F1 (Formula One) officially announced on its official website on February 12, saying that due to the impact of the NCP (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia) epidemic, it was originally scheduled to The F1 China Grand Prix 2020 held from April 17th to 19th is postponed.
F1 officials said the decision was made to ensure the health and safety of team members, drivers and fans. It is said that the official Formula One team and the FIA will continue to work closely with F1 teams, racers, China Automobile and Motorcycle Federation and the Shanghai Sports Bureau to monitor the development of the situation. Whether to play a scheduled match later this year.
The F1 official stated in the statement that the Chinese Grand Prix has always been a very important part of the F1 schedule. The F1 official has always looked forward to participating in the race in China as soon as possible, and wish everyone in China a smooth time to pass this difficult time.

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