China’s waterfall tourism has always attracted tourists. In the past, the media has selected China’s top ten waterfalls, aiming to guide tourists to participate in high-quality waterfall leisure tourism and boost tourism consumption branding.China’s top ten waterfalls are these:

1.Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall 贵州黄果树瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall
The famous Huangguoshu Waterfall is the first scenic spot in Guizhou, the largest waterfall in China and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. The scenic area is centered on the Huangguoshu Waterfall (77.8 meters high and 101.0 meters wide). Using the scientific methods such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), the actual height of the largest waterfall in Asia, the Huangguoshu Waterfall, is 77.8 meters. The main waterfall is 67 meters high; the waterfall is 101 meters wide, and the main waterfall is 83.3 meters wide. There are 18 waterfalls of different sizes, including odd, dangerous, dangerous and beautiful styles, forming a huge waterfall “family”, which is rated as the world’s largest waterfall group by the Guinness Headquarters of the Great World, and is included in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is a national AAAAA scenic spot. Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most spectacular waterfall in the Huangguoshu Waterfall Group. It is the only waterfall in the world that can be viewed from the top, bottom, front, back, left and right. It is also a natural hole in the world. Inside and outside listening, watching, and touching waterfalls.

2.Guizhou Chishui Waterfall 贵州赤水瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Guizhou Chishui Waterfall
The Chishuidong Waterfall in Chishui is comparable to the Huangguoshu Waterfall. The waterfall is 76 meters high and 80 meters wide. It is praised by experts and scholars as “the wonder of another waterfall in Shenzhou” and is one of the best waterfall wonders in China.
The Chishui Great Falls Scenic Area (also known as Shizhangdong Scenic Spot) is located in the upper reaches of the Fengxi River in the south of Chishui City, Guizhou Province. It is more than 30 kilometers away from the urban area and is a key component of the national AAAA-level scenic spot and the scenic spot of Chishui National Scenic Area.

3.Sichuan Luoji Jiujiuli Hot Spring Waterfall 四川螺髻九十九里温泉瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Sichuan Luoji Jiujiuli Hot Spring Waterfall
The Luoji Jiujiuli Hot Spring Waterfall is located at 39 kilometers south of Xichang City, the capital of Liangshan Prefecture. It is a national key scenic spot and a national 4A tourist attraction. The Luoji Jiujiuli Hot Spring Waterfall is the most concentrated area of Luoji Mountain. It is the core scenic spot of Luoji Mountain, and it is also known as the three major tourist attractions of Liangshan Prefecture. The core scenic spot is ninety-nine miles long, one scene and one scene, hence the name Ji ji ninety-nine miles.

4.Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Shuzheng Waterfall 四川九寨沟树正瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Shuzheng Waterfall
From the mouth of the ditch, through the devil’s rock, the trees are in the middle of the sea, and then up the second and third miles, the tourists will hear the sound of the water, deafening, and the fog will burst into the air. At first glance, a waterfall with a width of 50 meters and a height of more than 20 meters is rushing from the ancient trees. Above the waterfall, there are many trees blocking the diversion. This waterfall, which is found in the cliffs, is It is a tree waterfall.
This peculiar waterfall landscape is indeed enough to make people who travel a lot of people marvel. The waterfall that turned over the snow wave, with the vigorous old trees, formed a strong contrast, but combined into a harmonious natural picture. Some people describe the beautiful scenery of the Shuzheng Waterfall: the curved trunk of the old-fashioned ancient wood is half-immersed in the waterfall, and the waterfall of white flowers is washed away, like a fairy with naked hair and naked body. Bathe and play in the holy water. The magical scenery of nature can sometimes make people stand in the Paradise of Eden!

5.Sichuan Aba Muni Zhaga Waterfall 四川阿坝牟尼扎嘎瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Sichuan Aba Muni Zhaga Waterfall
Zhaga Waterfall, 40 kilometers away from Songpan County, is located in Housigou, Sanlian Village, Muni.
Zhaga, Tibetan means the rapids on the white rock. Zhaga Waterfall is one of the two landscapes of Munigou Scenic Area. Zhaga Waterfall is located at the foot of Zhaga Mountain at the end of Zhagagou. The starting point of Zhaga Waterfall is 3270 meters above sea level. The altitude is 3176 meters, the waterfall height is 93.7 meters, the waterfall surface is 35~40 meters wide, and the summer flow is 2~5 cubic meters/second. It is a stepped waterfall with a flow rate of 23 cubic meters per second in summer. The upper reaches of the waterfall are lakes, and the lower reaches are stepped riverbeds. The lake water falls rapidly from the huge calcification ladder, and falls down through the three-level travertine steps, impacting the huge travertine stone wall, forming a huge waterfall body. Ten miles, such as the drums, such as the horses galloping.
Zhaga Waterfall is a multi-layered waterfall with a variety of changes. Zhaga Waterfall is 104 meters high and 35 meters wide. It is the highest calcified waterfall in China. The momentum is thin and the waves are ten miles.
Appraised by geologists, Zhaga Waterfall is both a liquid waterfall and a solid waterfall. The so-called solid waterfall refers to the entire river surface of the waterfall is a calcic body, and the travertine flow is like a colored liquid flying down. The water on the travertine body is clear and bright. The waterfall is the largest travertine waterfall found in the country, and has the reputation of “the first waterfall in China”.

