Douyin (Tiktok) is currently the hottest short video app. There are a large number of users in China and around the world. What are the hottest Douyin Chinese songs in 2018?Famous chinese Tiktok songs list is like this:

1. 往后余生

Singer: Ma Liang
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning: Describes the faint love, do not wave the undulating passion, do not use the sea and stone rotten mountain pledge, the rest of the spring, summer, autumn and winter as long as you are.
Most Popular Douyin Chinese Songs in 2018


Singer: Hei Long
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning: A very touching song, interpreting the fiery love at first sight, combined with the unique voice of the singer, makes the whole song a new look.


Singer: Christine Welch
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning: As a singer from the United States, her Chinese is really very standard, and the whole song is also very good.


Singer: Yan Baer
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning: Each piece of love that is not long is mature after it is separated.


Singer: Xiao Quan & Sun Yusai
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning: Singing the embarrassment of unrequited love.


Singer:Zhan Zhan & Luo Luo
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning:Western style and rock, very sunny and light, full of sound after listening to it. But the strange thing is why there is a sense of sight that Zhang Fei and Li Wei pull in the desert.


Singer:He Xianren
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning:Suitable for singing on KTV


Singer:Zhang Zihao
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning:The whole song is telling the memory of love


Singer:Ou Juncheng
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning:Describe the expectation of love at first sight


Singer:Qing Geyao & Er Lang
 icon-music Audition address:
Meaning:Full of desire for love


Singer:Yu Wenwen
Meaning:It is called a song with a soul and a story by a netizen. It sings the feeling of many people breaking up. This is a song that is addictive.


Singer:Xiao Zhang
Meaning:It is said that the reason why this song is fired is because there is always a man who likes to make a name for the speculation. He sings a man who speaks on the street and sings red. When he sees a girl, he sings without saying a word.


Singer:Chen Xiaoyun & Lin Meiyin
Meaning:A song 30 years ago, but popular on Douyin


Singer:Da Zhuang
Meaning:A very talented anchor of Momo created a different period of time. Everyone has a different situation, sings the voices of many people, sings the different situations that each person has experienced, and resonates with the audience. !


Singer:Cen Ninger
Meaning:He is my heavy rain, but I can’t wait for the rainbow. May everything be well!


Singer:Liang Yongqi
Meaning:If a woman is willing to cut short hair from long hair for you, please cherish!


Singer: cubi/Fi9 Jiang Che/Younglife
Meaning:The song tells a sad love story, the more hope, the more disappointment.


Singer:Zhao Fangjing
Meaning:This song was released in 2016 and it was not ideal at first. It didn’t start until the sound poetry was overwritten.


Singer:Xu Yuteng
Meaning:A song released in 2007 can be said to be an old song. The song lyrics are based on real stories, and are often used on Douyin for short videos.


Singer:Mao Buyi
Meaning:This passage made him fire all over China overnight, and many people in Douyin used it to match the sad scene.