Chongqing People’s Procuratorate WeChat public news on February 15th. On February 14, the Dianjiang County Procuratorate of Chongqing City charged the defendant with suspected illegal hunting, killing of precious, endangered wildlife, illegal manufacturing of guns, and illegal possession of firearms Mr. Huang filed an indictment.
Investigation: During May to November 2019, the defendant Huang used his modified nail gun to hunt four wild animals suspected of civet on the Dongyin Mountain in the county. One of them was cooked by his family and the remaining Three are kept in the refrigerator at home. On November 13, the police arrested Huang and detained three suspected civets. It has been identified that one of the three suspected civet cats is a small civet, which is a national second-level key protected wild animal, and the other two are flower-faced civets (commonly known as civet cats), which are beneficial to national protection or have important economic and scientific research Terrestrial wildlife of value.
After the incident, the Dianjiang County Procuratorate intervened in advance according to law to guide the public security organs to investigate and obtain evidence. On February 4, 2020, the Dianjiang County Public Security Bureau transferred the case to the Dianjiang County Procuratorate for review and prosecution. After accepting the case, the Dianjiang County Procuratorate informed the defendant Huang’s litigation rights according to law, interrogated Huang, and reviewed all the case materials. The prosecutor explained the legal provisions, the facts of the case, and the harm to the society caused by hunting wild animals, and informed the possible legal consequences of confession and confession. The duty lawyer was Huang on the facts of the case, the application of the law, the sentencing proposal, and the application procedures Provided legal assistance, Huang signed a confession and confession statement under the witness of the duty lawyer.
On February 14, 2020, the Dianjiang County Procuratorate filed the case in public prosecution.

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