In ancient Chinese history, war was an inevitable topic. At the same time, a lot of female generals have emerged. In Chinese, they are called “巾帼英雄”. It refers to a female hero who is prosperous in battlefields and has outstanding military achievements. According to historical research, there have been 10 most famous female generals in ancient China.

1.Fù Hǎo 妇好

10 Female Generals In Ancient China-fuhao
Fuhao, the first female military commander in China’s history (Oracle), is also an outstanding female politician. A large number of unearthed oracle bones indicate that in a series of wars between Wu Ding and neighboring countries and tribes, Fuhao was repeatedly ordered to collect troops from the founding kings, and the army will be attacked by the army. Zeng Tongbing attacked the 13,000 people and captured a large number of monks. He became the general leader of Wuding when he was the one who led the battle. Participate in and direct major operations such as the Turkish side, the Palestinian side, and the Yifang. The famous generals, the generals, and so on are often under his command. Therefore, Wu Ding likes her very much. After her death, Wu Ding grieves and mourns the “Xin”. After the Shang Dynasty, people respected her as “mother Xin” and “post mother”. The Fuhao tomb was discovered in Yinxu, Anyang, Henan Province in 1976. The mystery in the tomb is constantly being explored.

2.Xún Guàn 荀灌

10 Female Generals In Ancient China-xunguan
The character of the Western Jin Dynasty, the daughter of General Pingnan General of the Jin Dynasty, the fifth granddaughter of the Sui Dynasty, Linyi of Luanchuan County (now Linyi, Henan Province). In the three years of Jianxing (315 years), Feng Chang’an sent a general to the Nanda General, and he was the fifth commander of Jing, Liang, Yi and Ning Sizhou. Du Zeng led 10,000 soldiers and horses to attack Wancheng (now Nanyang, Henan). The city is almost full of food, and I plan to send people to Fuyang for help. At the time, the 12-year-old Shu Guan, volunteered to ask for help from the city. He began to disagree. Later, after many requests, he finally agreed. Yan Guan led more than a dozen warriors, crossing the border of Du Zeng and arriving in Fuyang. Nan Zhonglang dispatched his son Zhou Fu to visit Zhou, and met with Yucheng County’s Taishou Stone Museum to rescue Wancheng and repel Du Jun’s army.

3.Máo Shì 毛氏

Fudeng’s wife Mao, Fudeng was the former Qin dynasty grandson, and after Fu Jian died, the former Qin remnant army and Yao Wei continued to circulate. His wife Mao Shimei was brave and brave, and she led the army. Surrounded by Yao Weijun, the camp was trapped, and he was bent over the horse. He was a hundred strong men and he fought against Yao Yaojun. He killed seven hundred thieves and eventually lost all his talents.

4.Xiǎn Fū Rén 冼夫人

10 Female Generals In Ancient China-Xianfuren
Xian Furen was the female leader and general of the Yi nationality in the Liang and Guang dynasties during the Liang, Chen and Sui dynasties. Xian Furen helped Pingding Lingnan forces and led the Yi people to the Sui Dynasty and was named Qiao Guo Furen. The dynasty has carried out many times of her seal, and she is called “The Madonna of Lingnan.”
Xian Furen has been wise and has been raised since childhood. In his parents’ home, he has followed the ministry and can perform military divisions. He has served Zhu Yue (the Yi people in Sui and Tang Dynasties). He has lived in three dynasties and is committed to safeguarding national unity and national unity. She and her. The descendants have made outstanding contributions to the relative stability of Lingnan region for a hundred years and are a model of patriotism. Xian Furen judged the situation in a lifetime, conformed to the trend, and was not foolish in the loyalty to the court. She knew the time, patriotism and love for the people, and thus won the respect of future generations.

