China Internet Information Center today (28th) released the 45th “Statistical Report on Internet Development in China”. The “Report” shows the status of China’s Internet development from the second half of 2019 to the beginning of this year in terms of Internet infrastructure, scale and structure of Internet users, Internet application development, Internet government application development, and Internet security.
“Report” shows that as of March this year, China’s Internet users reached 904 million, an increase of 75.08 million from the end of 2018, the Internet penetration rate reached 64.5%; China’s online shopping users reached 710 million, and online consumption as an important part of the digital economy It is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the vigorous development of the consumer market.
Affected by the epidemic, the scale and utilization of online entertainment application users have increased significantly this year. As of March this year, online video has become the second largest Internet application type after instant messaging. While striving to expand overseas markets, short video platforms have become more and more integrated with other industries, especially in driving economic development in poor areas.
As of March this year, China’s online education users reached 423 million, an increase of 110.2% over the end of 2018. Data show that the number of daily active users of multiple online education applications during the epidemic reached more than 10 million.