite their teeth.
Comments: French bread is delicious, there are many kinds, don’t hang on the baguette.

2.German Black Bread

Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-German Black Bread
Literally: healthy whole grain bread
The actual situation: made of rye flour, the fermentation process is different from ordinary bread, some smelly, similar to moldy taste.
Comments: It is not bad, so it was used as a military food during World War II.

3.Blue Cheese

Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Blue Cheese
Literally: blue cheese, how beautiful!
The actual situation: The blue pattern is formed by the reproduction of green mold, and the sour taste is salty and mixed, which is very spicy.
Comments: There are many kinds of cheeses abroad, and you should be cautious when you lower your mouth.


Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Caviar
Literally: high-end luxury food
The actual situation: heavy taste food, need to eat raw, taste heavy and salty.
Comments: Before spending a big price, please judge whether your taste is heavy enough.

5.Steak Tartar

Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Steak Tartar
Literally: a very exotic steak
The actual situation: pure raw beef, with a variety of flavors of different spices, and then stir a pure raw egg.
Comments: How many Chinese people ordered this dish and then did not eat it?


Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Octopus
Literally: delicious and delicious seafood
Actual situation: Other places can, but if you are in Korea, remember this is raw!
Comments: Octopus will struggle in your mouth! The suction cup will also suck on your tongue and the inner wall of your mouth!

7.Foie Gras

Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Foie Gras
Literally: classic French cuisine
Actual situation: foie gras is very fat, and the superior foie gras will make you eat a bit like eating a whole piece of fat.
Comments: Very expensive and expensive to eat a little, and the higher the goose liver, the more fat.

8.Stargazy Pie

Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Stargazy Pie
Literally: good philosophical pie! There are deep names.
The actual situation: the dough is served with a charred fish head, the originator of the dark cooking world.
Comments: British, you have won!


Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Avocado
Literally: advanced foreign fruit
The actual situation: the taste is very different, like the tasteless egg yolk, some people love someone with extreme disgust.
Comments: Also known as avocado, once someone posted a microblogging, rather than swearing chrysanthemums are not willing to eat.

10.Pecorino, Roquefort

Super Dark Foreign Foods in Chinese Eyes-Pecorino
Literally: delicious cheese
The actual situation: goat milk is much more than the general cheese, just like you eat the liver directly.
Comments: Common in a variety of sandwiches, foreigners can eat this, but many Chinese can not eat bread.