2019 is still full of challenges and opportunities for the Chinese game industry. After a long period of high-speed development, China’s game users have exceeded 600 million, and it is already approaching saturation. When the number of users gradually touches the ceiling, how can game companies find a direction and successfully break through? Experts believe that standardized management, technological support, and innovation drive should become the accelerator for the continuous development of the game industry.
In recent years, China has carried out a series of standardized management on the healthy development of the game industry. The improvement of main indicators reflects the improvement of industrial innovation capabilities, the completion of the industrial chain, and the acceleration of the pace of internationalization. It is understood that the Office of the Beijing National Cultural Center Construction Leading Group recently issued “Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Beijing’s Game Industry”, and proposed 13 measures around three aspects to stimulate the creation of fine works and promote the transformation of Beijing’s game resource advantages into development advantages.
Recently, the third-party platform gamma data released the “2019 China Game Industry Annual Report” shows that the actual sales revenue of China’s game market in 2019 was 233.02 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year. The main indicators such as user scale, independent research and development, and overseas markets were all significantly better. In the same period last year. Experts believe that the game industry is constantly “evolving” with the development of science and technology. 5G empowerment and cloud games have become new trends in game development and are expected to promote a new round of growth.
With the official launch of 5G commercialization and the continuous improvement and expansion of base stations, the high-speed and convenient network foundation promotes many innovations in the gaming industry. Among them, cloud games run games on the server side, transmit them to users through the network, and crack the game’s dependence on high-end computer configurations, which has become one of the main directions of current innovation. In addition, many game products are breaking through technical barriers to improve the experience, and VR and AR games are gradually popular. Taking the perfect world of the game manufacturer as an example, the “Xianxian Mobile Games” developed by AR technology is embedded into the Confucian Temple scene to optimize the game screen and bring a realistic experience. “Technical breakthroughs will help the long-term operation of products.” Xiaohong, CEO of Perfect World, said that game companies should focus more on R & D and innovation, lay out products ahead of time, continuously polish products, and continue to promote independent innovation.
“Innovation is the biggest highlight of 2019.” Teng Hua, general manager of Gamma Data, said that the standardized management of industrial development has released a positive effect, making the pursuit of innovation more and more an industry consensus. And the benefits brought about by innovation and quality are being demonstrated in domestic and global markets.
Teng Hua said that users are willing to pay for innovative products, their needs are constantly increasing, and there is a trend of fragmentation. The survey shows that over 90% of users value product innovation, and most users’ willingness to pay will be affected by the degree of product innovation. In the domestic game market, some young products have emerged. One of them is the “Ark of Tomorrow” developed by the game company Eagle Horn Network. This non-traditional tower defense mobile game quickly became a hit once it was launched. “The key to success in the first battle is to rely on the new: deep cultivation of new types, research and development of new themes.” Eagle Horn Network CEO Huang Yifeng hopes to work with his peers to polish more products that carry Chinese culture and Chinese voice, to achieve high-quality and efficient Cultural exchange.
Games are also creative products. Content health is always the most critical issue related to industrial development. Experts believe that China’s game industry should pay more attention to health standards and guidance, adhere to the correct value orientation, resist and eliminate bad content, increase supervision and social interaction, jointly create a healthy and orderly development environment, and accelerate the high-quality development of the game industry. .

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