The rapid development of China’s economy has created a group of rich people. Even with the prosperity of the real estate industry, villas are increasingly favored by the rich. The most expensive villas in China is like this.

10.Beijing Longhu Yi He Yuan Zhu 北京龙湖颐和原著

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Beijing Longhu Yi He Yuan Zhu
The location of Yi He Yuan Zhu has always been known as the “upward and upper water”. Historically, it has formed an imperial garden represented by the “Three Mountains and Five Gardens” and the royal forbidden land. It was the end of the Qing Dynasty, Cixi and Guangxu engaged in internal affairs and diplomacy. The main place and place of residence for political activities.

9.Shanghai Jiujiantang Villa 上海九间堂别墅

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Shanghai Jiujiantang Villa
Located on the east side of Shanghai Century Park, at the intersection of Jinxiu Road and Fangdian Road, it is located in the urban green circle with Century Park as its core, and the transportation is very convenient. As a high-end pure independent villa community, the Jiujiantang villa area is characterized by a modern Chinese garden mansion.

8.Shanghai Huazhou Junting 上海华州君庭

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Shanghai Huazhou Junting
The Huazhou Junting Project is located in the villa circle of the eastern suburb of Pudong, on the north side of Longdong Avenue. The ecological environment in the community is excellent. The households enjoy large-scale gardens, swimming pools and massage pools. Each villa is equipped with indoor elevators and ground source heat pump system to bring high quality life and noble enjoyment to the owners.

7.Shenzhen East OCT Tian Lu 深圳东部华侨城天麓

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Shenzhen East OCT Tian Lu
The OCT East, which was built by OCT Group with an investment of RMB 3.5 billion, is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen, covering an area of nearly 9 square kilometers. It is a national eco-tourism featuring cultural tourism with the aim of “returning urban people back to nature”. Demonstration Area”.

6.Shanghai Sheshan Golf Villa 上海佘山高尔夫别墅

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Shanghai Sheshan Golf Villa
The Sheshan Golf Villa Project is located on the Lushan Boulevard. The entire villa community covers an area of more than 500 acres. It has a golf clubhouse with a building area of 6,000 square meters and a community club with a building area of 5,000 square meters. The community is divided into three types: Tuscan, French, and Spanish.

5.Shenzhen Tianqin Bay Villa 深圳天琴湾别墅

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Shenzhen Tianqin Bay Villa
The Tianqin Bay Villa project is located between the large and small Meisha, with unique geographical location and mountain and sea resources. It is a rare land in Shenzhen. The Tianqin Bay Villa project is a top-class luxury independent peninsula villa. It is suitable for local conditions and is not limited to one. It makes full use of the natural vegetation of the mountain and integrates it into nature and mountains to create a quiet and elegant realm.

4.Shanghai Shimao Sheshan Manor 上海世茂佘山庄园

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Shanghai Shimao Sheshan Manor
The project is located in the southwest corner of the Shanghai map, in the famous Sheshan scenic area. As the only mountain forest in Shanghai, Sheshan is covered by the AAAA National Forest Tourist Resort, the international standard golf course, and the villa community with the lowest average building density in Shanghai.

3.The Spring of Caotang, Chengdu 成都草堂之春

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-The Spring of Caotang, Chengdu
The Spring of Caotang is a noble villa area adjacent to the famous “Du Fu Caotang” in Chengdu. It is located on the bank of the beautiful scenery of Tunxi, covering an area of 54 mu. The unit consists of 30 independent villas and community clubs.

2.Chongqing Xiexin Arcadia 重庆协信阿卡迪亚

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Chongqing Xiexin Arcadia
Xiexin Acadia “Jiangshan Eight Buildings” proudly occupies the 365-meter-high Jiangshan Mountain in the center of Chongqing City. It is the most extreme location and riverside in the group. It is full of mountains and rivers and is full of heaven and earth.

1.Beijing CBD Ocean Villa District 北京CBD远洋别墅区

Top 10 Most Expensive Villas in China-Beijing CBD Ocean Villa District
The only villa in the CBD area of Beijing, Ocean Real Estate has selected the advantageous location of the “World Economic Drive Hub” in the southeastern five-ring, and has invested heavily in building a world-class city villa – a distant ocean, with a focus from “seven points, three sections, three districts”. To create a landscape of gardens, courtyards and lake view villas, only to match the living standards of the world elite.

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