The meaning of numbers in Chinese is often due to differences in pronunciation. The pronunciation of numbers affects people’s emotions, although this does not really represent anything. For example, in Chinese, the number “4” is pronounced “Si”, and “dead” is a pronunciation, not very auspicious. Therefore, everyone will try to avoid when choosing the room number or license plate.
Meanings Of Numbers In Chinese
So, what is the meaning of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and their combination in Chinese?

What Does “0” Mean In Chinese

000: 你你你 You, you, you
01925: 你依旧爱我 You still love me.
02746: 你恶心死了 You are sick and dead.
02825: 你爱不爱我 Do you love me or not?
03456: 你相思无用 You are useless
0437: 你是神经 You are a nerve
045617: 你是我的氧气 You are my oxygen
04527: 你是我爱妻 You are my wife.
04535: 你是否想我Do you miss me?
04551: 你是我的唯一 You are my only one
0456: 你是我的 You are mine.
04567: 你是我老妻 You are my old wife.
0457: 你是我妻 You are my wife.
045692: 你是我的最爱 You are my favorite
0487: 你是白痴 You are an idiot
0487561: 你是白痴无药医 You are an idiot without medicine
0564335: 你无聊时想想我 Think about me when you are bored
0594184: 你我就是一辈子 You and I are a lifetime.
065: 原谅我 Forgive me
06537: 你惹我生气 You make me angry
07382: 你欺善怕恶 You are bullying and fearing evil.
0748: 你去死吧 Go to die
07868: 你吃饱了吗 Are you full?
08056: 你不理我了 You ignore me.
0837: 你别生气 Don’t be angry.
095: 你找我 You are looking for me.
098: 你走吧 Let’s go.

What Does “1” Mean In Chinese

1314: 一生一世 Lifetime
1314520: 一生一世我爱你 I love you
1324: 今生来世The afterlife of this life
1324320: 今生来世深爱你 I love you deeply in this life.
1314920: 一生一世就爱你 I love you all my life.
1372: 一厢情愿 wishful thinking
1392010: 一生就爱你一个 I love you all my life.
1414: 要死要死,意思意思 To die, to die; meaning
147: 一世情 All life love
1573: 一往情深 A deep love
1589854: 要我发,就发五次 If I want to send it, I will send it five times.
1711: 一心一意 One heart and one mind
177155: MISS (this is not a homophonic, it is a pictogram)
1920: 依旧爱你 I still love you.
1930: 依旧想你 I still miss you.

What Does “2” Mean In Chinese

200: 爱你哦 Love you.
20110: 爱你一百一十年 Love you for one hundred and ten years
20184: 爱你一辈子 Love you forever
2030999: 爱你想你久久久 I love you for a long time.
2037: 为你伤心 Sad for you
20475: 爱你是幸福 Love you is happiness
20609: 爱你到永久 Love you to permanent
20863: 爱你到来生 I love you till next life
220225: 爱爱你爱爱我Love you, love me
230: 爱死你 Love you
234: 爱相随 Love goes with
235: 要想你 I miss you.
2406: 爱死你啦 Love you.
246: 饿死了 Starved to death
246437: 爱是如此神奇 Love is so magical
25184: 爱我一辈子 Love me forever
25873: 爱我到今生 Love me to this life
25910: 爱我久一点 Love me a little longer
25965: 爱我就留我 Love me and stay with me.
259695: 爱我就了解我 Love me and understand me.
259758: 爱我就娶我吧 Love me, just yell at me.
2627: 爱来爱去 Love comes to love
27: 爱妻 Wife
282: 饿不饿 Don’t be hungry
256895: 你是可爱的小狗 You are a cute puppy.

What Does “3” Mean In Chinese

300: 想你哦 I miss you.
30920: 想你就爱你 I miss you when I miss you.
3013: 想你一生 I miss you forever
310: 先依你 First according to you
32062: 想念你的爱 Missing your love
032069: 想爱你很久 I want to love you for a long time.
3207778: 想和你去吹吹风 I want to blow with you.
330335: 想想你想想我 Think about what you think about me.
3344587: 生生世世不变心 Life and the world do not change heart
3399: 长长久久 Long and long
356: 上网啦 Go online
35910: 想我久一点 I missed me a little longer.
359258: 想我就爱我吧 If you want me, love me.
360: 想念你 Missing you
369958: 神啊救救我吧 God, save me.
3731: 真心真意 Sincerely
39:Thank you
30920: 想你就爱你 I miss you when I miss you.

What Does “4” Mean In Chinese

440295: 谢谢你爱过我 Thank you for loving me.
447735: 时时刻刻想我I miss you all the time.
4456: 速速回来 Speed back
456: 是我啦 It’s me.
460: 想念你 Miss you
4980: 只有为你 Only for you
48: 是吧 Yes.
4466: 顺顺利利 Smooth success

