In China, these 10 industries are the most profitable, and are known as the top 10 profiteering industries.The Top 10 Profiteering Industry In China are:
Profiteering Industry In China-liquor

No.10 Liquor industry

For quite a few people, liquor is an indispensable drink in their lives. The cost of people who drink hundreds of yuan or even a bottle of liquor at the dinner table generally ranges from RMB 4 yuan to 200 yuan. It can be said that the profit is very considerable. Some people have calculated it. Under normal circumstances, the cost of 50-degree liquor is 2.6 yuan/kg, and the cost of 30-degree liquor is 1.5 yuan/kg. For those high-end, brand-name liquors, the price per kilogram is hundreds of yuan. Thousands of dollars, the profit can be imagined!

No.9 Funeral industry

According to the statistics of the relevant ministries, the annual funeral consumption in China is as high as hundreds of billions of yuan. According to the survey, the cost of a funeral is astounding, such as cremation fees, plastic surgery fees, transportation fees for the body, renting farewell hall fees, renting wreath fees, and so on. In the funeral parlour, an urn that was bought at a price of twenty or thirty yuan, the price is as high as three or four hundred yuan. A shroud with a price of tens of yuan is worth a thousand dollars. As for the cost of purchasing a cemetery or a spiritual tower, it is extremely expensive. In some good locations, a piece of land less than 2 square meters is sold for tens of thousands of yuan!

No.8 Eyewear manufacturing and sales

A small optical industry, it seems that it is not surprising, but it is recognized by the public as a profiteering industry. In the glasses industry, there is such a classic paragraph: “The cost of 30 frames, 300 pieces sold to you is to talk about human feelings, 400 pieces sold to you is to talk about friendship, 500 pieces sold to you is to talk about the market.” According to the glasses industry Statistics show that the current demand for glasses in the country is about 700 million per year, and the annual transaction volume exceeds 300 billion yuan, which is really staggering.

No.7 Education and training

The Chinese are most willing to pay an investment, which is the expenditure on education spent on their children. How many families, in order not to let the children lose on the starting line, from the beginning of the kindergarten to give children a variety of remedial classes, primary school, junior high school, high school all the way down, various online and offline education and training institutions do not know how many times. Off-campus counseling institutions engaged in education and training naturally make a lot of money. According to statistics, in 2017, more than 50% of households in China invested more than 6,000 yuan per year in education, and about 35% of households invested more than 20,000 yuan per year in education. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of China’s education and training market will reach 500 billion yuan!

No.6 Medical drugs, health products industry

In recent years, have you noticed a change in your city: no matter the streets, all kinds of pharmacies and pharmacies have sprung up, often occupying the best lots and facades. Perhaps you also know that the medicines and health products sold in these pharmacies are high-margin products, but do you know how high? According to industry sources, a box of ex-factory price of 2 yuan of drugs, after flowing into the pharmacy, the price can reach 40 yuan! Some affordable pharmacies are selling at an average price of 45% lower than the approved retail price. They are still profitable. Imagine the profitability of the pharmaceutical and health care retail industries.

No.5 Online game

There has been such a joke on the Internet: “If you know how to make money online games, who is going to sell drugs?” It is understood that the current online game industry’s gross profit margin is as high as 150%, the highest even 175%, and the net interest rate is also More than 100%. Nowadays, a large number of young people in China are obsessed with online games. Once the game is addictive, they will go all out to save money. It is difficult for manufacturers to make money. Take the “Glory of the King” of the fire last year as an example. In just one year, it gave Tencent a net profit of 40 billion yuan!

No.4 Software industry

How profit is the development and sale of computer software? Perhaps, it is not difficult for people in the industry to know the details. But you must know that Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, made a fortune by selling software. There is a report on software sales on the Internet, “The cost of 30,000 software is sold for 5 million”. The article mentions that a software practitioner has inadvertently revealed to reporters that the company sells a software of 5 million, and the initial cost is only 30,000. The 30,000 yuan also includes the late service fee. This shows how profitable the development and sales of software!

No.3 Cosmetic

The cosmetics industry is not only highly profitable, but also in high demand. Most women in China use cosmetics more or less. Of course, cosmetics with high profits mainly refer to high-end products imported from abroad. For example, the famous Shenxian water retail price in China is 560 yuan, while in the place of origin, its manufacturing cost is only 6.5 yuan; and it is also known as some of the world’s most advanced cosmetics, the retail price of 900 yuan / 50ml in mainland China, And its manufacturing plus research and development costs of about 20 yuan, it is really a bridge.

No.2 Tobacco

Chinese tobacco is the same as God. Although the words “smoking is harmful to health” are marked on the shell, the production of cigarettes is still produced, and there is no fear of being banned. We all know that whether it is low-grade smoke or high-grade smoke, their raw materials are similar. Although the grades of tobacco leaves are different, the cost is not much different. The cost of a pack of 70 yuan is not more than 4 yuan. The profit of this is self-evident. The key is that the number of Chinese smokers is the highest in the world. The annual consumption of tobacco is far ahead of other industries, and the taxes and fees contributed are not known.

No.1 Real estate

China’s top ten profiteering industry, the real estate industry ranked first. On October 25, 2018, Forbes released the “China’s 400 Rich List”, the number of wealthy individuals involved in real estate has reached 83, accounting for more than 20% of the list of people, other industries are far from looking back. In the first half of 2018, China’s commercial housing prices rose by an average of 8.2%, and housing prices in many cities actually rose by 20%, the highest in history. At the same time, the income of the Chinese people has been growing at a rapid rate, far from catching up with the rhythm of house price changes, which makes people feel angry and desperate! Now, the madness of house prices has reached such a level: no matter what policy is introduced, whether it is good news or bad news, it is the reason for the rise in housing prices.