According to statistics, there have been 559 emperors in Chinese history, and the following is an interesting evaluation of 100 emperors.
1. Qin Shihuang(Ying Zheng) – the first emperor of China
2. Emperor Hui Of the Han Dynasty(Liu Ying) – coming and going, rushing, passing the clouds
3. Emperor Jing Of the Han Dynasty(Liu Qi) – political achievements do not represent its success
4. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty(Liu Che) – the emperor of the earth
5. Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty(Liu Xun) – Lord of ZTE
6. Emperor Ai of the Han Dynasty(Liu Xin) – “Gay” Emperor
7. Emperor Xin of the Han Dynasty(Wang Mang) – easy to seize power, difficult to defend
8. Emperor GuangWu of the Han Dynasty(Liu Xiu) – the founding emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty
9. Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty(Liu Zhuang) – the emperor of the small and powerful in the Eastern Han Dynasty
10. Emperor Zhang of the Han Dynasty(Liu Ju) – “Zhang Cao” Emperor
11. Emperor Heng of the Han Dynasty(Liu Zhi) – the inaction of the emperor
12. Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty(Liu Xie) – the last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty
13. Sanguo Emperor Wu of the Wei Dynasty(Cao Cao) – an outstanding politician in history
14. Sanguo Emperor Wen of the Wei Dynasty(Cao Pi) – the emperor of the political and literary world
15. Sanguo Emperor Zhaolie of the Shuhan Dynasty(Liu Bei) – Emperor with wisdom and charm
16. Sanguo Emperor of the Wu Dynasty(Sun Quan) – a hero with both intelligence and bravery
17. Emperor Wu of the Western Jin Dynasty(Sima Yan) – the founding emperor of the Western Jin Dynasty
18. Emperor Hui of the Western Jin Dynasty(Sima Zhong) – the true king of the country in the history of China
19. Emperor Yuan of the Eastern Jin Dynasty(Sima Rui) – the first emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty
20. Emperor Xiaowu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty(Sima Yao) – the most dead emperor in Chinese history
21. Emperor Hanguangwen of the Sixteen Kingdoms(Liu Yuan)——The Founding Emperor of the Han Dynasty in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the Sixteen Kingdoms Period
22. Emperor Zhaowu of the Sixteen KingdomsLiu Cong) – the second generation of the Han Dynasty
23. Emperor Former Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms(Liu Wei) – Marksman
24. Emperor Gozu After Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms(Shile) – a minority emperor who was deeply influenced by Han culture
25. Emperor Taizu After Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms(Shi Hu) – brutal, extreme, suspicion
26. Emperor Xuanzhao Former Qin of the Sixteen Kingdoms(Fujian) – one of the three most outstanding emperors of ancient times
27. Emperor Song Wu of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Liu Yu) – Founder of the Southern Dynasties Song Dynasty
28. Emperor Song Wen of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Liu Yilong) – the emperor with a handsome figure
29. Emperor Nanqigao of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Xiao Daocheng) – “Fish Scales”
30. Emperor Qifei of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Xiao Baoju) – the most shameful and ruthless emperor in history

31. Emperor Liangwu of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Xiao Yan) – the oldest emperor of the Southern Dynasties
32. Emperor Beiwei Xiaowen of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Tuo Bahong) – Xianbei proud
33. Emperor Beiqi Wenxuan of the Southern and Northern Dynasty(Gao Yang) – the most madman in history
34. Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty(Yang Jian) ​​- the famous “Fear wife” emperor in history
35. Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty(Yang Guang) – the most famous emperor in Chinese history
36. Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty(Li Yuan) – the founder of the Tang Empire
37. Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Shimin), a model of Ming Jun
38. Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Zhi) – the weak emperor
39. Emperor Zhongzong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Xian) – the emperor who was surrounded by three women
40. Emperor Ruizong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Dan) – the two emperors who succeeded the Datong
41. Emperor Wu Zhou of the Zhou Dynasty(Wu Zetian) – the only female emperor in history
42. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Longji) – Music Emperor
43. Emperor Suzong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Heng) – I don’t know anything about the window
44. Emperor Daizong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Yu) – the first emperor in the history of the Tang Dynasty to be the eldest son
45. Emperor Dezong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Shi) – full of the baptism and test of the war
46. Emperor Shunzong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Song) – the emperor who entered the role of the emperor
47. Emperor Xianzong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Chun) – Lord of ZTE
48. Emperor Muzong of the Tang Dynasty(Li Heng) – Indulgence and enjoyment for the rest of his life
49. Emperor Liang Taizu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Zhu Huang) – the first emperor of the Five Dynasties
