China has a vast territory, distributing snow scenes across the country, allowing people to feel the beauty of nature in different seasons. China’s top ten snow scenes are also the most beautiful snow-capped resorts in China.Top 10 Snow Scenes in China are these:

1.Heilongjiang Mohe: The northernmost town in China

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Heilongjiang Mohe
The Arctic Village is the northernmost town in mainland China. Located at the foot of Qixing Mountain in the Daxinganling Mountains, Heilongjiang flows through it, and Russia is on the other side. The Mohe in winter is a city surrounded by snow, with landscape paintings and snow-capped mountains. In addition to the beauty, it can also transform you into a playful child, skiing, snowmaning, and squatting in this snowy world.

2. Kanas: crystal clear birch smog

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Kanas
The snow-capped icy lakes, the villages with smoke and smoke in the snow, the fairy-scented bay of the morning mist, and the horse-drawn sledges of the Tuva people, have built the fascinating scenery of the winter Kanas! The sun shines along the gaps of the clouds and sprinkles on the snowfields. With a glance, you will fall in love with this place.

3. Heishui County, Chengdu: Dagu Iceberg with few people and beautiful scenery

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Dagu Iceberg
Although the Dagu Iceberg does not have the reputation of the population of Huanglongtun in Jiuzhaigou, the scenery here is not inferior to the former two. The Dagu Iceberg is also the last snowy mountain where the Red Army has crossed the Long March. There are colorful 80-year-old forests, Luogusi Mountain Waterfall, lakes, rhododendrons, dotted meadows and various wild animals and plants.

4. Yulong Snow Mountain: the most popular in Northwest Yunnan

The most easily accessible snow-capped mountains in northwestern Yunnan, the snow-capped peaks in the distance, the lake is transparent blue, almost solidified in the blue, a little greenery dotted between them. In the heart of the lake, Baiyun is horizontal, floating in the mountains, reflecting on the lake, such as dreams, suspected to be a fairyland. Every year, many tourists come here.

5. Everest Base Camp: Peerless Beauty Snowy Plateau

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Everest Base Camp
A protected area set up to protect the core area of Mount Everest at an altitude of 5,200 meters. It is one of the best places to watch the Everest, and it is also the base camp for the climbing team to climb Mount Everest from the Chinese side. The April-June season is the hiking season, the most popular time in Everest Base Camp, and the best time to capture the Everest Qiyun.

6. Aershan: the 20-degree non-freezing river

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Aershan
The winter in Aershan is a black and white world, with ice and jade, and silver. The transpiration of the mist condenses on the trees in the cold air, forming a magical, pure, magnificent ice smog. In this snow and ice, there is such a 20-kilometer-long, unfrozen river with a fairy fluttering!

7. Heilongjiang Xuexiang: Fairytale World Snow Township

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Heilongjiang Xuexiang
Stepping in the snowy town of the fairy tale world, the layers of snow-covered wooden houses, the red lanterns hanging high and dazzling. Stack a snowman, point your eyes and smile. Even if you fall down when you get up, you should try the taste of skiing. Climb to the mountains to watch the sunset, watch the sunset and dye the snow on the roof of the village pink. Here is the winter of the North Kingdom that your heart yearns for.

8. Jilin Changbai Mountain: Luxury Spa in White Snow

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Jilin Changbai Mountain
Climb the snowy Changbai Mountain and experience the luxury open-air hot springs in the autumn and winter of the snowflake, and feel the stimulation of the ice and fire. Ride on the soft ski slopes, play with a left-handed swing and relax, but relax!

9. Xiling Snow Mountain: numerous snow and ice rides

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Xiling Snow Mountain
A snow-capped mountain close to Chengdu, the main peak of the temple base is more than 5,000 meters above sea level. It is one of the peaks in Chengdu. The snowy Xiling, wrapped in silver, the mountains look even more ethereal, and the little snow flutters in the wind. There are ski resorts, snowmobiles, dog sleds and other snow and ice rides on the hills, which is a good place for a weekend trip.

10. Hailuogou: two days of ice and fire

Top 10 Snow Scenes in China-Hailuogou
There is the world’s most majestic big ice waterfall, and the crystal-clear modern glaciers pour down from the high valleys. There is also the most magical snowy hot spring. In such a place close to the glacier, a large number of hot springs spew out from the ground. The outlet water temperature is up to 92 °C, which can be used for tea and cooking eggs.