Everyone can’t live without music, and the life accompanied by music is more colorful. In China, there are many very good music apps, they all have a huge user group, providing a perfect listening experience and other experiences. The most popular music apps in China are:

1.NetEase Cloud Music 网易云音乐

5 Popular Music Apps in China-NetEase Cloud Music
NetEase Cloud Music is a music product developed by NetEase and is the result of NetEase Hangzhou Research Institute. Relying on professional musicians, DJs, friend recommendations and social functions, online music services feature song lists, social networking, big-name recommendations and music fingerprints. , DJ programs, social networking, and geographic location are the core elements, focusing on discovery and sharing.
App features:
“Personalized recommendation”, “Private FM”, automatic matching according to user habits;
320K audio quality enjoyment;
The country’s first music app with “song list” as the core architecture, the largest and highest quality “song list” library in China, it is easier to meet good music in batches; easily create “song list”.
The atmosphere of “Leping”, the same song, through other people’s comments, experience the story and experience the same feelings, and find resonance in the comments.
Everyone can easily express themselves by uploading “Anchor Radio”, music stories, talk shows, emotional topics.
Stars, professional musicians, DJs are stationed, professional private “song lists” and music recommendations, and the style is refreshed; professional music editors have weekly novel and unique thematic comments, and listening to songs can also be more interesting.
Official website: https://music.163.com/

2.QQ Music QQ音乐

5 Popular Music Apps in China-QQ Music
QQ Music is part of China’s online music service leader Tencent Music Entertainment Group, and is a leading domestic music streaming platform. Since its establishment in 2005, the total number of QQ music registered users has reached 800 million.
With high-quality content as the core and big data and Internet technology as the driving force, QQ Music is committed to creating a “smart voice” “three-dimensional” pan-music ecosystem, providing users with a diverse music life experience.
App features:
QQ music player is a player with a wonderful music recommendation function. At the same time support online music and local music playback, is the most abundant music platform in China. Its unique music search and recommendation function allows you to enjoy the most popular and popular music. As long as you have a QQ music player, you have your own pop music!
Through intimate design, good experience, music library, latest pop music, professional classification, rich space background music, music sharing and other community services, QQ Music has made QQ Music the leading brand of online music life for Chinese netizens, leading People’s music lifestyle!
Every week there is a leaderboard of singers, and the top 10 singers in each category can top the throne! There are 500 in total, but only the top 10 can enlarge the avatar.
Tens of thousands of genuine music library
Tens of millions of genuine music libraries and industry-leading playback quality allow you to follow the latest and most trendy music and give you space to explore freely.
Music cloud sync
You can open the music cloud by logging in to your account: favorite songs,
Created playlists, followed singers, favorite MVs, follow you anytime, anywhere.
Cross-platform multi-terminal full coverage
Whether on the sofa or in the subway, a full line of products with multiple terminals and multiple platforms allows you to listen to your favorite songs in your favorite posture. Music your life.
Music community, more fun
Music interaction, more fun! On-demand songs to friends, express feelings with music. Subscribe to your friend’s song list and let good songs come to you.
Official website: https://y.qq.com

3.Kugou music 酷狗音乐

5 Popular Music Apps in China-kugou Music
Kugou is a leading digital music interactive service provider in China, a leader in Internet technology innovation, and is committed to providing the best solutions for Internet users and the development of the digital music industry.
Since the establishment of the company, it has been making bold attempts in the development of digital music. It has cooperated with dozens of record companies and copyright management agencies to explore and develop. Make great efforts to make their own contributions in the arduous process of digitizing global music. KuGou has more than hundreds of millions of shared files and materials, and is loved by users all over the world. It has tens of millions of users. It provides user-friendly functions, implements multi-source downloads, and improves the usual download speed. The speed of the internet determines that the searched songs are downloaded faster and more efficiently. It is the first in China to provide an online audition function, which is convenient for users to selectively download and reduce downloading of disliked songs. Kugou has good music effects, rich network music resources, and simple operation has become a feature of Kugou Music attracting users.
App features:
①. Brand-new interface: Create your own homepage, the homepage entrance provides icons to customize, what function you want to decide; recommended content according to your preferences, recommend songs that more suit your taste
②. The music library experience is very different, refreshing music library, new songs
Courier, curated playlists, the music you are looking for are all in Kugou Music Library
③. Professional viper sound effects
Sound effect kernel, professionally create 3D Liyin, overweight and low
Cool Dog Music Viper Sound Effect
Cool dog music viper sound effects (4 photos)
Sound effects such as audio, black technology 3D rotation, 5.1 panoramic view, car sound effects, open sound production ecology, let a hundred yuan headphones hear a thousand yuan effect.
④. Mobile KTV
Professional sound effects, intelligent scoring, relying on Kugou genuine music library,
You can choose high-quality accompaniment. A variety of top-level sound effects, personalized tuning options, let you become K Geda in seconds. Live interaction, k room singing, and meet more like-minded singers.
⑤. Live performances, lively and colorful
Anchor live broadcast 24 hours a day, interacting with thousands of music lovers at the same time, creating a good voice on the network;
⑥. Personalized Skin Resurfacing
The theme color changes with the background image, more
You can choose any theme.
⑦. New music short video
The music short video is awesome, and the auditory and visual experience! One-click shooting of songs, instantly generate music blockbuster!
⑧. Singer Energy List
The Energy List is a popular list of Kugou music certified singers on the platform, which covers positive energy singers who have already settled in Kugou Music. Fans can obtain energy values ​​by participating in energy tasks, such as daily punching, listening to songs, song sharing, and poster sharing, to contribute energy values ​​to the singer, and then complete the ranking. The star on the final list can get the corresponding internal and external promotion resources of Kugou.
Official website: https://www.kugou.com/

