China has the largest population in the world, and the population of each province and city is also quite large. According to the statistics of 2018, there is an increase in data compared to 2010.
Provinces And Cities Population Rankings In China In 2018
The specific population data of each province, city and country are as follows:

RankingArea2010 Census2018 Census
0National1 billion 332 million 810thousand1 billion 390 million 80 thousand
1Guang Dong Province104 million 320 thousand111 million 690 thousand
2Shan Dong Province95 million 790 thousand100 million 58 thousand
3He Nan Province94 million 20 thousand95 million 591 thousand
4Si Chuan Province80 million 410 thousand83 million 20 thousand
5Jiang Su Province78 million 660 thousand80 million 293 thousand
6He Bei Province71 million 850 thousand75 million 195 thousand
7Hu Nan Province65 million 700 thousand68 million 602 thousand
8An Hui Province59 million 500 thousand62 million 548 thousand
9Hu Bei Province57 million 230 thousand59 million 20 thousand
10Zhe Jiang Province54 million 420 thousand56 million 570 thousand
11Guang Xi Province46 million 20 thousand48 million 850 thousand
12Yun Nan Province45 million 960 thousand48 million 5 thousand
13Jiang Xi Province44 million 560 thousand46 million 221 thousand
14Liao Ning Province43 million 740 thousand43 million 689 thousand
15Fu Jian Province36 million 890 thousand39 million 110 thousand
16Shaanxi Province37 million 320 thousand38 million 354 thousand
17Hei Longjiang Province38 million 310 thousand37 million 887 thousand
18Shan Xi Province35 million 710 thousand37 million 23 thousand
19Gui Zhou Province34 million 740 thousand35 million 800 thousand
20Chong Qing City28 million 840 thousand30 million 484 thousand
21Ji Lin Province27 million 450 thousand27 million 174 thousand
22Gan Su Province25 million 570 thousand26 million 257 thousand
23Nei Menggu Province24 million 700 thousand25 million 286 thousand
24Xin Jiang Province21 million 810 thousand24 million 446 thousand
25Shang Hai City23 million 10 thousand24 million 183 thousand
26Tai Wan Province 23 million 690 thousand
27Bei Jing City19 million 610 thousand21 million 707 thousand
28Tian Jin City12 million 930 thousand15 million 568 thousand
29Hai Nan Province8 million 670 thousand9 million 257 thousand
30Hong Kong 7 million 430 thousand
31Ning Xia Province6 million 300 thousand6 million 817 thousand
32Qing Hai Province5 million 620 thousand5 million 983 thousand
33Tibet3 million3 million 371 thousand
34Macao 632 thousand