There are many medical universities in China, and both Chinese and Western medicine have their own teaching methods. In 2019, the ranking of the best medical universities in China was first released.The ranking range is the list of 107 national junior colleges and universities published by the Ministry of Education.
The best medical university rankings in china in 2019 are like this:

RankingSchool NameProvinceTotal score
1Peking Union Medical CollegeBeijing81.7
2Capital medical universityBeijing71
3Nanjing Medical UniversityJiangsu68.4
4Southern Medical UniversityGuangdong60.9
5Tianjin Medical UniversityTianjin60.7
6China Medical UniversityLiaoning56.9
7Harbin Medical UniversityHeilongjiang56.8
8Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineShanghai54.1
9Chongqing Medical UniversityChongqing51.2
10Dalian Medical UniversityLiaoning49.3
11Beijing University of Chinese MedicineBeijing47.3
12Hebei Medical UniversityHebei46.8
13Wenzhou Medical UniversityZhejiang46.6
14Guangzhou Medical UniversityGuangdong45.4
15Anhui Medical UniversityAnhui43.5
16Nanjing University of Chinese MedicineJiangsu42.6
17Fujian University of MedicineFujian42.2
18Guangxi Medical UniversityGuangxi41.7
19Guangzhou University of Chinese MedicineGuangdong40.8
20Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese MedicineZhejiang39.1
21Xuzhou Medical UniversityJiangsu38.4
22Shanxi Medical UniversityShanxi37.2
23Ningxia Medical UniversityNingxia36.6
24Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese MedicineTianjin36.2
25Inner Mongolia Medical UniversityInner Mongolia35.4
26Xinxiang Medical CollegeHenan34.9
27Kunming Medical UniversityYunnan34.5
28Southwestern Medical UniversitySichuan34.2
29Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHeilongjiang34
30Hunan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHunan33.9
31Jinzhou Medical UniversityLiaoning33.7
32Hubei University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHubei33.6
33Changchun University of Traditional Chinese MedicineJilin33.1
34Guangdong Medical UniversityGuangdong33
35Shenyang Medical CollegeLiaoning32.7
36Guangdong Pharmaceutical UniversityGuangdong31.2
36Xinjiang Medical UniversityXinjiang31.2
38Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese MedicineLiaoning30.7
39Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineSichuan30.6
40Fujian University of Traditional Chinese MedicineFujian30.5
41Hubei Medical CollegeHubei30.2
42Henan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHenan30.1
42Weifang Medical CollegeShandong30.1
44Binzhou Medical CollegeShandong29.9
44Xi'an Medical CollegeShaanxi29.9
46Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese MedicineGuangxi29.8
47Anhui University of Traditional Chinese MedicineAnhui29.6
48Guilin Medical CollegeGuangxi29.5
49Hebei College of Traditional Chinese MedicineHebei29.3
49Shandong University of Traditional Chinese MedicineShandong29.3
49Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese MedicineShaanxi29.3
52Qiqihar Medical CollegeHeilongjiang28.9
52Taishan Medical CollegeShandong28.9
54Guizhou Medical UniversityGuizhou28.8
55North Sichuan Medical CollegeSichuan28.3
56Chengde Medical CollegeHebei27.8
57Youjiang Medical College for NationalitiesGuangxi27.2
58Chengdu Medical CollegeSichuan27.1
59Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese MedicineJiangxi27
60Mudanjiang Medical CollegeHeilongjiang26.8
61Bengbu Medical CollegeAnhui26.7
62Changzhi Medical CollegeShanxi26.6
63Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineYunnan26.2
64Weinan Medical CollegeAnhui25.9
65Zunyi Medical UniversityGuizhou25.6
66Weinan Medical CollegeJiangxi25.4
67Jining Medical CollegeShandong25.2
68Gansu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineGansu24.9
69Jilin Medical CollegeJilin24.6
70Hainan Medical CollegeHainan24.2
71Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese MedicineGuizhou18.2