50. Emperor Houtang Zhuangzong of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Li Cunmao) – Emperor who likes to sing
51. Emperor Houjin Gaozu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Shi Jinglian) – the founder of the Jin Dynasty in the Five Dynasties
52. Emperor Houjin Chu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Shi Zhonggui) – Good beginnings fail to end
53. Emperor Houhan Gaozu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Liu Yu) – the founding emperor of the Later Han Dynasty
54. Emperor Houzhou Taizu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Guo Wei)- the founder of the post-week period of the Five Dynasties
55. Emperor Houzhou Shizong of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Chai Rong) – the most powerful emperor of the Five Dynasties and Ten States
56. Emperor Wuwu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Yang Xing Mi) – Founder of Wu State during the Five Dynasties and Ten States
57. Emperor Nantang Liezu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Li Jie) – After the abolition of Wu, the Lord established himself and established Nantang
58. Emperor Nantang Houzhu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Li Yu) – Be a poemer After the death of the country
59. Emperor Wuyue Wusu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Qian Liu) – “Sea Dragon King”
60. Emperor Qianshu Gaozu of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms(Wang Jian) ​​- the founder of the former Yi State
61. Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty(Zhao Kuangying) – the founder of the Northern Song Dynasty
62. Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty(Zhao Heng) – Xin Xiaoren, Yuan Xianchen
63. Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty(Zhao Zhen) – the longest emperor in the Song Dynasty
64. Emperor Taizu of the Liao Dynasty(Yelah Abao machine) – the hero of the Qidan nationality
65. Emperor Taizong of the Liao Dynasty(Yelde Deguang) – the person who made Qidan go to the fore
66. Emperor Muzong of the Liao Dynasty(Yelvchen) – “Sleeping King” Emperor
67. Emperor Jingzong of the Liao Dynasty(Ye Lvxian) – the emperor of the Liao Dynasty emperor
68. Emperor Taizu of the Jin Dynasty(Wan Yan A Gu Da) – the national hero of the Jurchen
69. Emperor Jingzong of the Xixia Dynasty(Li Yuanwu) – the first emperor of China Xixia
70. Emperor Taizu of the Yuan Dynasty(Tiemuzhen) – a generation of Tianjiao
71. Emperor Taizong of the Yuan Dynasty(Wokuotai) – the second Khan of the Mongolian Empire
72. Emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty(Hubilie) – the founder of the Great Yuan Empire
73. Emperor Chengzong of the Yuan Dynasty(Tie Moer) – Shoucheng Jun
74. Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Yuanzhang) – Cloth Emperor
75. Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Yunwen) – the journey of the emperor ended in four years
76. Emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Di) – Immediately
77. Emperor Renzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Gaochi) – a mediocre honest man
78. Emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Zhanji) – Xishuai King
79. Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Qizhen) – playing the emperor
80. Emperor Daizong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Qiyu) – “Replace other people as emperors”
81. Emperor Xianzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Jianshen) – confused emperor
82. Emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Houzhao) – the urchin emperor
83. Emperor Shizong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Houxi) – near the throne, Cheng Datong
84. Emperor Muzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Zaizhong) – plain and faint is true
85. Emperor Shenzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Yijun) – a generation of British lords but bear the eternal name
86. Emperor Guangzong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Changluo) – the legendary emperor
87. Emperor Xizong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Youxiao) – Carpenter Emperor
88. Emperor Sizong of the Ming Dynasty(Zhu Youjian) – Tragic Characters in Historical Plays
89. Emperor Taizu of the Qing Dynasty(Nurhachi) – a hero who opened up the territory and bravely fought
90. Emperor Taizong of the Qing Dynasty(Huang Taiji) – bloody life
91. Emperor Shizu of the Qing Dynasty(Shunzhi) – the first emperor after the Qing Dynasty
92. Emperor Shengzu of the Qing Dynasty(Kangxi) – the longest emperor
93. Emperor Shizong of the Qing Dynasty(Zheng Zheng) – a confusing emperor
94. Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty(Qianlong) – a famous historical person in history
95. Emperor Renzong of the Qing Dynasty(Jiaqing) – Refining the Truth but failing to reverse history
96. Emperor Xuanzong of the Qing Dynasty(Daoguang) – the only emperor in Manchu as the eldest son
97. Emperor Wenzong of the Qing Dynasty(Xianfeng) – there is a reorganization of the heart of the mountains, but there is no return to heaven
98. Emperor Muzong of the Qing Dynasty(Tongzhi) – Emperor
99. Emperor Dezong of the Qing Dynasty(Guangxu) – the first non-emperor of the Qing Dynasty to inherit the emperor of Datong
100. The Last Emperor (Xuan Tong) – the last emperor in Chinese history