Chinese girls have the unique and proud faces of Asian women. They are generous and confident, and they behave differently. The ten most beautiful girls in China are recognized by the public as intellectual beauty.
The 10 most beautiful girls in China are not only known for their appearance, but more importantly, they are naturally smart, charming and irresistible. Appearance is as extraordinary as talent.

1.Liu Yifei

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Liu Yifei
Liu Yifei is a professional singer, model and actor. When she was 11 years old, she went to the United States with her mother. In 2002, he returned to China and became famous for his acting career. When she was in the performing arts circle, she studied at the famous Academy of Performing Arts of the Beijing Film Academy(Top 10 Film And Television Colleges In China). After receiving a degree in acting, she received numerous invitations to Chinese TV dramas and became famous.Liu Yifei’s figure appeared in major film and television cities(Top 10 Film And Television Cities In China), and he also shot countless TV dramas.

2.Gao Yuanyuan

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Gao Yuanyuan
Gao Yuanyuan started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of seventeen. Unlike other famous actresses in mainland China, she did not get any degree from a famous drama school. Instead, she appeared in a TV commercial for an ice cream company and made her famous overnight. She also appeared in other advertisements. Gao Yuanyuan’s face was also called the most attractive face in the entertainment industry.

3.Lin Zhiling

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Lin Zhiling
Lin Zhiling was born in Taipei. She is a famous actress and model in Taiwan Province. She has a soft face and elegant manners, so she has become one of the most popular faces in Taiwan. Lin Zhiling originally wanted to get a job at the Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, but she was rejected due to a lack of a graduate degree in this field. Therefore, Lin Zhiling decided to pursue a modeling career and soon became one of China’s most famous actresses.

4.Fan Bingbing

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Fan Bingbing
This talented woman is not only a professional singer and actor, but also a well-known producer. She studied at the Xie Jin School of Film and Television Arts of Shanghai Normal University. When she won a supporting role in the Chinese TV “Return Pearl” She became a star, meanwhile, Fan Bingbing was also called one of the most beautiful women in the world.

5.Zhang Jingchu

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Zhang Jingchu
In China and in many parts of the world, Zhang Jingchu’s charming beauty has captivated thousands of TV fans. In fact, Time magazine considers her to be one of the top Asian stars in the 2005 Time magazine. Zhang Jingchu is located in She studied and received a director degree from the Central Academy of Drama(Top 10 Film And Television Colleges In China) in Beijing. She also studied English at the Beijing New Oriental Institute, making her fluent in both spoken and written languages.

6.Zhao Wei

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei is a famous pop singer and actress in China. In addition, she has won many awards, including the Golden Eagle Television Award, Shanghai Film Critics Award, Shanghai International Film Festival Award, and Baihua Award. When she played a supporting role, her passion for acting began. Even when she was a student at the Beijing Film Academy, she expressed her love of acting and participated in some movies.

7.Zhou Xun

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Zhou Xun
Zhou Xun is considered to be one of the famous actresses in China. In early 2000, she worked with other famous actresses in China, such as Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei and Zhang Ziyi. In addition, she also gained Gained international reputation and won the Best Actress award at the 15th Paris Film Festival.

8.Zhang Yuqi

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Zhang Yuqi
Zhang Yuqi has a degree in acting, but it wasn’t until she was discovered in a TV commercial by the influential Zhou Xingchi that her acting career began to take off. When she starred in the movie of Zhou Xingchi, the actress quickly became more popular, Her talent and beauty also attracted great attention from the media.

9.Zhang Ziyi

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi is not only famous in China, but also considered one of the best film actresses in the world in Hollywood. She is also a professional model and has appeared on the covers of many fashion magazines at home and abroad. She has won many BAFTA Nominations for the award and nominations for the Golden Globes.

10.Xu Jinglei

10 Most Beautiful Girls in China-Xu Jinglei
Xu Jinglei is a successful actor and film director. In 1997, she received a degree from the Beijing Film Academy. In addition to her superb acting skills, Xu Jinglei is an excellent writer and editor. In fact, her Weibo(What Apps Are Used in China) has millions of fans.Currently has a great reputation in the country.