As we all know, China is a vast country, not only with a land area of 9.6 million square kilometers, but also with a coastline of more than 18,000 kilometers on the mainland and an island coastline of more than 14,000 kilometers. With a square kilometer, there are nearly a thousand fishing grounds of all sizes in this vast sea. China’s four major fishing grounds are these

1. Zhoushan Fishing Ground

Four Major Fishing Grounds in China-Zhoushan Fishing Ground
Zhoushan Fishing Ground is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province to the east of Hangzhou Bay and southeast of the Yangtze River Estuary. The latitude is 29 ° 30 ′ ~ 31 ° 00 ′ north latitude and 120 ° 30 ′ ~ 125 ° 00 ′ east longitude. It is the largest fishing ground in China. It is a traditional operation area for fishermen in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai. The major fisheries are the big yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, band fish and cuttlefish (squid). Due to long-term overfishing and heavy fishing and marine pollution, fishery resources have suffered severe damage. To this end, the local government announced the implementation of the Zhoushan Fisheries Revitalization Plan.

2.Huang Bohai Fishing Ground

Four Major Fishing Grounds in China-Huang Bohai Fishing Ground
This fishing ground is located in the Bohai Bay area and covers an area of about 3600 square nautical miles. It is the main fishing ground for fishermen in Shandong and Liaoning provinces. However, in the past ten years, numerous petrochemical projects have been launched in the Bohai Rim region, which have indeed damaged the marine ecosystem of the fishing grounds, and the functions of the fishing grounds have gradually declined.

3.Southern coastal fishing grounds

Four Major Fishing Grounds in China-Southern coastal fishing grounds
The South China Sea fishing ground is a well-known tropical fishing ground in China. It is an important fishing ground for tuna, mackerel, red fish, shark, grouper. Severe eutrophication and the function of fishing grounds are indeed diminishing.

4.Beibu Bay Fishing Ground

Four Major Fishing Grounds in China-Beibu Bay Fishing Ground
Beibu Gulf is rich in resources. Due to its rich bait, it is rich in more than 50 species of economically valuable fish such as snapper, golden thread, sardine, bamboo bream, blue mullet, tuna, flounder, catfish, mackerel, and shrimp. , Crab, shellfish, etc., is one of China’s excellent fishing grounds. The shallow coastal waters and tidal flats are excellent places for the development of marine aquaculture. Shellfish include oysters, pearl oysters, sun and moon oysters, loach, and clams. The well-known Hepu pearls (also known as Nanzhu) are produced here. Submarine oil and natural gas resources such as Weizhou Island and Yingge Sea are also considerable. There are many mangrove forests along the estuaries along the coast.