With the development of society and the advancement of science, people’s travel modes have become more diverse, especially in the subway, which is fast and does not cause congestion. So where is the subway most convenient around the country?
Recently, China’s “Urban Track Operation Mileage” ranking was released in 2019. According to the list, Shanghai ranks first in China’s “Urban Track Operating Miles” rankings in terms of operating mileage of 705KM. It is understood that Shanghai has 415 stations and 17 lines. Secondly, Beijing ranked second with a mileage of 626KM, with 389 stations and 21 lines. Guangzhou ranks third with an operating mileage of 454KM. In addition, the top ten cities in the list are: Nanjing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu and Tianjin.
China City Subway Length Ranking-beijing

1.Shanghai Metro

Length:705.00 km
Shanghai Metro is the longest urban rail transit system in the world. Shanghai Metro Line 1 started operation in 1993. It is the third city in China to open a subway. By 2019, the Shanghai Metro will be 705 kilometers. The average daily passenger traffic reached 969,300 times.

2.Beijing Metro

Length: 637.00 km
Beijing is the first city in China to open a subway. The first route was planned in 1953 and began operations in 1971. As of January 2019, there were 391 sites with a total length of 637 kilometers. There are 16 in total, ranking sixth in the 36 cities in the country that have opened subways.

3.Guangzhou Metro

Length: 478.00 km
The opening date of Guangzhou Metro was June 1997, with a total length of 478.00 kilometers, annual passenger traffic of 3.025 billion passengers, daily average passenger traffic of 8,287,700 passengers, and the country’s first intercity subway and the first cross-city administrative district subway line. All in Guangzhou.

4.Nanjing Metro

Length: 378.00 km
The Nanjing Metro is the first subway system to be connected to the metro in all administrative districts. The first line was officially opened to traffic on May 15, 2005. The Nanjing Metro has opened 10 operating lines with a total of 174 stations. The total length of the subway lines is 378 kilometers. The total length is 4th in China and 5th in the world.

5.Chongqing Metro

Length: 313.60 km
The first line was opened for sightseeing on November 6, 2004, and officially opened on June 18, 2005. It is the first urban rail transit line in western China. As of December 2018, there were 10 railway rail transit lines with an operating mileage of 313.6 kilometers, and the total length of mileage was ranked fifth in China and first in the central and western regions.

6.Wuhan Metro

Length: 304.50 km
Wuhan Rail Transit Line 1 was opened on July 28, 2004. As of December 2018, there were 11 Wuhan rail transit lines, including Line 1, Line 2, Airport Line, Line 3, and Line 4. Line 6, Line 7, Line 8, Line 11, Yangluo Line, and Zhifang Line have a total of 206 stations with a total length of 305 kilometers and the length of the line is ranked 5th in China.

7.Shenzhen Metro

Length: 285.00 km
The first line of the Shenzhen Metro was officially opened on December 28, 2004, making Shenzhen the fifth city in mainland China with a subway system. There are 8 operating lines in the Shenzhen Metro, namely: Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, Line 7, Line 9, Line 11, a total of 199 stations. The total length of the city’s subway operation lines is 285 kilometers.

8.Hong Kong subway

Length: 264.00 km
The Hong Kong MTR has 11 heavy irons, 13 light rails and 1 high-speed railway with a total length of 264 kilometers. There are 159 stations, including 91 railway stations and 68 light rail stations.

9.Chengdu Metro

Length: 226.01 km
Chengdu is the tenth city in mainland China with urban rail transit. Chengdu Metro has opened 8 lines with a total length of 226.017 kilometers. All of them use the subway system, with a total of 156 stations. The average daily passenger flow is 2,142,500 times.

10.Tianjin Metro

Length: 217.00 km
Tianjin Rail Transit officially opened on December 28, 1984, making Tianjin the second city with metro in mainland China. As of December 2018, there were 6 Tianjin rail transit lines, including subways 1, 2, and 3. Lines 5, 6 and 9 (Jinbin Light Rail), the network covers 10 municipal districts, with an operating mileage of 215 kilometers and a total of 154 stations.