With the advent of the music era, all types of music have a considerable audience, and there are more and more music festivals in the country, and large and small music festivals are developing in a spurt. Which of the many music festivals in China are the most famous?So lets have a look at the Top 10 famous music festivals in china.

1.Midi Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Midi Music Festival
The Midi Music Festival is the first original music festival in China founded by Beijing Midi Music School, the birthplace of China’s underground rock band. It was held in 2000 and is also known as China’s ”Woodstock”. It has become one of the most resounding brands of modern music. Every year, dozens of well-known bands at home and abroad are invited to participate in the performances, and tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans have come from all over the country. More than 100 well-known media at home and abroad are paying attention to its dynamics, and competing reports are related to it. Message.

2.Modern Sky Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Modern Sky Music Festival
The Modern Sky Music Festival is a large open-air rock live music festival held every year in Beijing, hosted by Modern Sky. The first Modern Sky Music Festival was staged at Beijing Haidian Park from October 2nd to 4th, 2007. The festival features four stages and invites more than 120 groups of artists to participate. In October 2014, because of the success of the New York Modern Sky Music Festival, it became one of the most influential promotions of Chinese rock music in recent years. The New York Modern Sky Music Festival attracted more than 6,500 spectators, 70% of whom were Chinese and 30% of New York residents. They met in Central Park in New York because of the Modern Sky Music Festival. They witnessed the historic history of the Chinese Music Festival landing in the United States. A moment.

3.Strawberry Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Strawberry Music Festival
“Strawberry Music Festival” is another music festival brand founded in 2009 by the domestic music label Modern Sky following the ”Modern Sky Music Festival”. Compared with the “Modern Sky Music Festival”, “Strawberry” has more temperament and more spring, romance and love, and is more popular with young people and white-collar workers. Since its inception, the Strawberry Music Festival has invited many stars every year, attracting millions of fans and bringing a diverse music festival experience to the music festival user groups in different cities.

4.Evergrande Starlight Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Evergrande Starlight Festival
The Evergrande Starlight Music Festival is a national tour music festival event hosted by Evergrande Music. It is curated by Song Ke’s top music team and the famous musician and Evergrande music director Gao Xiaosong. The Evergrande Starlight Music Festival is dedicated to creating the top one-stop weekend music carnival in China and promoting a new way of weekend music and leisure. The festival will bring audiovisual feasts to the fans with a stunning stage, swaying lights, gorgeous fireworks, dazzling celebrities and powerful bands.

5.Beishan Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Beishan Music Festival
The Beishan Music Festival was established in 2010. It is a music brand rooted in Zhuhai. It is a cultural and creative industry brand under the Huatian Education Group and a cultural industry project supported by the Zhuhai Municipal Government. The Beishan Music Festival is divided into: Beishan World Music Festival and Beishan International Jazz Festival. At present, the Beishan Music Festival attempts to realize the cultural exploration of music and ancient villages, ancient architecture, art, culture, food and civil spiritual and cultural life in the name of music. Nowadays, the Beishan Music Festival has taken root in Zhuhai, radiating Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and even South China. The successful music festival has been very enthusiastic.

6.Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival
The Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival was founded in 2009. Since 2013, Sunshine Media Group has officially received the full operation and management of the Zhangbei Prairie Music Festival. The festival is located in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, two hours drive from the center of Beijing. The Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival covers an area of 240,000 square meters and includes live performances of rock, pop, folk, electronics, metal, rap and other musical types. It shows the unparalleled beauty of the Zhangbei grassland with the stage of rock music, while the grassland is broad. Original free enjoyment with the Natural Restored Music Festival.

7.GreenFest Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-GreenFest Music Festival
The GreenFest Music Festival was held by Lebao Beer. Since 2005, it has been popular in Russia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and other countries. The Greenfest Music Festival attracts the attention of young people who love music with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and its own pure musical gene. The Greenfest Music Festival has always implemented the concept of green environmental protection, and at the festival, you can see green meadows, green ceilings and green wine barrels, so that you can enjoy the music festival in the green area.

8.Baidu Nuomi Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Baidu Nuomi Music Festival
The Baidu Nuomi Music Festival was held by Baidu Demi and was grandly opened on October 31, 2015 in Chengdu Oriental Beauty Park. In 2016, Baidu Nuomi held the first stop of the music festival in Suzhou, setting off a one-stop cross-border feast of “eat, drink and play”. Baidu Nuomi Music Festival combines the stars, music, food, technology and other elements with high quality, fashion, joy and top brand connotation to create a new game of “Music + Food + Interactive Experience” to provide young consumers with a cross-border music feast of a one-stop experience of eating, drinking and having fun.

9.Yajie International Entrepreneurship Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Yajie International Entrepreneurship Festival
Yajie International Entrepreneurship Festival is a cross-border music event hosted by the Yajiehui Founders Club in September 2016 and only belongs to entrepreneurs. The first theme was “Rock on the Road to New Entrepreneurship”, featuring ten bands composed of investors, founders and media people. It is a cross-border music festival in the venture capital circle. Yajiehui connects entrepreneurs and investors through music, and combines entrepreneurship and rock spirit to create the first music festival dedicated to the venture capital circle, showing the entrepreneur’s style to the outside world.

10.Dunhuang Desert Music Festival

Top 10 Famous Music Festivals in China-Dunhuang Desert Music Festival
The Dunhuang Desert Music Festival is a music festival held in the Dunhuang Desert of Gansu Province. It combines various artistic elements of the Northwest Intangible Cultural Heritage to create a unique and shocking music festival. On the stage of the unique Dunhuang ancient city culture, the scene will be a collection of a variety of extreme car fans, creative public welfare activities, and hundreds of tents in the enthusiasm of the heavyweight music group. The festival also features a distinctive Northwest Cultural District that blends the various artistic elements of the Northwest Intangible Cultural Heritage.