On the 25th, it was learned from the University of Science and Technology of China that researchers at the university have made important progress in the study of the “superbug” inhibition mechanism. Related research results have recently been published online in the professional journal of microbiology, “Microbiology” (mBio).
Due to the abuse of antibiotics in recent years, a class of “super bacteria” that is resistant to all β-lactam drugs (including the most commonly used penicillin and cephalosporins in the clinic)-methicillin-resistant golden yellow grapes Cocci (MRSA). Once infected with this super bacteria, it may cause deep infections such as pneumonia, sepsis, endocarditis, and even life-threatening.
The use of the inhibitor Targocil is currently considered an effective strategy against this superbug. Prof. Chen Yuxing, Prof. Zhou Congzhao and Prof. Sun Linfeng from the University of Science and Technology of China have collaborated to clarify the mechanism by which Targocil inhibits this superbug.

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