Summer is very hot, if there is a place suitable for summer, it is a very pleasant thing. In China, there are four resorts that are very suitable for summer vacation, and are known as China’s four major summer resorts.The four Summer Resorts in China are these:


The Four Summer Resorts in China-Beidaihe
Beidaihe, located in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, has a beautiful natural environment, golden beaches, vast sea, fresh air and climate suitable for all seasons. It is an ideal place for people to travel and relax.
Beidaihe District is one of the four largest villa districts in China. By 1949, there were 719 villas for Chinese and foreign people in Beidaihe District, and there are more than 100 existing buildings. These buildings are characterized by red roofs, plain walls and large cloisters.
Many ancient Chinese celebrities and emperors have left their footprints here. From the end of the last century to 1948, missionaries, diplomats, and wealthy businessmen from dozens of countries around the world purchased land in Beidaihe and built them. Lots of villas. According to statistics, Beidaihe has a total of 719 villas, of which 483 are built by foreigners, leaving a spectacular World Architecture Expo for future generations. In addition, there are more than 200 nursing homes in Beidaihe District, with more than 6 million tourists each year, coming to Beidaihe for leisure and sightseeing.

2.Jigong Mountain

The Four Summer Resorts in China-Jigong Mountain
Jigong Mountain, located in Xinyang City, Henan Province, is one of the four summer resorts in China and one of the first eight scenic spots in the country to open to the outside world. The first batch was included in one of the 44 national key scenic spots in China. Jigong Mountain is a national nature reserve. The area is densely forested and rich in biological resources. It has national key protection animals and plants, big-tailed pheasant, and fragrant fruit trees. It is a teaching and research base for Henan agriculture, forestry, teachers, medicine and other universities.
In 1978, Jigongshan was approved by the State Council as one of the eight major tourist attractions open to the outside world. In 1982, it was approved by the State Council as one of the first batch of 44 national key scenic spots in China. In 1988, it was approved by the State Council as a national nature reserve. In 2005, it was approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national AAAA-level tourist area. In 2008 and 2009, he was selected as one of China’s Top Ten Summer Resorts.
The rich cultural tourism resources of Jigong Mountain have attracted many merchants to invest in the industry. At the beginning of 2008, with the strong support of the Xinyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Jigongshan implemented the comprehensive development of cultural tourism resources. In the past year, the scenic roads have been renovated and beautified, the railway bridges and culverts have been strengthened, the Xinghu Reservoir has been built, and the laser water curtain movie music fountain has been beautiful. A number of tourism infrastructure projects, such as the construction of a small town, the construction of a small mountain town, the renovation of old villas and the reconstruction of the site, the renovation of the south street, the overall renovation and upgrading of the hotel, the lighting, and the transformation of the power grid into the land, are accelerating the progress.


The Four Summer Resorts in China-Moganshan
Moganshan, located in Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is one of the main peaks extending to the northeast of Tianmu Mountain. It stands tall in the west of Deqing County, Huzhou, 82 kilometers from Hangzhou and 239 kilometers from Shanghai.
Moganshan has a development history of more than 2,000 years, and its natural landscape is unique. The coverage of scenic vegetation is as high as 92%. Throughout the mountains and seas, Japanese firs and Song dynasties are tall and straight, and waterfalls can be seen everywhere.
Among the famous mountains in the country, the greening degree of Moganshan is among the best. The bamboo around the Yinshan Mountain is not only dense, but also very thick. It can be three or four feet high and is more than 10 inches.


The Four Summer Resorts in China-Lushan
Lushan, also known as Lushan and Yi, is China’s top ten famous mountains, world cultural heritage, national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, and China’s four major summer resorts. It is located in the territory of Lushan City, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The mountain is oval, with a typical block-type block.
Lushan is located at 115°52′~116°8′ east longitude and 29°26′~29°41′ north latitude. Dongpuyuan, Poyang Lake, Tengwang Pavilion in the south, Datongmai in the west of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, and the Yangtze River in the north. It is about 25 kilometers long and about 10 kilometers wide. It stretches over 90 peaks like a nine-fold screen, shielding the north gate of Jiangxi, the main peak Hanyang Peak, at an altitude of 1474 meters.
Lushan is famous for its male, strange, dangerous and beautiful scenery. It has high scientific value and tourism appreciation value. It is also known as “China’s four major summer resorts” with Jigong Mountain, Beidaihe and Moganshan.