Thousands of colleges and universities in China, most of them are lakes and mountains, trees, flowers, flowers and singing, colorful and beautiful scenery. Here are selected beautiful lakes on the 10 most famous university campuses across the country, of which Wuhan universities have three seats for everyone to enjoy. These are the ten most beautiful campus lakes in China.
Top 10 Beautiful Campus Lakes in China

1.Peking University’s Weiming Lake

The outstanding scenery of Peking University’s Weiming Lake has become a symbol of Peking University’s scenery. But few people know its origin. It is said that at the time of the 10th anniversary of Yanjing University, Professor Xie Bingxin proposed to name the house Linhuxuan, and everyone immediately agreed with it. Professor Qian Mu further proposed to call the unnamed lake at the doorway Weiming Lake. Since then, the name of Weiming Lake has spread. At this point, we think of the tower on the lake. In July 1924, Yanjing University urgently needed to build a water tower in order to supply water to the whole school. At that time, it was suggested that an ancient tower-like water tower should be built in the classical architectural complex of Yanyuan to coordinate it with the scenery of the unknown lake. The natural combination of the lake and the tower is the pen of God from the unnamed lake. It is always philosophical and intriguing. It can be said that the lake light tower shadow has become an immortal myth in the landscape of Yanyuan. The lake and the tower have souls. Their souls are the souls of thousands of Peking adults and the essence of Peking University.

2.East Lake at Wuhan University

When it comes to the East Lake of Wuhan University, most people know that it is the largest city lake in the country. In addition to this, East Lake has 12 beautiful names: (1) the location of the China Plum Blossom Research Center; (2) the location of the China Lotus Research Center; ( 3) Donghu Meiyuan is the first of the four largest plum gardens in China; (4) has China’s largest science and education cultural tourism circle; (5) China’s first batch of AAAA-level scenic tourist areas; (6) is the national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration site; (7) Donghu Cherry Blossom Garden is one of the three largest cherry blossom gardens in the world; (8) China’s first batch of national key scenic spots; (9) China’s largest Chu cultural tourism center was built; (10) After Mao Zedong was liberated, Except for Zhongnan Overseas, the place with the longest working and living time; (11) Donghu Beach is the largest sea sand beach in China; (12) China’s first batch of scenic spots that passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Seeing the best of these nations, I think everyone’s heart moved.

3.Wuchang Institute of Technology–Tangxun Lake

Tangxun Lake near Wuhan South University of Technology, nestled in the arms of Meinan Mountain, the scenery is naturally good. Tourists who go to Wuhan like to go there. One has a beautiful scenery, and there are mountains and waters. Two fish soup at Tangxun Lake is a famous “new school” snack in Wuhan, which is as famous as beef bones and duck necks. During the day, you can take a trip to Tangxun Lake and go to Guanyin Island to see Buddha. In the evening, you can taste the Tangxun Lake fish ball in Wuhan Sanzhen at the fish ball street on the lakeside, and then you will have fun!

4.Daming Lake, Shandong University

Daming Lake is located in the center of Jinan City, north of the old city. It is also known as Jinan’s three major attractions with Baotu Spring and Qianfoshan. Jinan is known as the Spring City, with more than 100 springs, including 72 famous springs. Daming Lake is a natural lake formed by the convergence of many springs. The lake has an average depth of two meters and has six islands including Beiyangzhou and Cuiliuping. The shore is full of flowers and trees, pavilions and pavilions conceal it; the kite flying above the water is leaping, and the yacht paintings pass through the waves. Daming Lake receives more than 2 million tourists from home and abroad every year and ranks first among the scenic spots in Jinan.

