There are many islands in China, and there are many people living and not living. Among the islands where people live, these are the 20 largest islands in China:
20 Largest Islands In China

1.Taiwan Island – 36,193 square kilometers

Taiwan Island ranks first in China’s top 20 islands, and is the largest island in China. It ranks 38th among the world’s largest islands. According to the 2006 population, the island has a population of about 23 million. It is the province of Taiwan. The main island.

2.Hainan Island – 32,198 square kilometers

The area of Hainan Island is only on Taiwan Island. The terrain is high in the middle and low in the surrounding. If we look at the plan, the whole island looks like an oval Sydney.

3.Chongming Island – 1267 square kilometers

Chongming Island is the third largest island in China. The island has a population of about 821,500. The Pudong Airport and Xingdong Airport are built here. The climate on the island is subtropical monsoon climate.

4.Zhoushan Island – 476.17 square kilometers

Zhoushan Island belongs to Zhejiang. The main landform on the island is mountainous hills. It is not only ranked fourth in China’s top 20 islands, but also the largest island in Zhejiang.

5.Yangzhong Island – about 320 square kilometers

Yangzhong Island belongs to Jiangsu, and there are other names such as Puffer Island and Taipingzhou. Yangzhong Island is located in the central subtropical monsoon climate zone with good climatic conditions and is suitable for crop growth.

6.East Island – 289.49 square kilometers

The East Island belongs to Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, and has the first Long Beach in China, with a total length of 28 kilometers. In addition, there are many well-known tourist attractions on the East Island.

7.Haitan Island – 267.13 square kilometers

Haitan Island is also known as “East” and “Sea Mountain”, but the most famous alias is Pingtan Island. There are many places of interest on the island.

8.Changxing Island – 252.5 square kilometers

Changxing Island belongs to Dalian, Liaoning Province. It is a well-known coastal tourist area in China. The climate on the island is a warm temperate humid continental monsoon climate zone with four distinct seasons.

9.Dongshan Island – about 220.18 square kilometers

The Dongshan Island floor plan looks like a butterfly, so it has the alias of Butterfly Island, ranking ninth in China’s top 20 islands and the second largest island in Fujian.

10.Yuhuan Island – 16.951 square kilometers

Yuhuan Island is the tenth largest island in China. It is the second largest island in Zhejiang. Because the fishery, agriculture, and industry on the island are very active, there is also the reputation of “East Sea Jasper”.

11.Jiuduansha – about 145 square kilometers

Jiuduansha is a sandbank, and the Jiuduansha Wetland Nature Reserve has been established on the island.

12.Lantau Island – about 140 square kilometers

Phoenix Mountain on Lantau Island is Hong Kong’s second highest mountain, and Lantau Island is Hong Kong’s largest island. The island’s natural landscapes and historical sites are many of the most popular places to visit.

13.Shangchuan Island – 137.17 square kilometers

The full name of Shangchuan Island is Shangchuan Shangchuan Island, which has beautiful scenery, not only has high-quality beaches, but also numerous tourism projects.

14.Kinmen Island – about 132 square kilometers

Kinmen Island belongs to Taiwan, but the administration of Kinmen is divided into Fujian. It used to be a frontier military island. Before the relationship was very tense, it later became a tourist and sightseeing place.

15.Xiamen Island – 128.14 square kilometers

The original area of Xiamen Island was not so large. In 1933, the land reclamation was expanded, and it has such a large area.

16.Nantai Island – 118.2 square kilometers

Nantai Island is not only ranked 16th in China’s top 20 islands, but also the largest in the Lancang River. It is also the largest of the river islands in China.

17.Nan’ao Island – 105.24 square kilometers

Nan’ao Island belongs to Guangdong and enjoys a superior geographical position. It has been at the junction with the three provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan. It has always been a must-have for the trade along the southeast coast, and has a reputation of “marine mutual market”.

18.Hailing Island – 105.11 square kilometers

Hailing Island ranks 18th in China’s top 20 islands and is the fourth largest island in Guangdong.

19.Daishan Island – 104.96 square kilometers

Daishan Island has a very long history. Some thousand years ago, people lived here and there are more than 2,000 years of history.

20.Liuheng Island – 93.66 square kilometers

Liuheng Island has the largest town in Zhoushan, Liuheng Town, with a permanent population of about 100,000. Liuheng Island is a north subtropical maritime monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, no summer heat, no cold winters, and the island’s scenery is very good.

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