The blogger is a Wuhan native. When the epidemic in Wuhan was the worst, I stayed in Wuhan all the time, so I witnessed everything.
Wuhan is the largest city in central China. As a megacity, Wuhan has a population of 11.41 million(Top 10 Cities Population Ranking in China). At the same time, Wuhan is an important transportation hub in the country, historically known as the “way to other nine provinces”, it is the largest water, land and air transportation hub in China. Therefore, the flow of people from Wuhan to other cities is very huge.
Top 10 Most Beautiful Railway Stations in China-Wuhan Railway Station
Closure of Wuhan
“Close Wuhan” has a great impact on the city. Especially as a city with a population of tens of millions, all aspects of life will be affected. When Covid-19 was discovered in Wuhan, the city of Wuhan took measures to close the city. Why should such extreme measures be taken? Because the government was aware of the severity and spread of the virus at that time. Due to the importance of Wuhan traffic, once the virus spreads from Wuhan, the impact will be very large. But the fact is that the closure of Wuhan has achieved national security and minimized the impact of the spread of the virus.
A medical worker in hazmat suit speaks with suspected patients at Wuhan Union Hospital
Life during the closure of Wuhan
After the city was closed, all aspects of life were affected. But it is not impossible to live, just a little more inconvenience. Residents are required to wear masks when they are isolated at home, and will strictly control the number of times they go out to reduce infections. The materials needed by the residents for life are purchased by the community and distributed. Everyone measures body temperature multiple times a day and reports to the community or company via mobile phones.
During the closure of the city, people in Wuhan took online classes at home, learning to make bread and other food. More time to reunite with family, at the same time, also cherish life more.
Life after the unblocking in Wuhan
On April 8, Wuhan announced the unblocking to the world.
On this day, people who stayed in Wuhan for various reasons were able to go home. Life has also become more convenient. Residents do not need to report daily itinerary and body temperature, but only need to show a “green code” (a health code obtained by punching in for a while) when traveling. Everyone chooses to go out to play on the weekend and start to eat in the restaurant. Although there is still a need to maintain a distance between people, everyone’s consciousness has been greatly improved, and they have become more polite, humble and respectful.