5.Guangxi University–Acacia Lake

The acacia lake nestled next to Guangxi University has a total area of 6,180 acres, a lake area of 4,180 acres, a reed sloping area accounting for 70% of the water area, and it is green everywhere, a vibrant scene. Fish swam in the lake, wild ducks all over the lake, is a good place to visit Weishan Lake in Guangxi. Take a yacht, a motor boat, a Soviet rubber boat, or an animal boat to enjoy the scenery of Acacia Lake. Traveling to the beach, sun umbrellas, beach chairs, and beach tents, you can enjoy the unique scenery of Guangxi. Diaoyutai, with a variety of fish, can meet the wishes of fishing enthusiasts. Small safari parks, cranes, wild geese, swans, and wild ducks can be a feast for the eyes. The billiards, table, and garden flowers are in full bloom and the aroma is pleasant. Holiday homes are unique and make you stay forever. Friends, please visit Acacia Lake, it will bring you an unforgettable scene for life.

6.Suzhou University-Dushu Lake

Suzhou City enjoys the reputation of “there is paradise above and Suzhou and Hangzhou underneath” and is one of the first 24 historical and cultural cities announced in China. There are 69 classical gardens in Suzhou, among which the Master of the Nets Garden, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lingering Garden and Huanxiu Villa are the most famous. Suzhou gardens are hidden but not exposed, a place to escape from the hustle and bustle. They combine the thoughts of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, and recreate the epitome of nature with basic elements such as mountains, stones, water, flowers and trees, and architecture. The Dushu Lake of Suzhou University also has a unique flavor. It also attracts thousands of tourists every year. At night, it also becomes a good place for couples of Suzhou University to stroll.

7.Xiamen University–Furong Lake

Furong Lake Park covers an area of 130,000 square meters. Historically, Xiamen Mi City has a relatively concentrated industrial processing, storage, and transportation. Therefore, from last year, the relevant departments have envisaged to build Furong Lake Park into an “open-air museum” of industrial culture in Mi City. , A comprehensive urban open park that takes the culture of the city as its main body and integrates canal culture, business culture, tourism, ecological greening, education, and entertainment. Today’s Furong Lake Park has a long history and culture, drawing on some of the local architectural elements of Xiamen and some techniques from the Jiangnan garden. A large number of blue bricks and bluestones are used as exterior materials to reflect the local context. The facade of the building facing the ancient canal is as blurred as possible, forming a variable light and shadow effect, reflected in the sparkling river water, vivid and rich, and complementing the ancient canal. , Is a beautiful landscape of Xiamen University.

8.Sun Yat-sen University-Hidden Lake

The lake located west of the teaching building of Sun Yat-sen University is called Hidden Lake. The name is really good. A single “Hidden” word is enough for people to revive. Although I haven’t been there, but just because of its lush green lake, the waves of sunlight shining, the drifting water like the south of the Yangtze River, and the big tree that props up a different world, there is no The chic island that people can reach is enough to be fascinating and fascinating. If you have a chance to go to Zhuhai, don’t forget to visit the hidden lake at Sun Yat-sen University.

9.Shenzhen University-Wenshan Lake

There are five isolated islands in the lake of Wenshan Lake, each with its own characteristics. Taking Shuangfeng Island as the center, the 4,900-meter-long reservoir area is divided into two; Shuangfeng Island is 500 meters long and 250 meters wide. The east side of the island is like a huge mountain eagle rushing to the water due to the change in terrain. Therefore, it means “the eagle hits the water”. There is a 700-meter-long island on the west bank of the lake, the top of which extends into the water is 250 meters wide, and the part near the shore is only 50 meters. It looks like a giant python that absorbs water from the Bailong Mountain in the northwest. Water absorption “. The lake is surrounded by Shuangfeng Island and Shetou Island. It is divided into east, west, and north. It is evenly located on three small islands of the same shape in the lake, like three turtles floating on the water and a python playing in the water. The bucket can be “turtle and snake playing in water”.

10.Hubei University–Shahu

The 6000-acre Shahu Lake is the largest natural lake in Wuchang City and the second largest lake in Wuhan’s downtown area after the East Lake. The Shahu Friendship Park under construction can also provide a good material foundation for regular meetings and academic exchanges. . It used to be said that Shahu was proud of the lake, but now Huhu is proud of the lake. On the deep sandy lake, it is a good man and a good girl, a best choice for dating, especially the gentle wind, willow fluttering, and sparkling spring.