There is an old saying in China called “There are three hundred and sixty trades, and every trade has its master.” In an era of fierce competition, every industry, if not the top position, then you can only be very mediocre, holding a very low salary and living a very ordinary life.
However, there are also some jobs, and the salary and return are very high.The The 10 Highest Paid Jobs In China are these:

10. Investment/Financial Advisor

Highest Paid Jobs In China-Financial Advisor
The people in the hands of more and more money, but many people do not know how to manage money, even if you know that buying a house or copying gold is better, but do not know when to start and shoot, the role and value of investment consultants Out. With the rapid development of the Internet finance industry, the demand for investment consultants is growing. As long as you are familiar with financial products and have an understanding of investment tools and products, you can try to do it.


The work of creative class has always been very popular. The designer here refers to the designer who combines with the business, such as architect, decoration designer, industrial design and so on. Since the work involved is more dependent on the skills and creativity of the people, the scope of application is wide, and the employment is wide, so the demand is also relatively large, and the income is also considerable.

8.Finance Director (CFO)

The most risk-resistant profession, the financial manager is positioned as one of them! Usually the CEOs of the company focus on sales and finance, so the financial manager is definitely a pillar of the company. If the job seeker has a high ambition and wants to move from the finance manager to the position of the president, then he needs a highly qualified qualification certificate and strives to participate in the “strategic” work. The development path is the chief financial officer and CFO.

7.Professional manager

This is a position that only obeys the boss of the company. However, this requirement for the practitioner is relatively high. There must be certain resources in hand, and there is a need to mobilize the strength and experience of the army. However, if you can be a professional manager, you will have an objective income and be respected and admired.

6.Director of Human Resources

What is the most expensive this year? Talent! Is that more expensive than talent? People looking for talent! The development of an enterprise depends on people, but the person who finds someone is the most important position to solve human resources. A good human resource can not only understand the needs of enterprises, but more importantly, tap talents that suit the needs of enterprises.

5.IT engineer

In recent years, more and more people are engaged in the IT industry, especially in first- and second-tier cities. When I heard that people are doing IT industry, they must have considerable profits. The IT engineer has a talent gap of more than one million. However, this is a profession that needs to withstand tremendous work pressure and is suitable for people who eat “youth rice”.

4.Director of Sales

Sales is a profession with a very high rate of return and an insightful career. As long as you work hard, your brain is a little more active, sales are not difficult to do, and sales can accumulate certain connections and resources. The circle has been mixed for a long time, and you can do business by relying on old customers to help you introduce them.

3.Data Analyst

This profession is slightly unpopular and has been slowly getting hot in recent years. As big data is widely used in various fields, data analysis becomes extremely important. If you want to understand an industry in depth, you must analyze the industry data to reach a corresponding conclusion, which is very big for decision makers. Decision making help.

2.Intelligent mechanical engineer

The intelligent mechanical engineer is the “high-funded handsome” in the manufacturing industry, which reflects the high-end level and essence of the manufacturing industry. Whether it is heavy industry, electrical or automotive manufacturing industry has maintained rapid development, enterprise revenue is very amazing, its demand for mechanical engineers is large, and very willing to invest. The accumulation of talent management and training in the manufacturing industry for more than 100 years has made the professional concentration of mechanical engineers the elite of the industry and enterprises.

1.Mobile payment service provider

More and more people and merchants pay with Alipay and WeChat, and the number of employees engaged in mobile payment is increasing. Last year, a profession called “mobile payment service provider” quickly became popular. On the streets and alleys, behind them are Alipay and WeChat payment. When signing with the merchants, they can get the merchant’s trading flow. If there is a merchant resource, they can sit and collect the money, and the income is considerable.

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