Each university has its own unique scenery, or a lake, or a mountain, or a sea, or a symbol. This is a beautiful memory for every student. So, what are the beautiful universities in China?

1.Xiamen University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Xiamen University
Xiamen University, which used to be a filming place to watch the meteor shower together, still seems to be hopeless. Coastal scenery, beautiful colors, buildings scattered in the clouds, Ruo Penglai Wonderland; the most wonderful seawall embankment, red flowers and green shadows, like pearls and jade, inlaid in the west of Ludao, this is the most beautiful summary of Xiamen University.
The buildings of Chinese and Western mixes are scattered in the clouds, and the turquoise lakes and the palm trees are also green leaves here. The classmates holding books at the lake sometimes look up, sometimes contemplative, and a rich learning atmosphere, so that the occasional black swan fluttering their wings cautiously, can’t bear to bother them.

2.Wuhan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Wuhan University
Sitting on the hillside of Luojia, next to the East Lake, plus the palace-style architecture of the Chinese and Western, Wuhan University is known as “one of the most beautiful universities in the world”.
The beauty of Wu Da is inevitably inseparable from the cherry blossoms. In the March season, cherry blossoms are open to the public on campus, and you can watch this spectacular scene at Sakura Castle, Sakura Avenue, and Sakura. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the sights, and they are so drunk that they become a dazzling landscape of Wu Da.
The Luojia Square is full of flowers and trees, and the winding path of the trails is twisted and exquisite. The street lamps on both sides are connected to each other, and even the night is beautiful. It is like the green eyes of Wuhan University and the center of cultural and leisure activities.

3.Peking University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Peking University
One tower and one lake, the beauty of Peking University, lies not only in the tranquility of ancient Beijing, but also in the book of the centuries. The Yanyuan Headquarters is a famous imperial garden in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The campus is adjacent to the Yuanmingyuan in the north and the Summer Palace in the west. Unnamed Lake, Boya Tower, and China Watch… all along the way, with a strong cultural atmosphere.
Beijing has four distinct seasons, and you can enjoy the different styles of Peking University all year round, and the Peking University campus in spring is the most beautiful. Sightseeing is most suitable in March and April. At this time, the grass in the Yanyuan Garden is full of revival and the scenery is pleasant.

4.Ocean University of China

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Ocean University of China
“Hai Na Baichuan, take a long line.” Ocean University of China is located in the beautiful Qingdao, where there is a blue sea and a fascinating beach. In contrast to them, the book is the book of China Ocean University.
Ocean University, as its name suggests, has many professions related to the ocean. The magical ocean is being unveiled by its layers. The Fisheries College of Ocean University is well worth visiting.
The ancient buildings are hidden among the lush trees, and the campus is clean and refreshing. Walking on the wooden steps by the lake, with the sound of creaking, I can see many couples walking hand in hand, and the scenery is so beautiful that the memories are full.

5.Zhongshan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Zhongshan University
Mr. Sun Yat-sen founded the two schools of Wenyi and Wuwu: Wuyou Whampoa Military Academy, and this “one article” refers to Sun Yat-sen University. After a rainy winter solstice, the Bauhinia fell to the ground, Jinshi Memorial Square, Central Lawn, Small Auditorium, and Pavilion… Walking through the Java Hall, the tree was over the house, and it was green and lush. Walking to the red building complex, it is still ancient.
Every spring, Sun Yat-sen University is also a good place to enjoy Du Fu. The rhododendrons near the Kangyuan Temple are in full bloom. The red rhododendrons and the Miaofen Du Fu next to the slopes between Martin Hall and the Great Bell Tower are also very beautiful. view.

6.Shenzhen University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Shenzhen University
Modern and comprehensive university, quaint campus environment, in the city of Shenzhen, the unique tranquility attracts a large number of students. Tall trees and lush bamboo forests form a perfect picture. There are many hillsides on the campus, and the roads are all up and down. The beautiful environment and the small breaks are very suitable for riding a bicycle in the middle of each college to feel the strong learning atmosphere. Ma Huateng graduated from Shenzhen University, and this is a stage for cultivating giants.

7.Yunnan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Yunnan University
The original Yunda was a private university, which was founded by Tang Jiyao, the then governor of Yunnan Province. Therefore, the school had a little more different atmosphere.
Spring City also gives this university a view that no other university has. At any time, the campus is always filled with flowers, and at different times, there are always strange flowers or plants. Walking on the edge of an old building, asking for flowers and listening to birds, in Yuda, learning and living are full of poetry.

