These most dangerous roads in China are called death roads. In China, the number of deaths due to traffic accidents is 100,000 per year, and the data is increasing every year.
Top 10 Most Dangerous Death Roads In China:

1.318 National Highway Sichuan-Tibet Line(318国道川藏线)

Most Dangerous Roads In China 318 National Highway Sichuan-Tibet Line
The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is recognized as the most dangerous road in China with the most beautiful roads. It spans three geographical steps in China. The highest and lowest altitudes are nearly four kilometers apart. The entire road runs back between the mountain giants and the Huze Valley. Crossing countless dangerous sections is a road that many people want to walk but are daunting. Its scenery along the way is ever-changing and colorful, walking in it, you can experience the wonderful feeling of “every day in the mountains, four seasons in a day”.
The Sichuan-Tibet Highway has a total length of 3,176 kilometers, passing through 21 snow-capped mountains of 4,000 meters or more, spanning 14 rivers and rivers. The scenery is spectacular and has a unique ethnic customs. But it is called “the most dangerous road in the world” by Chinese and foreign geographers. This most dangerous road, from Lhasa to Chengdu, is more than 2,000 kilometers long. In order to repair the 2,000-kilometer road, more than 3,000 thousand young lives have fallen, that is, an average of one and a half lives per kilometer. . This is the heaviest sacrifice in the history of world road construction.
[v_error]Risk reasons:
1. Altitude sickness. The Sichuan-Tibet line starts from Chengdu in the Sichuan Basin, and the westward elevation of the road rises slowly. Although there are many mountains with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, the lack of oxygen may bring many problems, especially for drivers who are involved in this place.
2. There are many landslides in the mudslides along the Sichuan-Tibet line. Generally, avalanches and landslides occur in several sections.[/v_error]

2.Jingkun Expressway “Devil’s Road Section”(京昆高速“魔鬼路段”)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Jingkun Expressway
The section of 1553 km to 1573 km in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province is known as the “Devil’s Road Section”, and the Ministry of Public Security lists it as one of the 10 dangerous sections. In 2014, accidents occurred frequently, with 49 traffic accidents and 10 deaths throughout the year. Vehicle rear-end collision accidents and single-party accidents are the main accident forms of the road section. Heavy trucks were prominent, accounting for 63.3% of the total.
According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, Sichuan Guangyuan Fire Fighting Force dispatched a total of 192 police officers on this section to rescue 13 trapped people. Because of this, the section was called “the devil’s section” by many drivers.
[v_warn]Risk reasons:
1).The upper and lower staggered structure design has an impact on the driving of the vehicle. Due to the steep mountain, the Mianguang Jinshan section is designed to drive northward on the upper level and southward on the lower level. However, in the actual operation, the upper-level rollover occurred several times and fell into the lower layer.
2).The driver’s speed control is not good. It is understood that the traffic speed of the road section is 80 kilometers per hour. However, because the front and rear sections are all 100-120 kilometers per hour, drivers are often neglected or unwilling to slow down, which is easy to cause accidents;
3).The road section has many corners, it is easy to knot dark ice in winter, it is not easy to be found, once the speed control is not good, it will slip out of the accident. In addition, the Jingkun Expressway of the Jingkun Expressway is in and out of the Sichuan artery, and there are many heavy-duty trucks coming from the south to the north, and often occupy fast lanes, which is likely to cause traffic safety hazards.[/v_warn]

3.320 National Road Huanghuaqiao Road Section(320国道黄花桥路段)

Most Dangerous Roads In China 320 National Road Huanghuaqiao Road Section
The 320 National Highway Huanghuaqiao Road is located in Xiangdong District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. It is less than 1 kilometer in length and is known as the “Devil Zone”.
Although this road looks pleasant, but for the safety of yourself and your family, it is recommended to go to the Xiangdong self-driving tour to bypass the safe route. Maybe the detour will delay some time, but it is worthwhile compared with the family’s worry and your own life.
[v_notice]Risk reasons:
Because the radius of the Huanghuaqiao curve is only 216 meters and the viewing distance is 84 meters, which is far lower than the design standard of the national secondary road. Therefore, the accidents occurred frequently before the reconstruction, and the people who have been there are worried. In 2003, the road was listed by the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Work Safety as one of the 29 dangerous road sections of the country.[/v_notice]

