According to Baitong News Agency, on April 17, local time, a new batch of Chinese aid Belarus humanitarian anti-epidemic materials arrived in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. The first Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Belarus, Khudoreyev, said that the supplies arrived that day included the COVID-19 virus detection kit, N95 mask, medical mask, oximeter, medical protective clothing, goggles, infrared thermometer With disposable medical gloves, the total volume is about 180 cubic meters and the weight is about 30 tons.
It is reported that this batch of anti-epidemic materials is donated by more than 20 Chinese-funded enterprises in Belarus and Chinese provinces and cities that have established friendly provinces, states or cities with Belarus, as well as some charitable donations from Belarusian enterprises and state-owned enterprises.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus stated that the current world situation requires the integration of all international partners through public-private cooperation. The chief doctor of the Belarusian National Emergency Center, Valichuk, thanked China for its assistance and said that in the difficult time of the increasingly severe epidemic in Belarus, every protective clothing and mask provided by China is very important for doctors.
China’s first batch of humanitarian anti-epidemic materials arrived in Belarus on the 1st of this month. On the 15th, China delivered a batch of more than 10,000 copies of the COVID-19 virus detection kit to Belarus.
Belarus reported the first confirmed case on February 28. The Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China announced on the 17th that as of the morning of the same day, there were a total of 4,779 confirmed cases in Belarus, including 42 deaths and 342 cured cases.