8.Sichuan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Sichuan University
Zhuxijia, the home of Tianfu, Sichuan University is located in beautiful Chengdu. The campus environment is elegant, lush and lush, with beautiful grass and pleasant scenery. It is an ideal place to study and study. It is one of the most beautiful university campuses in China.
The ancient architectural style of Wangjiang Campus is diverse, the iconic administrative building; the ancient building group in the Eastern District. The small lotus pond and the lush trees are beautifully decorated here. The ginkgo in the late autumn campus is beautiful, lying under the tree, as if returning to the age of the green. The college is very strong, like a separate university town. There are a lot of pictures and wedding photos inside, and I envy the children who are studying here.

9.Nanjing Normal University

Nanjing Normal University is the former site of the former Jinling Women’s University. It was designed by Dr. Lu Yanzhi, the designer of Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, and Murphy, the author of the Capital Plan. It is a collaboration between the strongest designers in China and the West. It was once called the most beautiful in the East. campus”.

10.Tsinghua University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Tsinghua University
When it comes to beautiful universities, it is natural to go to the high school, Shuimu Tsinghua University. The green grass on the campus is green and the trees are shaded. The buildings in different periods form a complex architectural community. When you encounter the lotus flower season, you can see the lotus flower in Zhu Ziqing’s pen. The lotus flowers in the pool are so scented that you can’t help but whisper when you are walking around. “The leaves are very high, like the skirts of the pavilion dancers.”
The four-time-changing forest mountain is surrounded by a beautiful water, and the two forests are surrounded by two exquisite and elegant ancient pavilions. This is Tsinghua University’s most fascinating Jing Shuimu Tsinghua. Come to Tsinghua, how can I miss it here.

11.Zhejiang University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Zhejiang University
Located in the paradise of Hangzhou, Zhejiang University is bound to be colorful. The entire campus of the entire Zhijiang University is well preserved, including Western-style gardens, the main building, Shensitang, the library and other more than ten teaching buildings with red color as the main color, as well as more than ten villas hidden in the mountains.
The layout of the buildings on the campus is up and down in the mountains, and the bluestone paths and stone steps that are everywhere can be closely matched with the quiet campus environment. Standing under the centuries-old banyan tree next to the teaching building, breathing the fragrance of the trees and overlooking Qianjiang, I couldn’t help but feel more calm and peaceful.

12.Fudan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Fudan University
Fudan University was founded in 1905 (Guangxu Guangxu 31 years), formerly known as Fudan University, the first school manager is the founding father Sun Yat-sen. In 1917, Fudan University was renamed the private Fudan University; in 1941, it was established as the National Fudan University. This history alone shows that Fudan is in the hearts of Chinese people.
The phoenix tree, the red building, the tree-lined, and the bells that sounded in the evening class made the place different from the retro and foreign. And whenever the golden autumn ginkgo leaves turn yellow, Fudan will have a beautiful view. The “Magic College Avenue” of Jiangwan Campus, the “Benbei Expressway” of the headquarters, and the yellow leaves are all good places for taking photos.

13.Nanjing University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Nanjing University
Nanjing University is the first modern university in China. Living in a busy city, there is a feeling of being hidden in the city. The walled creeper, the old building of the Republic of China, has a heavy sense of history. Walking in the summer on the campus, there are lush trees everywhere, it is very pleasant.

14.Suzhou University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Suzhou University
Suzhou University is located in the ancient city of Suzhou, known as the “paradise on earth”. Located in the bustling hinterland of Jiangnan, with the exquisite Suzhou garden, the legacy of Mudong Wu University, the strength of today’s Su Dazhi; magnificent and exquisite, can be noted.

15.Chongqing University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Chongqing University
Chongqing University was founded in 1929. The land of the Bayu, the Shuangjiang River meets, surrounded by mountains, the rivers retreat, the people are outstanding, and the talents come out. Chongqing University is located on this mysterious and rich land.
The melodious piano sound of the art building is intoxicating; the black swan inside the Huhu campus, black feathers, and the bright lake surface complement each other to form a beautiful landscape.

16.Hunan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Hunan University
Hunan University is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province. There are the largest collection of college buildings in China, as well as modern teaching buildings with a sense of design and artistry. The remains of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the modern architecture, the ancient pavilions and the high-rise buildings are interspersed in the circulation of time and space, neither contradicting nor smashing. The ancient and modern blend here, as if they had entered the millennium space-time tunnel.

