There are many coastal cities in China, and every time there is a booming summer festival, many people are interested in going out to travel. These 10 attractive and romantic seaside cities will be the best choice.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-qingdao
The name “Qingdao” originally referred to Xiao Qingdao (also known as Qindao), which is named after the island’s “mountain rock towering, forest trees and depression”. Qingdao is surrounded by mountains and seas, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It is a unique feature. The coastal city. The coastline of the city (including the coastline of the island) has a total length of 870 kilometers, including 730 kilometers of the mainland coastline, accounting for 1/4 of the coastline of Shandong Province. The coast twists and turns, and the bay is in the middle of the bay. Pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. It can also have deep thinking and enlightenment in the crystallization of the collision between Chinese and foreign cultures, and thus has a high tourism aesthetic value.
Attractions Recommendation:
Laoshan, Haibin Scenic Area (Binhai Pedestrian Road, Wusi Square, Zhanqiao Park, Badaguan Scenic Area, etc.), Naval Museum, Yingbin Hotel, TV Tower, Haier Science and Technology Museum, Jiaonan Yongtai, Jimo Hengdao, Tianhou Palace, Botanical Garden The former residence of Jiaozhou Gaofenghan, Laixi Cuizifan Art Museum, Jiaozhou Aishan, Pingdu Daze Mountain, etc. are famous attractions in Qingdao.
Foods Recommendation:
Spicy fried scallions, sea cucumber, sea bream, tofu, squid dumplings, etc.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-dalian
Dalian is a coastal city surrounded by mountains and waters. The local climate is mild and pleasant. There is no heat in summer and no excessive cold in winter. It is a summer resort. In Dalian, the blue sky, the white clouds, the green hills, the blue sea, the rolling coast and the tides of the ebb and flow, a beautiful scenery. The biggest highlight of the trip to Dalian is the sea, beaches, aquariums, bathing beaches and seafood. Visitors who come here feel the charm of the sea.
Attractions Recommendation:
Eight Views of Dalian: Green Mountain Range Rover (Labor Park), Haiyun Guanri (Haizhiyun Square), City Carving Moon (Xinghai Square), Discovery Kingdom (Jinshitan Beach), Jinshi Tiangong (Jinshitan East Scenic Area), Tower View Shuanghai (Lvshunkou Laotieshan Lighthouse), Montenegro Xizhao (Golden Daheishan), Bingyan Danfeng (Zhuanghe Bingyugou).
Foods Recommendation:
Dalian’s famous dishes include “red-roasted whole shrimp”, “steamed rare-shelled abalone”, “Tongtian Sea Cucumber”, “Eight Immortals (Fresh) Crossing the Sea”, “Pearl Sea Urchin”, “Steamed Scallop”, “Steamed Jiaji Fish” “Colorful Snowflake Scallop”, “Lantern Sea Cucumber”, “Colorful Butterfly Shrimp”, “Squid Dragon Snail”, “Group of Ducks Holding Sea Cucumber”, “Conch Prawn”, “Original Shell Abalone”, etc. Most of Dalian people are descendants of Shandong people. Therefore, Dalian cuisine also belongs to Lu cuisine. It takes seafood as the main raw material and has a long history of both Chinese and foreign, forming its own unique style.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-sanya
Sanya is the only tropical coastal tourist city in China at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island in China. The scenery is pleasant and the seasons are like summer. It is called “Oriental Hawaii”. Sanya is a welcoming city in Sanya with its blue waters, endless coastline, wonderful marine life, upright coconut trees and romantic “End of the Earth” in the rainforest. A refreshing dress, wearing a sunhat and sunglasses to the beach, barefoot on the soft white sand, the warm sea breeze blowing in the face, the evening sunset, the sea is dyed orange, bright and bright.
Sanya’s tourism resources are uniquely endowed. It is the most scenic and densely populated place in Hainan Province. It is famous for its tourist attractions in China and abroad on the coastline of about 200 kilometers.
Attractions Recommendation:
Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Luhuitou Park, Tianya Haijiao, Haishan Wonders, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, etc.
Foods Recommendation:
Hainan’s four major characters are Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Hele Crab and Dong Goat.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-beihai
Beihai, the name of the city with a sea word, is a romantic place. The mild sunshine, clean beaches and blue sea are the first impressions of the North Sea. You can enjoy playing barefoot on the silver beach of Beihai, and blowing the fresh sea breeze on the soft beach. You can also rent a bicycle to ride around the beach, so you can see all three sides of the North Sea. On the road, you will pass through the mangroves and then to Guantouling. At the moment of mountaineering, the vastness of the sea will make people forget the troubles and troubles.
Attractions Recommendation:
1.Very delicate silver sand beach, especially ideal free beach, especially good for sunrise and sunset.
2.Look at Asia’s largest musical fountain with a water column of up to 70 meters.