4.Guoliang Tunnel(郭亮隧道)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Guoliang Tunnel
Guoliang Tunnel is a wall-mounted highway in Guoliang Village, Shayao Township, Huixian County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. It was built in 1972 and completed in 1977. All of them were hand-finished by Guoliang Village.
Guoliang Tunnel is a section of the Wanxian Mountain Scenic Area in the hinterland of Taihang Mountain. It is known as one of the “10 most dangerous roads in the world” and “The Road to Death”. Guoliang Tunnel is located in Taihang Mountain Area of ​​Henan Province. There are more than 30 “windows” in the tunnel. From the “window”, it is a deep abyss. The tunnel is only 15 feet high and 12 feet wide.
Unique mountainous terrain, peaks and peaks, a block, rows of rows, nestled on the cliffs of the Millennium, and Guoliang Village attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists with its unique charm, and also received film and television manufacturers and artists. Their love.
Looking at the platform, the fingertips can touch the depths of the canyon. At that moment, all the tourists were shocked by the tunnel on the cliff. Japan’s Yutian Film and Television Co., Ltd. filmed a feature film, which was shocked as “the ninth wonder of the world”.
[v_tips]Risk reasons:
Due to its steepness and steepness, the spirit of extreme tension is prone to fatigue and distraction.[/v_tips]

5.Taike Highway(太克公路)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Taike Highway
Although the Taike Highway is a beautiful mountain road and the road conditions are very good, it is also a dangerous section of China’s top ten death roads. It is called the Devil’s U-bend. The most dangerous corner is located in Taiyuan. Between the ancient and the ancient.
Devil U-bend: The road from Taiyuan to Ningwu was renamed Taijia Highway after being rebuilt in 1997. Later it was renamed Taike Highway. At the 31k+700m of this road, there is an urgent and steep “U”. “The word bends. For passing cars, it is as terrible as the Bermuda Black Triangle.
From October 1997 to the present, almost every week there is a car that has an accident on this black “U” corner. In addition to these fatal accidents, an average of one car per week has a different degree of traffic accident on the black “U” corner.
[v_warn]Risk reasons:
1. This curve belongs to steep steep bends. The curved path is small and the longitudinal slope is large. When the vehicle passes through it, the centrifugal force is often greater than the centripetal force, which is easy to cause side roll.
2. Some vehicles’ brake devices have been rubbed very hot by the downhill road in the previous section when they arrive here. The vehicle’s braking performance is weakening. Drivers who are not familiar with the road conditions have a big bend and are prone to brake failure.[/v_warn]

6.Luohan Cave(罗汉洞坡)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Luohan Cave
There is a slope in the Wanwan Mountains, which is famous and famous. It has once become the focus of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. It is known as the “Bermuda” on the national highway by highway planning and design experts.
Speaking of the Luohan Cave Slope of Luanchuan County in the Gansu section of the 312 National Highway, the country’s car drivers from the north and south of the Yangtze River to the more western regions are unknown.
This is due to the fact that the tragic bloody cases frequently occur, and the tragic fate is gathered. Secondly, in recent years, the signs on the slopes are provided to the driver to grasp the road condition information, which is set from the slope to the bottom of the slope. 6 18 speed bumpers, 19 safety warning signs and two “emergency safe escape lanes”.
The wake-up sign of the headlights formed a beautiful landscape of the ramp; the third was that the driver from afar witnessed the car accident and the bloody slope. Afterwards, the memory is still fresh, and I talked with friends from afar. I passed it on a hundred and ten, which made the “Rohan Cave” famous.
National Highway 312 Line 1699km+200m to 1705KM section of Luohandongpo, Luanchuan County, Pingliang City is listed as a dangerous section with frequent accidents. Last year, 64 road traffic accidents occurred, resulting in 12 deaths and 28 injuries.
[v_error]Risk reasons:
Around the ramp is a sloping landform, and the gully is vertical and horizontal. The vegetation is 7.4 kilometers long and the ramp is like a giant python.[/v_error]

