There is a joke in China, “Is still using a 6-digit password to protect 2-digit deposits?” This sentence also shows that choosing a good industry will produce different results.
All walks of life have different development prospects. In China, these 10 industries are the most promising in 2019.

Top10 Transportation industry

Most Promising Industries In China-Transportation industry
In recent years, the rise of the transportation industry depends on people’s demand for travel. In recent years, with the opening of light rails around the country, people’s travel time has been greatly reduced. However, the current coverage is still very limited, then for transportation. The demand for talent in the industry has naturally increased year by year.

Top9 Medical health

Most Promising Industries In China-Medical health
It must be said that as people’s quality of life is getting better and better, the public’s management of health is getting worse and worse. The sudden deaths reported by major media seem to have made people who eat melons strange, especially most people at present. They are all in a sub-healthy state. Therefore, the future medical and health industry will inevitably occupy a very important position in the society. After all, the body is the capital of revolution.

Top8 Engineering construction

Most Promising Industries In China-Engineering construction
Every day, every employee is stuck with “moving bricks and moving bricks”. What is the actual situation of moving bricks? In fact, because people’s ideas have begun to change, fewer and fewer people are willing to go to the construction site, and with the change of the year, the gap in engineering construction is getting bigger and bigger, which has made the income of construction workers very objective in the future. After all, Real estate will be in an active state for a long time to come.

Top7 Electronics / Semiconductor

Most Promising Industries In China-Electronics Semiconductor
In the future, the substitution of robots for human beings at the grassroots level is almost universally expected. The various confidential parts required to form a robot will inevitably have a larger market in the future. Such talents are also scarce, so the prospects are bright.

Top6 Communication

Most Promising Industries In China-Communication
Although at present, China’s communication is still dominated by the three major operators, but from the current situation of the three major operators, the market has begun to be a bit depressed. However, this is not the point. In the future, the change of the 5G era will inevitably bring new machines to the industry. The competition for information dissemination has already been on the game of transmission speed, so the future communication industry still has a large profit margin.

Top5 Car beauty

Most Promising Industries In China-Car beauty
In recent years, cars have basically become the standard for every family. As the source of sales, it seems that car sales have begun to become saturated. Later maintenance seems to be a compulsory course for every car owner, so car beauty as an official After-sales substitutes will inevitably usher in a wave of outbreaks.

Top4 Real estate

Most Promising Industries In China-Real estate
After numerous policy adjustments in China’s real estate industry, its market activity remains high, showing that the industry will remain strong in the next few years.

Top3 Professional service

Most Promising Industries In China-Professional service
Due to the rapid development of information technology, people are getting faster and faster in grasping information. However, it is normal to know that it is not known. Therefore, the rise of various legal consultants and training institutions is just filling the gap in this area.

Top2 Financial

Most Promising Industries In China-Financial
As long as finance is related to promising industries, judging whether an industry has development prospects depends on whether the circulation of funds is healthy. Then, with regard to finance, banks, insurance, funds, trusts, and various institutions that can manage personal property have a high position in the market.

Top1 The Internet

Most Promising Industries In China-Internet
The process of China’s Internet industry from nothing to perfection is only a short period of more than ten years. Its coverage almost covers more than 90% of all industries. You can do nothing in one day, but you can’t do it one day. Internet, from old to young, no matter what age, that class of people can not do without the Internet. Therefore, the Internet industry is firmly in the first place.