With the better situation of the epidemic prevention and control, according to the demand of returning passengers for return to work and production, from today (March 28), Shanghai Railway Station resumed handling passenger services to Wuhan. Today, Shanghai has a total of 9 train stops in Wuhan.
At more than 7 am, in the waiting hall of Shanghai Station, passengers who are preparing to take the D952 train from Shanghai Station to Suining Station have begun waiting. Many of them are going to Wuhan Hankou Station. This is also the first stop at Wuhan Station today. train. Affected by the epidemic situation, Shanghai temporarily suspended the passenger transportation business in Wuhan, waiting for passengers returning to Wuhan to pay close attention to the information on passenger transport recovery. Several passengers grabbed tickets online on the 26th after learning the news.
The reporter noticed that after boarding the car, each car has a certain amount of space to meet the needs of prevention and control, and also improve passenger comfort. From the perspective of ticket issuance, a total of 721 tickets were sold on this D952 train, with a seat occupancy rate of 50%, of which 162 passengers arrived at Hankou Station.
It is understood that today there are 9 trains stopping at Wuhan’s three major stations to handle passenger services. The nine trains are: D952 times from Shanghai Station to Suining Station, D3014 times from Shanghai Hongqiao to Hankou, G1772 times and G1776 times from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Changsha South Station, D2206 times from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Chengdu East Station, and Shanghai South D3072 from the station to Chongqing North Station, D3056 from Shanghai Hongqiao to Nanchong North, K351 from Shanghai South to Chengdu Station, and Z257 from Shanghai South to Chongqing North.
Zhang Yong, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Passenger Station of Shanghai Station, said that Shanghai Station will also gradually adjust the frequency of resuming trains according to the situation of passenger flow to try to meet the needs of passengers.
In addition, according to the relevant requirements of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control, the Shanghai Railway Station still measures the temperature of all passengers entering and leaving the station. Passengers should wear masks when entering the station, obey the guidance of the passenger transport staff at the station, consciously observe order and take the initiative Cooperate well in temperature measurement.