7.Horror “乙” road(“乙”字公路)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Horror yi road
The 308-km road to the 573-kilometer section of the 308 National Highway in Xinhe, Hebei Province, is a state-level black spot and is known by the driver as the “Road of Death”. The highest accident record here is 5 times a day, and 32 accidents occurred in a year and a half.
[v_notice]Risk reasons:
1. There are several consecutive sharp turns in this section, which are distributed in the shape of “乙”.
2, from east to west, 572km + 445m, that is, in front of the sharp turn, there is a long straight road, and on the right side of the road is a cropland, affecting the driver’s sight, it is difficult to see the sharp turn in front of the road.[/v_notice]

8.Medog Highway(墨脱公路)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Medog Highway
The Medog Highway is located in the two counties of Boomi County and Medog County in Tibet. It refers to the new reconstruction project of the county road from Zhamu Town to Medog County in Bomi County, Tibet. Renovation and reconstruction on the basis of the original ink-free road, 29 new bridges and 227 culverts.
The Medog Highway has crossed six rivers, including the Tibetan Bubu River, the Jinzhu Tibetan Bujiang River and the Ximo River. Through the Qianlong Temple, the tunnel passes through the Qianlong Laxue Mountain, and reaches the Medog County Lotus via the Mi Ri and Ma Di Village. square. The route is 117 kilometers in length.
The Medog Highway leading to this plateau is the most important page in the history of highway construction in China. Due to the extremely complicated geological conditions along the Medog Highway, from 1965 to the present, the third road has not been completed, and the last time it has even been opened, but only one day. After that, the road disappeared in the landslide and mudslide.
The period from February to April is the dangerous period of the Medog Highway. Now the transportation department starts to implement phased traffic control according to the actual road conditions.
[v_tips]Risk reasons:
Natural disasters such as avalanches, mudslides, and landslides are frequent, and road conditions are harder than anyone imagines.[/v_tips]

9.Kunyi Highway(昆宜公路)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Kunyi Highway
The Kunyi Highway is the most curved road in China. This road is on the edge of the old Kunyi Highway, two kilometers away from the city. Many local people are unclear. This section of the road was repaired and swayed from the foot of the mountain. From the foot of the foot of the mountain to the 7-kilometer road of the Jing’an whistle, there were 68 roads, far beyond the world-famous highway of the 24th turn of Guizhou.
Going out of the old Kunyi Highway, you will pass under the Kunshi Expressway for a while. There is a village called Xiaopo’s foot. From here, turn right along an unobtrusive path to the mountain. Jing’an whistle village.
[v_error]Risk reasons:
The Kunyi Highway has a 68-kilometer turn at 7 km. The route is difficult and the vehicle technical requirements are high.[/v_error]

10.Taiwan’s North Yi “Ghost Road”(台湾北宜“鬼怪公路”)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Taiwan’s North Yi “Ghost Road”
Beiyi Highway is a famous death road in Taiwan, connecting the roads of the Taipei Basin and the Lanyang Plain, with a total length of about 58 kilometers.
It starts at Xinwu Road, near Bitan, Xindian City, Taipei County (12K, Taiwan Line 9); it arrives at Lanyang Plain after the Jinshan Mountain in the head town of Yilan County, and ends at the Qingyun Road (Tai 2 Geng Line) in the head town ( Taiwan’s 9th line (70K), passing through Xindian City, Shijie Township, Pinglin Township, Taipei County and Yilan County.
Because the accident rate is too high, in addition to the title of “Death Road”, Beiyi comes with the legend of ghosts and ghosts.
[v_warn]Risk reasons:
In the early days, the Beiyi Highway was in a bad situation. On the Lushan Road, which was turned eighteen and eighteen, the car was prone to failure.[/v_warn]

11.Tsang Myanmar Highway Qinglong twenty-four turn(滇缅公路晴隆二十四道拐)

Most Dangerous Roads In China Tsang Myanmar Highway Qinglong twenty-four turn
Qinglong’s “24-way turn” anti-war road is the image of “Stilwell Highway”. The ancient name is “Crow Guan”, male, strange, dangerous, and stern.
The straight line from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is about 350 meters, and the vertical height is about 260 meters. It is built on the slope of about 60 degrees on the slope with an “S” shape. The circle is hovering to the gate. The whole journey is about 4 kilometers. Power, handling and driver levels all place high demands.
[v_notice]Risk reasons:
The mountain is steep and the curve is frequent, which requires extremely high power, handling and driver level.[/v_notice]