On March 25th, at the regular briefing of the State Council’s policy, You Jun, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, issued five policy measures on the employment of college graduates this year.
This year, the number of college graduates reached 8.74 million, a record high. In addition, graduates who have not been employed in previous years have experienced great pressure on employment, and have encountered epidemic emergencies. Graduate job placements have been affected.
“In previous years, spring recruits were all ‘Golden Three Silver Four’. It was the best season, so many students were worried that they missed the opportunity to recruit and felt anxious and nervous. We all looked at these worries and difficulties. In my heart, “You Jun said.
In response to this year’s situation, You Jun introduced relevant policies for employment of college graduates.
The first is to expand the scale of corporate absorption. For small and medium-sized enterprises recruiting college graduates in the year of graduation, a one-time employment subsidy is provided to encourage enterprises to recruit college graduates. State-owned enterprises must expand the scale of recruiting college graduates for two consecutive years, and must not break the contract at will, and must not use the period of internship in their own units as a prerequisite for recruitment.
The second is to expand the scale of grassroots employment. Develop a number of grass-roots public management and social service posts such as urban and rural communities, expand the scale of recruitment of grass-roots service projects such as the “Three Branches and One Support” plan, and unblock the channels for assessing professional and technical titles of private enterprises.
The third is to expand the enrollment scale. According to You Jun, the Ministry of Education has announced that it will expand the enrollment of graduate students in 2020 and the enrollment of regular colleges and universities. Expand the scale of recruiting college students and increase the proportion of fresh graduates.
The fourth is to expand the scale of employment apprenticeships. Support enterprises, government investment projects, scientific research projects to set up apprenticeship positions, and interrupt the apprenticeship to the impact of the epidemic can extend the subsidy period accordingly. Those who have signed labor contracts with college graduates before the apprenticeship period should be encouraged and rewarded. Duration of trainee subsidy.
Fifth, delay the acceptance of employment appropriately. For graduates who have left school late, the time limit for registration, file transfer, and settlement of residence will be extended accordingly. Unemployed graduates who have left the school are also provided with the convenience of keeping account files for two years. During the period, they will participate in the employer’s examinations and employment as fresh graduates. After implementing the work unit, they will go through the relevant procedures with reference to the fresh graduates.
You Jun said that at the same time, it is necessary to coordinate the employment guidance of unemployed graduates who have left school in the past, implement the service of real-name system, and ensure that the graduates’ employment can be continuously maintained and kept online.
“In order to better meet the demand for employment services of college graduates, we launched the” hundreds of millions of online recruitment campaign “a few days ago, launched a hundred-day service challenge, promoted ten million jobs, and set up graduate recruitment specifically. The special zone provides special sessions for the Internet, finance and other industries favored by graduates, and provides career guidance ‘cloud classroom’, online training courses, online policy columns and other services to provide graduates with one-stop and comprehensive services. “You Jun revealed that the “hundreds of millions of online recruitment campaign” is the first time that public employment service agencies and market service agencies have jointly released online recruitment information. On the day of launch, there were 950,000 companies and 5.7 million jobs released. The event is expected to provide more than 10 million jobs, and is the largest and most extensive online recruitment event in recent years.

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