New Fortune announced the list of China’s top ten richest people in 2019. Among them, Ma Huateng ranked first with total assets of 226.04 billion yuan, while Ma Yun ranked second with total assets of 220.61 billion yuan. The difference between the two is about 5.4 billion yuan. 
China's Top 10 Richest People Ranking in 2019

1.Ma Huateng 马化腾

Wealth:226.04 billion
Major company:Tencent Holdings
Headquarter:Shen Zhen,Guang Dong

2.Ma Yun 马云

Wealth:220.61 billion
Major company:Alibaba / Ant Financial
Headquarter:Hang Zhou,Zhe Jiang

3.Xu Jiayin 许家印

Wealth:207.91 billion
Major company:Evergrande Group
Headquarter:Shen Zhen,Guang Dong

4.Wang Jianlin/Wang Sicong 王健林/王思聪

Wealth:149.91 billion
Major company:Wanda Group
Headquarter:Bei Jing

5.Yang Huiyan 杨惠妍

Wealth:123.81 billion
Major company:Country Garden Holdings
Headquarter:Shun De,Guang Dong

6.He Xiangjian 何享健

Wealth:109.21 billion
Major company:Midea Group
Headquarter:Shun De,Guang Dong

7.Ding Lei 丁磊

Wealth:93.98 billion
Major company:Netease
Headquarter:Guang Zhou,Guang Dong

8.Wang Wei 王卫

Major company:SF Holdings
Headquarter:Shen Zhen,Guang Dong

9.Lei Jun 雷军

Wealth:81.36 billion
Major company:Xiaomi Group
Headquarter:Bei Jing

10.Zhang Yiming 张一鸣

Wealth:77 billion
Major company:Toutiao
Headquarter:Bei Jing
From the list, the third to tenth are Xu Jiayin, Wang Jianlin/Wang Sicong, Yang Huizhen, He Xiangjian, Ding Lei, Wang Wei, Lei Jun and Zhang Yiming. Their total assets were 207.91 billion yuan, 149.91 billion yuan and 123.81 billion yuan, 109.21 billion yuan, 93.98 billion yuan, 88.4 billion yuan, 81.36 billion yuan and 77 billion yuan.
In addition to Ma Huateng leading Ma Yun with a slight advantage, Zhang Yiming has also become the richest man in wealth growth. Last year, he was ranked 200th. This year, he quickly became one of the top ten with today’s headlines.