What Does “5” Mean In Chinese

505: SOS
507680: 我一定要追你 I must chase you
510: 我依你,我要你 I am by you, I want you.
51020: 我依然爱你 I still love you.
51095: 我要你嫁我 I want you to marry me.
51396: 我要睡觉了 I am going to sleep.
51368: 我一生顺发 I have a smooth life
514: 无意思 Not interesting
515206: 我已不爱你了I don’t love you anymore.
518420: 我一辈子爱你 I love you all my life.
520 (521): 我爱你 I love you
5201314(5211314): 我爱你一生一世 I love you forever.
52094: 我爱你到死 I love you to die
521: 我愿意 I do
52306: 我爱上你了 I fell in love with you.
5240: 我爱是你 Who i love is you.
52460: 我爱死你了 I love you.
5260: 我暗恋你 I have a crush on you.
530: 我想你 I miss you
5366: 我想聊聊 I want to talk
5376: 我生气了 I am angry.
53719: 我深情依旧 I am still affectionate.
53770: 我想亲亲你 I want to kiss you.
53782: 我心情不好 I am in a bad mood
53880: 我想抱抱你 I want to hug you.
53980: 我想揍扁你 I want to flatten you.
540086: 我是你女朋友 I am your girlfriend
5406: 我是你的 I am yours
5420: 我只爱你 I only love you.
54335: 无事想想我 Nothing to think about me
543720: 我是真心爱你 I really love you.
54430: 我时时想你 I miss you from time to time.
5452830: 无时无刻不想你 I don’t want you all the time.
546: 我输了 I lost.
5460: 我思念你 I miss you
5490: 我去找你 I am going to find you.
54920: 我始终爱你 I always love you
55646: 我无聊死了 I am bored and dead.
5620: 我很爱你 I love you very much.
5360: 我想念你 I miss you
5630: 我很想你 I miss you very much.
564335: 无聊时想想我 Think about me when I am bored
570: 我气你 I am angry with you.
57350: 我只在乎你 I only care about you.
57386: 我去上班了 I am going to work.
57410: 我心属于你 My heart belongs to you
574839: 我其实不想走 I don’t really want to go.
5776: 我出去了 I went out.
58: 晚安 Good night
580825: 我怕你不爱我 I am afraid that you don’t love me.
584520: 我发誓我爱你 I swear I love you
586: 我不来 I don’t come
587: 我抱歉 I am sorry.
5871: 我不介意 I don’t mind
592: 我就爱 I love
59240: 我最爱是你 My favorite is you.
59420: 我就是爱你 I just love you.
59520: 我永远爱你 I will always love you.
596: 我走了 I am leaving.
517230: 我已经爱上你 I have fallen in love with you.
5170: 我要娶你 I want to marry you.
5209484: 我爱你就是白痴 I love you is an idiot

What Does “6” Mean In Chinese

609: 到永久 to permanent
6120: 懒得理你 I am too lazy to care about you.
6785753: 老地方不见不散 The old place is not seen
6868: 溜吧溜吧 Let’s slip it.
687: 对不起 Sorry
666666: 谐音溜溜溜溜溜,多指厉害,了不起,不错,挺搞笑等意思 The homophonic yo, screaming is terrible, great, good, very funny, etc.
6699: 顺顺利利 Smooth and smooth

What Does “7” Mean In Chinese

70345: 请你相信我 Please believe me
706: 起来吧 Get up.
70626: 请你留下来 Please stay here.
7087: 请你别走 Please don’t go.
70885: 请你帮帮我 Please help me.
721: 亲爱你 Dear you
729: 去喝酒 Go drinking
7319: 天长地久 Forever
737420: 今生今世爱你 I love you this life.
73807: 情深怕缘浅 Deep love is shallow
740: 气死你 I am mad at you.
7408695: 其实你不了解我 Actually, you don’t understand me.
74520: 其实我爱你 Actually, I love you.
74074: 去死你去死 Go to die, you are going to die.
74839: 其实不想走 Actually don’t want to go
756: 亲我啦 Kiss me.
765: 去跳舞 Go dancing
770880: 亲亲你抱抱你 Kiss you, hug you
7731: 心心相印 Hearts and hearts
7752: 亲亲吾爱 Kissing my love
77543: 猜猜我是谁 Guess who I am.
77895: 紧紧抱着我 Hold me tight
786: 吃饱了 Full of food
7998: 去走走吧 Go for a walk.
7086: 七零八落 Seventy-eight
70345: 请你相信我 Please believe me
780: 牵挂你 I am worried about you.
706519184: 请你让我依靠一辈子 Please let me rely on my life.
770 880 1314 520: 亲亲你 抱抱你 一生一世我爱你 Kissing you, hugging you, I love you all my life.
7758258: 亲亲我吧爱我吧 Kiss me, love me.

What Does “8” Mean In Chinese

8006: 不理你了 Ignore you.
8013: 伴你一生 With you for a lifetime.
8074: 把你气死 I am mad at you.
8084: BABY.
81176: 不要在一起了 Don’t be together.
82475: 被爱是幸福 Being loved is happiness.
825: 别爱我 Don’t love me.
837: 别生气 Don’t be angry.
8384: 不三不四 Not three or four.
85941: 帮我告诉他 Help me tell him.
860: 不留你 Leave you alone.
865: 别惹我 Don’t mess with me.
8716: 八格耶鲁 Eight Geilo.
88: Bye Bye.
886: 拜拜拉 Bye-Bella.
82266: 把爱爱顺了 Shun love and love.
8834760: 漫漫相思只为你 Long live acacia is only for you.
898: 分手吧 Break up

What Does “9” Mean In Chinese

902535: 求你爱我想我 Please love me, think about me.
9089: 求你别走 Please don’t go
910: 就依你 Just follow you
918: 加油吧 Come on.
920: 就爱你 I love you.
9213: 钟爱一生 I love my life.
9240: 最爱是你 Favorite is you
930: 好想你 I miss you.
93110: 好想见见你 I really want to see you.
940194: 告诉你一件事 Tell you something
9494: 就是就是 That is
95: 救我 Save me
987: 对不起 Sorry
9908875: 求求你别抛弃我 I beg you not to abandon me.