China’s vast land and natural resources, beautiful women like clouds, the beauty of the provinces also have their own characteristics. So, what are the 10 provinces with the most beautiful Chinese beauty?

1.Sichuan beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-sichuan beauty
Legend has it that the nickname of Sichuan is called Beauty Province, and the beauty is concentrated in Chunxi Road in Chengdu, Sichuan Music University, Sichuan Media College, and Sichuan University. There is a Sichuan beauty in the world! Sichuan beauty is mainly concentrated in Chengdu and Dazhou. The biggest characteristic of Sichuan sister is that the skin is good, the water is so refreshing, lively and lovely!

2.Hunan beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-hunan beauty
Hunan beauty is represented by Changsha sister. Changsha girls generally look very white and red, like the peach blossoms on the banks of the Xiangjiang River in March. Changsha women’s body is tall and plump, not as small as the average southern woman. Their outstanding appearance is characterized by a clear outline of the facial features, giving people a clear and refreshing feeling.

3.Jiangxi beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-jiangxi beauty
There are two types of girls in Jiangxi, one is the beauty of Jiujiang Xiushui, and the other is the Hakka sister of Minnan. The sisters of Jiujiang Xiushui County are very famous in the country, and their liveliness and self-confidence is the biggest feature of Xiushui’s sister. Besides Hakka sisters, Hakka sisters are a unique class among Han women, and the only women among Han women who have not had enough habits. In the social practice of many years, Hakka sisters have exercised their unique diligence, hardship and tenacity and extraordinary ability to live. The Hakka girl in Zhangzhou is a good wife and a good mother!

4.Taiwanese beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-taiwan beauty
Taiwanese women are generally thinner, such as Taiwan’s first beauty, Lin Chi-ling, who is proud of her body. The Taiwanese sister’s sister said that she would like to talk about it. Oh, do you like this girl?

5.Zhejiang Beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-zhejiang beauty
Zhejiang girls are not seen to be plump and glamorous, but they have both the beauty of the southern women and the tall and straight women of the North. Although they are white, they are generally lively and active. Zhejiang women are in a good position, with a high level of education, self-confidence in temperament, never being in the status quo, and like to try different lifestyles.

6.Guangdong beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-guangdong beauty
Guangdong beauty is represented by Chaoshan and Dongguan, especially in the Chaoshan area. There are many beautiful girls, the skin is delicate and shiny, and it is mostly of a tall and plump type similar to the northeastern woman. Whether it is a tidal area with more beautiful girls, or other parts of Guangdong where there are fewer beautiful girls, women are known for their gentleness and gentleness.

7.Hubei beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-hubei beauty
Hubei beauty is represented by Wuhan, Enshi, Xiaogan Anlu, more beautiful and lovely type, the skin color is generally very good, the girl is more well-proportioned, and the skin color is red, but the Hubei girl still brings a lot of Zhongyuan people (such as Hebei Henan woman). There are often orthodox and law-abiding, lacking a kind of wild beauty.

8.Jiangsu beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-jiangsu beauty
Jiangsu girls are represented by the three cities of Nanjing, Yangzhou and Suzhou. The Jiangsu sisters are divided into southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu. The appearance of the South Jiangsu girl is close to that of Shanghai women, but it is also very different. They are relatively ingenious, but far from the self-confidence temperament of Shanghai women. The girls in northern Jiangsu have not belonged to the category of Jiangnan beauty. In fact, they are more talented. Women in northern Jiangsu do not have the soft and light feeling of Jiangnan women.

9.Shandong Beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-shandong beauty
The beauty of Shandong is represented by Qingdao. The girl is tall and tall, with prominent lines and delicate skin. The girl in Ludi is relatively short and thin. Shandong girl, contrary to the Sichuan woman, the Shandong woman is a little bit arrogant and charming. The instinct of a man.

10.Liaoning Beauty

Most Beautiful Beauty In China-liaoning beauty
Liaoning beauty is represented by the city of Dalian. Liaoning women are less traditional temperament, more romantic and romantic. They are generally white, full of height, curved, and stylish. They love to play, passionate about sports activities and drinking.