Summer is the hottest season of the year. People in southern China and those in the north have different feelings about the weather. In summer, this difference is more obvious. Many cities in the central and southern regions will experience high temperatures. However, there are also some cities in China where the temperature difference is relatively small, and the temperature is suitable, which is very suitable for summer heat. In this post, I will introduce you to the top ten summer cities in China.

1.Kunming-International Spring City 昆明-国际春城

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-kunming
Kunming is located in a low-latitude plateau. The annual average temperature is around 15℃, the average temperature of the hottest month is 19℃, and the average temperature of the coldest month is 7.5℃. The sun is shining and the scenery is pleasant. Spring has always been recognized as the “Spring City”. In the previous rankings of China’s summer tourism cities, Kunming once ranked first in the first session (2004), and then ranked second for several consecutive sessions. In 2011-2012, it was tied for first place with Guiyang, and this year it surpassed Guiyang to top the list. .

2.Guiyang-the summer capital 贵阳-避暑之都

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-guiyang
A folk saying goes: “There is heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below, and the climate is suitable for Guiyang.” Guiyang has a pleasant climate, especially in summer. In the hottest month of July, the average temperature is only 23.7℃, the air is not dry, and there is no wind and sand in all seasons. The ultraviolet intensity reaches level 4 only in a short time at noon, and the rest of the time is weak or weak. It is very weak, with plenty of rain in summer, and the nighttime precipitation accounts for about two-thirds of the annual precipitation. It is called “rainy at night and sunny during the day”. In addition, Guiyang has “exotic mountains, beautiful waters, beautiful rocks and different caves”. Characteristic karst natural landscapes and humanistic tourism resources, as well as vivid and colorful “summer season” activities held year after year. For this reason, it has been ranked first in China’s summer tourism cities for eight consecutive years, and won the list for nine consecutive years. “Summer City” image reputation. This year’s list of Chinese summer tourism cities, Guiyang temporarily ranks second, indicating that there is also fierce competition in summer tourism cities. In fact, the comprehensive scores of cities such as Harbin, Heilongjiang Reclamation Area, Lijiang and Qingdao have all approached Kunming and Guiyang.

3.Harbin-Summer Holy Land 哈尔滨-夏日圣地

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-harbin
Many years ago, experts from the World Tourism Organization proposed Heilongjiang’s tourism image as “Heilongjiang-China’s ‘COOL’ province, Harbin City also proposed “Harbin-China’s ‘COOL’ city”.
The climate of Harbin is a mid-temperate continental monsoon climate, with green mountains and cloves all over the city in spring; summer is cool and not hot, cool and pleasant; autumn is high and fresh, and the layers of forest are full of stains; in winter, it is covered in silver and covered with snow and ice. The average temperature here in July is about 23℃, the temperature difference between day and night is big, dry and comfortable, suitable for leisure and summer.

4.Heilongjiang Reclamation Area-World Agricultural Capital 黑龙江垦区-世界农都

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-heilongjiang
The China Agricultural Park in the “Nine Fields Joint Construction” of the Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Administration Bureau is China’s largest all-weather, fully open, and panoramic modern large-scale agricultural leisure tourism complex. It shows the unique beauty of thousands of miles of fertile fields and the countryside of Northland. The beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the green ecology, the beauty of the colorful vegetation, the beauty of the black earth growing gold, the beauty of the abundant grains, the beauty of the summer climate.
The average temperature of the bureau in July is about 22.0°C. “The morning is spring, the afternoon is autumn, and the summer is only a tip at noon.” The entire Heilongjiang reclamation area-the “Great Northern Wilderness” agricultural reclamation new town cluster, is distributed in the Sanjiang Plain, Songnen Plain, and the foothills of the Xiaoxing’an Mountains in the “Longjiang Summer Resort”. Generally speaking, it belongs to the middle and cold temperate continental monsoon climate zone with cool summers. the weather. Most farmers in the reclamation area have realized the development dream of “farming in the vast wilderness and living in modern towns”.

5.Lijiang-the cradle of life 丽江-生活摇篮

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-lijiang
Lijiang gathers world natural heritage, cultural heritage and memory heritage in one city, consisting of mountains-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Laojun Mountain, city-Dayan Ancient City, river-Jinsha River, lake-Lugu Lake, Wen-Naxi Dongba Culture, style-Mosuo style and other places with rich regional culture. Lijiang has a high-profile southwest monsoon climate. The average temperature of the hottest month is around 20°C. There is only a change in temperature and no drastic changes in summer and summer. Traveling in summer is very comfortable and comfortable.
Lijiang is the first batch of national low-carbon land experimental areas. It insists on promoting low-carbon quality of life among citizens, tourists, and foreign investors. It pursues “no mountains and no green, clear water, fragrance of flowers in all seasons, song of birds, Green shade protects summer, red leaves welcome autumn”, and a new realm of international boutique tourism city life that is suitable for living, traveling, raising, working, and learning.