Foods Recommendation:
Shrimp cake, sandworm, burdock powder, crab powder, grouper head soup, etc.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-xiamen
“The city is at sea, the sea is in the city”, Xiamen is a graceful “sea garden”. The islands, reefs, rocks, temples, flowers, and woods are set against each other. The customs of overseas Chinese, the customs of Fujian and Taiwan, the seaside cuisine, and the exotic architecture blend together. The climate of the four seasons is more icing on the sea. The scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. It can be said that it is one of the best cities in the country. Surrounded by sea water, vast beaches, sunny and hazy, due to the good ecological environment, Xiamen’s air is fresh, and there are thousands of egrets inhabiting it, forming a unique natural landscape in Xiamen. Because Xiamen’s terrain is like an egret, it is therefore Known as the “Ludao”; in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Xiamen’s urban environment is also very clean, is a famous tourist city in China.
Attractions Recommendation:
Gulangyu, Sunlight Rock, Baicheng Beach, Underwater World, etc.
Foods Recommendation:
Ground bamboo shoots, ginger duck, South Putuo vegetarian, sea bream, shrimp noodles and so on.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-penglai
Penglai is also known as the “Puffing Pot”. One of the three gods inhabited by the immortals in the Bohai Sea (the other two are “abbot” and “Pazhou”). Known as the “land of paradise”, Penglai Pavilion is surrounded by pines and cypresses. The sea is vast and the clouds are changing. The legend of Qin Shihuang’s visit to the immortal medicine and the Eight Immortals crossing the sea has cast a mysterious color on her.
Attractions Recommendation:
Penglai Pavilion, Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area, and Eight Immortals pass the seascape area.
Foods Recommendation:
Penglai small noodles, Penglai roast meat, eight immortals, true scallions, prawns, sea cucumbers, wrinkled abalone, scallops, pleated oysters, etc.

7.Long Island

Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-long island
On the Erhai Strait between the Liaodong Peninsula and the Shandong Peninsula, there are 32 bright pearls, which are known as the beautiful archipelago of the sea. Long Island, known as the Temple Island Islands, also known as the Changshan Islands, consists of 32 islands. The island covers an area of 56 square kilometers, with a sea area of 8,700 square kilometers and a coastline of 146 kilometers. It belongs to Yantai City, south to Penglai, and north to Lushun. The natural scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant.
Attractions Recommendation:
Wanniao Island, Temple Island, Tuoji Island, etc.
Foods Recommendation:
Cake salted fish, seaweed buns, “Ha” sea bream.

8.Xisha Islands

Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-Xisha Islands
Here, you can feel the vicissitudes of history, from the old guns of the Japanese to the memorial of the Kuomintang, to the monuments of the South China Sea that were established in China today. Can’t help but have a glimpse of the ancient feelings of today… What is amazing is the island scenery with its tropical features: the sea is so clear and blue that the whole sea looks like a huge dark blue satin Stretching in motion. In the middle of this blue thick color, the feeling of intoxication can not help but arise. The peculiar, steep and spectacular coral reef forest tells the story of thousands of years. The baptism of countless times of wind and rain makes them look like a stunned deer, some like a fairy, and some like a rooster, vivid.
Attractions Recommendation:
Yinyu Island, Ganquan Island, Jinqing Island, Yongle Islands.
Foods Recommendation:
Sea snake, shark fin.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-Beidaihe
Beidaihe, a coastal city closer to Beijing, is a health resort and one of the nine scenic spots in China. The beaches here are continuous, the air is fresh and natural, the citizens are relaxed and the seafood is delicious. The beach is soft and clean, and it is the first in the north. It is a leisurely sunbathing on the beach. You don’t have to pretend to pursue some historical sites. Just sit back and listen to the sound of the waves, blow the sea breeze and feel the sea. The power to fully immerse yourself in the world of the ocean and enjoy your vacation.
Attractions Recommendation:
Pigeon Nest Park, Lianfeng Mountain Park, Biluo Tower Park, Tiger Stone Park, Jifa Tourist Park.
Foods Recommendation:
Pancake zygote, sesame sauce, four steamed buns, Yang Changzi ham, Meng Heshang powder intestines.


Chinese Romantic Seaside Cities For Summer Travel-Xingcheng
Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province is a county-level city under the management of Huludao City, Liaoning Province. It is a famous tourist resort in the country. It integrates mountains, springs, cities and seas. The mountain is the first mountain, the spring is the hot spring, the city is the ancient city of the Ming Dynasty, and the sea is the Xingcheng seashore of the Bohai Bay. Tourist attractions include: Shoushan, Xingcheng Hot Spring, Xingcheng Ancient City, Xingcheng Seashore.
Attractions Recommendation:
Xingcheng Ancient City, Shuo Liao Supervisor House, Bodhi Tree, Bell and Drum Tower.
Foods Recommendation:
Chrysanthemum Nv seafood dumplings feast, in addition Bigancheng, shrimp, crab, sea bream with delicious nutritious taste, was called “four big seafood” by Xingcheng.