Today, Internet technology has undergone earth-shaking changes. Especially with the advancement of mobile Internet technology, the new Internet has begun to affect the lives of Chinese people.

1.Online shopping

New Internet Technology-online shopping
The time for online shopping is not short, but with the upgrade of network resources, the replacement of mobile devices. In China, shopping has moved from the PC to the mobile.
According to the statistics of Tmall Double 11 in 2018, the proportion of mobile sales reached 83.5%. In other words, Chinese people are more keen to use mobile phones to buy goods.
In addition to convenience and speed, the reasons for mobile shopping are also benefited from the optimization and progress of the network. A Taobao APP has made numerous modifications and upgrades to users’ preferences. Now use Taobao to shop, you can search for yourself, you can compare, you can view the evaluation, you can also choose your favorite products through live broadcast.

2.Internet ordering

New Internet Technology-Internet ordering
People are lazy, and the more lazy they are, the more they will inspire creativity.
In China, online ordering (takeaway) has developed rapidly in the last two or three years. Simply select the merchant and product on your phone, add to the shopping cart, pay, and fill in the address. Usually within an hour, you can eat it.
A large number of people in China are engaged in the delivery of takeaways and are called “riders.” The rider’s daily task is to take the mobile phone and start taking orders. After receiving the order, he starts to go to the merchant to pick up the food, and then send the customer to the past. A well-made rider can earn more than his office work every month. But this is also a hard job, and it is common for dozens of hours a day.
Businesses, riders, and customers are connected through a mobile phone. Merchants earn reputation and money, riders have jobs to earn money, and customers pay for food. Each is required and each has its own income.


New Internet Technology-Webcast
The popularity of live broadcasts stems from the upgrade of the carrier network and the progress of the network speed.
Some people perform, some people watch, the viewers reward the performers, and the performers regard the live broadcast as a job. Or show skills, or teach makeup, or show life. Although not necessarily wonderful, it often touches the viewer’s heart.
The popularity of webcasting has made everyone find their own way of life. The performer’s life has changed since then, earning a lot of money; the viewer has satisfied his curiosity, and at the same time gave the performer money to support.

4.Network video

Network video appeared very early, but it also moved from the beginning of the PC to the mobile phone.
The main advantage of the mobile phone is the convenience. Whether you are walking on the road, taking the bus or taking the subway, you can watch it on your hand. And now many mobile phones already support 4K video playback, the effect is amazing.
The more famous websites in China are Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent Video, etc., which have a very large user base.