4.Xiami Music 虾米音乐

5 Popular Music Apps in China-xiami Music
Xiami Music is a professional music content discovery and consumption platform. Relying on the complete and detailed music library, it is also committed to supporting original music. Since 2014, it has launched the original music support project-Xunguang Project.
App features:
“Most Complete Library”:
Millions of genuine high-quality music to carry with you; fresh and timely list of the first time to understand music pop music
Revolutionary interface design subverts the boring audio-visual experience of traditional mobile music clients;
“got you”:
According to your play, collection and other operations, understand your taste of listening to songs and recommend more good music for you;
“Anytime, Anywhere”:
One-click offline music to mobile phone; cloud music synchronization, you can enjoy fresh and favorite music at any time without network.
Official website: https://www.xiami.com/

5.Kuwo music 酷我音乐

Kuwo Music is an online digital music platform. Since its establishment in 2005, it has accumulated a leading music library and a lossless music library. Kuwo Music digs into popular content such as variety shows, movies, TV series, etc., and continues to strive to provide users with personalization and diversification through anchor radio stations, live music, video and other featured content, as well as international cutting-edge audio technology and cost-effective music hardware products. Music experience.
Kuwo Music has nearly 20 million music libraries, and has signed exclusive agency copyrights with more than 100 record companies.
App features:
①. Songs and MV resources
Kuwo has an existing music library of 20 million, and has signed exclusive agency copyrights with more than 100 companies, and has cooperation with more than 500 record companies. At the end of 2016, the lossless music library can reach 10 million, covering half of the music library. In addition, Kuwo’s ​​latest online master audio resource is the first in China.
②. Magic sound wave
When users listen to super-quality or lossless music, the magic sound wave will appear sound waves for each song’s beat, speed, frequency, and accurate calculation. The sound waves will produce different dynamic changes and gorgeous tones with different songs, which are reflected in real time. The spectrum of music helps users to experience the effects of ultra-high sound quality.
③. Viper sound effect
Kuwo PC and mobile have both “Viper Sound Effect” function. “Viper Sound Effect” is applied to four scenes, including 3D beautiful sound, super bass, virtual scene, and pure vocals. Different sound effects can be used on different songs to show the best listening effect of the songs. “3D Meiyin” uses top-level rendering technology to carry cloud services to select the most suitable surround sound field for each song. “Super Bass” uses top-level bass enhancement technology to make low-frequency sounds clear and audible, as well as intelligent anti-breaking sound, hi every note. “Virtual scene” uses super-strong holographic sound field adjustment technology to restore the live charm of the concert and let the user be immersive. The last scene is “pure vocals”, using unique life analysis capabilities to make the singer’s voice more clear and transparent, and truly feel the soul of music.
④. HIFI exclusive mode
Similar to Foobar’s WASAPI exclusive playback, integrated Foobar’s WASAPI device switching, exclusively improved into switch interaction, making operation more convenient. After the exclusive mode is turned on, other software on the computer will be muted to make the music play better.
⑤. One-click to improve sound quality
The PC version can manually add local songs or albums. Kuwo detects that there is a lossless version of the same song in the music library and will automatically replace the local version with the lossless version. The later music box will automatically detect the local music library. After the user confirms the replacement, the original version will be replaced with the lossless version of music.
⑥. Rich HD pictures, you listen and watch
The fresh cover art and the singer’s beautiful photos are automatically allocated with the song support.
⑦. Various theme song lists, authority lists
Festive song list, current affairs song list, blessing song list, starting song list, hot song list, new song list, pioneer list, soaring list.
⑧. Original radio station
Kuwo original radio station is the FM with the most user attention among all similar music software, covering many elements such as healing, ridicule, puzzle, horror, etc. It has become one of the most necessary leisure for post-80s and 90s.
⑨. Into the show
The live broadcast mode turns Cool Music into a more diverse music platform. The show mode gives everyone the opportunity to show themselves.
⑩. Music classification
The most comprehensive subdivision categories have been made on the music library recommendation, and the music is completed through seven dimensions of “popularity”, “mood”, “theme”, “language”, “features”, “scene”, “qufeng genre” Detailed classification. At the same time, in the “Hot” column, six special zones were created: “Buddhist Zone”, “Sound Zone”, “Anime Zone”, “Children’s Song Zone”, “DJ Zone” and “Film and TV Zone”.
Official website: http://www.kuwo.cn/