5.Princess Píng Yáng 平阳公主

Princess Pingyang is a true hero of the world. It is also the first princess in ancient China to lead the army and establish a good career for his father. Only then can she be bold and inferior to her brothers. The famous Guanzi Niangzi of the Great Wall of China was named after the women’s army she led. She was the first princess who was nicknamed after the death of the Tang Dynasty. It was the only woman in the history of feudalism in China who was ridiculed by the army. However, her name and date of birth are not recorded in the Old Tang Book and the New Tang Book, which record their deeds.

6.Yáng Shì 杨氏

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Li Quanzhi’s wife, Yang Shi, Li Quan was in the Southern Song Dynasty, Ning Zongshi, in the Qingzhou-Jinan area of Shandong Province, and fought against the Jin people, threatening Jinnan (When Kim was threatened by Mongolia, he had moved the country’s focus from the Yellow River). South, and the rise of Li Quan, in fact, gave Jin a knife behind the gold.) All of them were unfavorable in the battle with Kim. They were called to the Southern Song Dynasty. After the death of Jin, they fell to Mongolia, and they led the army to attack Chuzhou. Zhao Kui was defeated and died outside Yangzhou City. Zhao Fan and Zhao Kuiyu entered Huai’an, and the entire wife, Yang, led the remnant to defeat Qingzhou and descended to Mongolia. Yang’s playing a pear flower gun, known as “the invincible hand in the world for twenty years”, was once swept away.

7.Yáng Zhāo Tǎo 杨招讨

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, he led a regiment in the famous mountain county of Sichuan to fight against the Mongolian invasion of Sichuan, Yang Zhao, the female general, and then heroically sacrificed.

8.Táng Sài Er 唐赛儿

10 Female Generals In Ancient China-tangsaier
The leader of the peasant uprising army in the early Ming Dynasty, a native of Putian County, Binzhou, Shandong. In 1420 (Yongle 18 years) in Yidu (now Qingzhou) unloading stone sheds led the uprising, shaking the capital, to the Ming Dynasty to a heavy blow. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Cheng Zu moved from Beijing to Beijing, overhauled the palace, organized manpower, and went south to the north. He also excavated the canal. She successively collected hundreds of thousands of people in Shandong, and the burden of peasant servitude was heavy.

9.Qín Liáng Yù 秦良玉

10 Female Generals In Ancient China-qinliangyu
Qin Liangyu is a famous female in the late Ming Dynasty.
Husband Ma Qiang is the descendant of Han Fubo’s general Ma Yuan, the hereditary Shi Jie Xuan Wei ambassador (commonly known as Tusi), after Ma Qiang was murdered, because of his son Ma Xianglin was young, Qin Liangyu took the lead. Qin Liangyu led the brothers Qin Bangping and Qin Minping to participate in the battle against the Qing army, the chaos of luxury, the chaos of Zhang Xianzhong, and the outstanding achievements. They were named as the second lady. Emperor Chongzhen once wrote a poem four praises Qin Liangyu. After Qin Liangyu’s death, the literati praised Qin Liangyu’s poems. The modern Bing Xin and Guo Moruo also praised Qin Liangyu. The patriotic general Feng Yuxiang also said: “To commemorate Hua Mulan, you must learn Qin Liangyu.” After the Ming Dynasty’s demise, Nanming The dynasty chased Qin Liangyu as “loyal Hou”.

10.Sū Sān Niáng 苏三娘

10 Female Generals In Ancient China-su sanniang
Su Sanniang, formerly surnamed Yang, is a woman who sells art in the rivers and lakes. She plays a lot of darts and makes a match with the three-phase knowledge of Su. Occasionally follow Su San to go out to fight, she is good at bravery, wisdom is extraordinary, prestige. Her husband, Susan, was one of the leaders of the Lingshan Heaven and Earth Society. He organized a strong peasant uprising team, which was specially opposed to the Qing government. The slogan was “robbing the rich and helping the poor, killing officials and imprisoning prisoners”, so they were supported by the poor and poor. In the battle of Daoguang in the 30th year of August, Su San was shot dead by the arrows because of the betrayal of speculators. Subsequently, Su Sanniang led the Ministry of Peace to join the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and left a glorious page in the largest peasant uprising in this history.