6.Shandong Taishan Black Dragon Pond Waterfall 山东泰山黑龙潭瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Shandong Taishan Black Dragon Pond Waterfall
Taishan Black Dragon Pool is located on the Baizhang Cliff of Xixi. There are waterfalls flying down the stream, and the sound is like thunder, like a thousand-foot silver chain hanging. The waterfall pours all the year round, hitting the cliff and forming a pool. The legendary pool and the East China Sea Dragon Palace pass, and the dragon is free to come, hence the name “Black Dragon Pool”. “Longtan Waterfall” is one of the famous scenic spots in Taixi.

7.Yunnan Luoping Jiulong Waterfall Group 云南罗平九龙瀑布群

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Yunnan Luoping Jiulong Waterfall Group
The Jiulong Waterfall is wide-ranging, multi-level, poor, and rich in landscapes. It is layered and self-contained, giving people a feeling of illusion. The authoritative news organization of experts and scholars organized by China National Geographic is selected as China. The most beautiful waterfall has become a tourist destination that tourists yearn for.

8.Shanshan Yellow River Hukou Waterfall 山陕黄河壶口瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Shanshan Yellow River Hukou Waterfall
The Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River is a natural waterfall formed when the middle reaches of the Yellow River flows through the Jin-Shaan Grand Canyon. After the water, the sound of the water is deafening and close to wet clothes. Xichuan County, Shaanxi Province, east of Jixian County, Shanxi Province, about 25 kilometers southwest of Jixian County, Shanxi Province, 40 kilometers away from Yichuan County, Shaanxi Province. The waterfall is 30 meters wide, about 50 meters deep, and the largest waterfall is 30,000 square meters. It is the second largest waterfall in China after Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province.

9.Guangxi Detian Waterfall 广西德天瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Guangxi Detian Waterfall
Detian Waterfall is located in Detian Village, Shuolong Town, Daxin County, Guangxi, China. It is a national special attraction. It spans two countries of China and Vietnam, between Iguazu Falls and Zambia-Zimbabwe between Brazil and Argentina. After Victoria Falls and the United States-Canada Niagara Falls, it is the fourth largest in the world and the largest transnational waterfall in Asia. The waterfall falls at three levels, with a maximum width of more than 200 meters, a depth of more than 60 meters, a drop of more than 70 meters, and an average annual flow of 50 cubic meters per second. The geology of the site is thick layered dolomite. It is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and has been designated as a special attraction by the country.

10.Hubei Yichang Three Gorges Waterfall 湖北宜昌三峡大瀑布

China’s Top Ten Waterfalls-Hubei Yichang Three Gorges Waterfall
The Three Gorges Waterfall is a national 4A-level scenic spot and a must-see for Shennongjia. It is a natural geological museum that displays many geological times such as the Sinian, Ordovician, and Cambrian. It is also a rare national geological park integrating canyons, caves, landscapes, and fossil cultures. Water show, cave odd, waterfall beauty. Walking into the scenic spot is like unfolding a beautiful landscape painting. It is completely far away from the dust and noise of the city. Walking through the woods, you can breathe the air with negative oxygen ions without any pollution. You will Just like being in the world, forgetting all the troubles, you can only understand one word – “secret”. The mountains are like mountains, the canyons are deep, the rocks are thick, the waterfalls are stacked, the native plants are flourishing, the ecological environment is primitive and natural, and the natural landscape is unique. The creeks in the canyon are constantly flowing, forming more than 30 different shapes of waterfalls embedded in the canyon. The most spectacular one is the Three Gorges Waterfall with a height of 102 meters and a width of 80 meters. It is a unique zero-distance “crossing” waterfall in the country. Let people fully feel the joy and excitement of “collective wetness”, which is intoxicating and lingering.