6.Qingdao-Sea Breeze Sends Cool 青岛-海风送爽

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-qingdao
Qingdao belongs to the monsoon region of the north temperate zone, with oceanic climate characteristics-continuous sea breeze, melting sun, moist air, and cool temperature. The average temperature of the hottest month in summer is 24℃, and there are few scorching heat in summer and severe cold in winter. The profound Qilu cultural heritage and modern blue economic civilization exchanged and collided in Qingdao, giving birth to a unique contemporary Qingdao cultural image. Adhering to the concept of “creating a beautiful environment and constructing a pleasant residence”, Qingdao has been comprehensively developed in urban planning, ecological environment, residential housing, etc., creating a coordinated development of economy and society, harmonious coexistence of man and nature, outstanding regional personality, and mountain and sea landscape A beautiful city environment with clean environment, perfect functions and comfortable life. The 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition, which is under preparation, has attracted worldwide attention. At that time, it will showcase the theme image of “The Heavenly Girl Scattering Flowers, Tianshuidi Pond, Colorful Streamers, and the Four Seasons” in the “Sea Breeze” Hundreds of exhibition parks in the three major areas of the International Park and the Green Industry Park are colorful and fascinating in gardening, landscape and modeling.

7.Xining-Kunlun Summer Capital 西宁-昆仑夏都

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-xining
Xining, the “Kunlun Summer Capital”, has been awarded the title of “Global Summer City” for many times together with Kunming, Guiyang, and Harbin, and has become an important destination for summer tourism in my country.
In recent years, Xining Tourism has focused on the goal of building a famous plateau tourism province and building a plateau characteristic tourist destination and distribution center. It has strived to highlight the meaning of coolness, purity and purity in the city brand, and rationally divide the city’s summer tourism cultural function layout to create a summer holiday Cultural tourism brand, organizes the Xiadu Xining Summer Tourism Festival, which focuses on summer tourism carnivals and summer tourism theme dialogues, and launches summer forest ecological tours, summer climbing adventure tours, and summer folk festivals based on the “brand + activities” model A series of summer leisure activities such as summer travel, summer holiday and cool carnival.

8.Yuxi-The Land of Cloud Narcissus 玉溪-云水仙渊

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-yuxi
When mentioning Yuxi, many people will first think of it as the “Kingdom of Tobacco”, a nickname that goes hand in hand. In fact, Yuxi’s industrial development is diversified. There is a short article saying: “Tobacco tea, medicinal fruit flowers, copper, aluminum, phosphorus, lead, zinc, water, coal, wind, electricity, food, lodging, shopping and entertainment, Hongta Hongyu Honghe Hongmei red camellia, green city, green town, green farming, green production, green leisure, Being close to mountains, water, oxygen, cool, and beautiful, suitable for living, traveling, studying, working, and developing”, this means Yunnan, and it should be a condensed expression of the colorful development of Yuxi.
In 1916, “Yuxi” was named after the water of the Yuxi Dahe (Zhu Dahe), one of the sources of the Pearl River that traverses the urban area, flowing like a jade belt babbling through 10,000 acres of fields. It is still in use today. The telephone area codes of Yuxi and Kunming in Spring City have been “linked to the city”. The ecological and summer weather characteristics are similar, so they are called “Sister City of Spring City”. Yuxi is the hometown of the people’s musician Nie Er. It has the magical and beautiful Fuxian Lake and the world-famous underwater city. The famous “Bull and Tiger Case” of Lijiashan at home and abroad is known as the “most amazing discovery of the 20th century”. Fossils of animals in Maotian Mountain.

9.Yantai-Mountain, Sea, and Immortal Residence 烟台-山海仙邦

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-yantai
Beautiful Yantai, located in the middle of the Shandong Peninsula, surrounded by mountains and sea, has a pleasant climate, no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer. The list of Chinese summer tourist cities always ranks high.
The coastline of Yantai is 909.3 kilometers long. There are the earliest sites of the Yantaishan consulate base in modern times, Penglai Pavilion, a fairyland on earth, and the Wei stele of Yunfeng Mountain in Laizhou. There are sea fairy mountains Changdao, Zhifu Island, Yangma Island, and Kong There are more than 60 cave islands and large and small bedrock islands, many of which were selected in the 2013 China Ocean Treasure Island List. These beautiful islands are like brilliant pearls embedded in the sea. The beautiful seashore, island scenery and cultural landscape attract a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists to visit each year. This year is the Chinese Ocean Tourism Year. Yantai, the “Shanhaixianbang”, will naturally become one of the most attractive seaside island summer cities this year.

10.Liupanshui-Secret Realm of Cool Capital 六盘水-凉都秘境

Top 10 Summer Cities in China-liupanshui
Liupanshui City is located in the west of Guizhou, China. It is a young and beautiful industrial city with more than 30 mineral resources such as coal, iron, lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold, limestone, dolomite, barite, and coalbed methane. Rich in resources, it is known as the “Jiangnan Coal Sea”. However, Liupanshui pays more attention to creating another city brand—China Liangdu, which is one of the earliest promoters of the exploration and utilization of Chinese urban summer tourism resources.
Liupanshui is a typical karst landform, with the highest altitude of 2900.6 meters and the lowest altitude of 586 meters. The three-dimensional climate is obvious. The overall temperature changes very little. The annual average temperature is 12.3℃-15.2℃. In July and August, the average temperature is only 19.8. ℃, the year-round cool comfort level and above comfort level is more than 223 days, it is indeed a precious summer resort. At the end of the summer of 2005, Liupanshui was awarded the unique “Cool Capital of China” certificate by the Chinese Meteorological Society, and was selected as one of the “Top Ten Summer Tourist Cities in China” for several consecutive years.