17.Nankai University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Nankai University
Nankai University, founded in 1919, is the founder of the famous patriotic educator, Mr. Zhang Bojun, who is the alma mater of the beloved Premier Zhou Enlai. Being in Nankai, it is the mentality of “seeing the flowers in front of the court, and the clouds in the sky.”
The design of the main building of Nankai University is symmetrical along the central axis. It is magnificent and has bright lines. The square in front of the building is open, atmospheric, and green grass. The statue of Premier Zhou Enlai stands tall and stalwart in the middle of the square. The phrase “I am in love with Nankai” The voices of countless Nankai people.

18.Huazhong Normal University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Huazhong Normal University
Huazhong Normal University is located on the Guizi Mountain on the shore of Nanhu Lake in Jiangcheng, Wuhan. The campus is beautiful and has beautiful scenery everywhere. Peony Garden, Tao Liyuan, Magnolia Garden and Meiyuan Garden are really fascinating.

19.Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Huazhong University of Science and Technology covers an area of more than 7,000 acres and is known as the “Jiangcheng Pearl” and is known as the “First School of Six Provinces in Central and South China”. The school campus covers an area of more than 7,000 acres. The park is surrounded by trees, grassy grass, elegant environment, beautiful scenery and 72% green coverage. It is known as a “forest-type university”.

20.Henan University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Henan University
Henan University was established in September 1912 and is located in the famous city of Kaifeng.
The brick and green tiles, the flying beasts, the carved beams, the Chinese-style romance and the Western-style rationality are intertwined in the composition of the Republic of China. In the row of neat bookshelves in Yifu Building, there are national spirits, historical accumulations, cultural collisions, and ideological resonances in the book of Mohai. Here, life can live poetically.

21.Renmin University of China

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Renmin University of China
Ginkgo is the school tree of Renmin University of China, and Magnolia is the school flower of Renmin University of China. School flowers and school trees represent the spiritual pursuit of a school, embodying the school’s educational philosophy, symbolizing the ethos and style of a school.

22.China Academy of Art (Xiangshan Campus)

Most Beautiful Universities in China-China Academy of Art
The Xiangshan Campus of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts designed by Mr. Shu is a Chinese university courtyard. Walking through it, you can feel the mood of Most Beautiful Universities in China-Shan Dong Universitya traditional Jiangnan water town. Traditional buildings and landscape elements such as white walls, blue bricks, small blue tiles, thatched grass and bamboo are repeated in the Xiangshan campus.
Although there is no railway in the Xiangshan Campus, there is also a historic steam locomotive on the campus. There is also a train cafe where you can see the beauty and drink coffee, a very unique experience.
September and October each year is the flower season of the Academy of Sunflowers, and the flowering period is about 20 days. Going to the Academy of Fine Arts in the fall to see the sunflower flower sea should be a very good choice.

23.Harbin Institute of Technology

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology, referred to as Harbin Institute of Technology, was founded in 1920. It is a national key university with a combination of science, engineering, culture and management, multidisciplinary, open and research.
The scenery of the Northland, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow. Looking inside and outside the campus, but Yu Yu; Qingsong lying in the snow, Cui Yan did not wither. The wind brings coldness, the students are not scratching, and they want to break the long wind and cherish the present. The Harbin work in winter is beautiful!

24.Shantou University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Shantou University
The Shantou University Library claims to be the most beautiful in Asia and the largest water library in Asia. It was built by Mr. Li Ka-shing.
The library looks like an old, good book lying on the water. When it is gently opened, the water can flow into the opened space and become a water and air. , light, plants and many other physical intertwined interesting spaces.

25.Shan Dong University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Shan Dong University
The feeling given by Shandong University is a special silence. Whether it is people or scenery, people can’t stop watching it.
Take a leisurely stroll at Shandong University, walk on the tree-lined road, shuttle through the various colleges, pass through a bedroom and a cafeteria, and experience and miss the good times of the university.

26.Anhui Normal University

Most Beautiful Universities in China-Anhui Normal University
Anhui Normal University is located in Wuhu, the earliest institution of higher learning in Anhui Province. The old campus is backed by Lushan Mountain and is surrounded by mountains and waters. Located on the shores of Huajin Lake, the new campus is full of modernity. The campus is even more beautiful, it can be described as Jingmei, people are more beautiful.