The parade in the United States was caused by the death of a white policeman who violently knelt against the neck of a black man. What was supposed to be a peaceful march was more and more intense, and it became a national event, and it became more and more violent.
Through simple observation, we can feel that the upgraded parade is more and more similar to the “black violence” that occurred in Hong Kong, China last year, and even seems to be from the same teacher-some people and organizations in Europe and America.

Chinese Hong Kong thugs and American protesters

The violent conflict in Hong Kong, China stems from a very small thing, and it can even be said to be irrelevant. However, the opposition in Hong Kong seized the opportunity to counter the Hong Kong government and even the Chinese government. Many of these Hong Kong thugs are students. The education they receive at school is to oppose everything in their own country. They do not recognize their own country. They are full of longing for pseudo-democracy and pseudo-freedom in the West. Was incited to make trouble.

But the mob in Hong Kong is a little bit different from the American protesters. At the beginning, the American protesters just wanted to get justice for the tragic black compatriots, hoping that the black people would be treated fairly, and later the US government ’s inaction or even The violent crackdown escalated the protests. The thugs in Hong Kong, China, have been violent from the beginning. They put on black clothes, black hoods, and a layer of masks. They held sharpened umbrellas or iron bars in their hands. Some people who disagreed with their opinions began to crack down and retaliate. Hong Kong thugs have a strict organization, they will make gasoline bombs and other offensive weapons, distributed in different places in Hong Kong, and have real-time command of App. After the event or before the event, you will get a large amount of revenge. If you perform more violently, you will get a higher amount. We know that the source of the amount is from the “Color Revolution” organization in the United States and other anti-China forces. It is precisely because of this chain of interests that the black violence in Hong Kong is particularly rampant.

How the Hong Kong government of China treats thugs

Such terrible and violent activities have occurred in Hong Kong. How does the Hong Kong SAR Government of China deal with it?
As a violent institution in Hong Kong, China, the police has maintained very restraint, and can even be said to be very passive. The organization and dispersion of the mob made the police a little stretched. In the black violence that lasted for a year, the police only fired 3 shots, and it was when their own safety was seriously threatened. In the usual law enforcement process, only the most basic force-riot truncheon is used. Such a weapon with no deterrent force makes the thugs unscrupulous. They simply do not realize the seriousness of the crime. Fortunately, at the end of May, the Chinese government formulated the “National Security Law” of the Hong Kong area targeted at Hong Kong thugs and traitors. The customization of the law will largely limit the impact on the country and illegal acts. There are dozens of laws to safeguard national security in the West and the United States. However, they only stare at China and feel that the laws will affect “Hong Kong’s freedom.” The West and the United States have put a “freedom” in their mouths, but they have never really implemented it. “Freedom” is just a means they use to rule and deceive people.