Forests are a beautiful gift from nature to mankind. Forests provide humans with wood and fresh air. China has vast forest resources. These are the ten most beautiful forests in China.

1.Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest
Xueling spruce forest is located in the north and south slopes of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, western Kunlun Mountains, and western Junggar mountains in China. It stretches 1,800 kilometers from east to west and extends westward to the Tianshan and Alai Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. It is the most important mountain in the desert region of Central Asia. Evergreen coniferous forest. On the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains, the Xueling Spruce Forest is located in the low and medium mountains—subalpine mountains at an altitude of 1500 to 2800 meters, forming a continuous vertical mountainous forest belt. Forests and mountain meadows, grasslands and shrubs are staggered in the belt.
Xueling spruce has a life history of 40 million years. They are living fossils on the Tianshan Mountains. From late October, the cold winds of Siberia have frequented this place with snowflakes. In the silver-clad veil, there was nothing but silence. The beautiful canopy of Xueling Spruce was like a majestic and neat army formation. Its mighty momentum is shocking.

2.Changbai Mountain Korean Pine and Broadleaf Mixed Forest

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Changbai Mountain Korean Pine and Broadleaf Mixed Forest
In China, there are currently only two pieces of the original Pinus koraiensis intact. One is in Xiaoxing’anling and the other is in Changbai Mountain.
The Korean pine and broad-leaved mixed forest in Changbai Mountain of Jilin is a forest type that is located in the temperate zone of the Far East. It is famous for its rich species, diverse forest types, complex collections and gorgeous landscapes.

3.Jianfengling Tropical Rain Forest

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Jianfengling Tropical Rain Forest
Hainan Island, an island embraced by the South China Sea and known as “Oriental Hawaii”, the sun, coconut forest, sea rhyme, and beaches, show the southern style; Hainan Island, a bright green pearl, her green, Originating from the vast and mysterious tropical rainforest on the island, the tropical rainforest located in the Jianfengling forest area in the southwest of Hainan Island is the essence of this green pearl. Jianfengling National Forest Park is located in Ledong County, Hainan Province. It was built in 1976 and covers an area of about 1,600 hectares. The protected objects are mainly tropical primitive rain forests and rare animals such as group crested gibbon and peacock salamander.
Jianfengling is China’s first national tropical rain forest park. It has the largest and best-preserved tropical virgin forest in China. The tropical forests of Jianfeng Ridge have complete vegetation types and series, and are rich in wild species. There are not only living fossil plants of the same age as dinosaurs more than 200 million years ago, tree ferns (杪 椤), but also more than 20 rare national-level species. Protecting animals, the natural ecological landscape is native, simple, majestic and magical.

4.Baima Snow Mountain Alpine Rhododendron Forest

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Baima Snow Mountain Alpine Rhododendron Forest
There are more than 200 species of Rhododendron in the Alpine Rhododendron Forest in Baima Snow Mountain, Yunnan. There are more than 200 species of Rhododendron, Golden-backed Rhododendron, Silver-backed Rhododendron, Weihua Rhododendron, and Rhododendron rhododendron. Rhododendron blooms in the season, strange flowers, numerous colors, to decorate the mountains magnificently.
Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the middle of the Hengduan Mountains, the main peak of the northern section of the Yunling Baima Snow Mountain (also known as Baiman Snow Mountain) and the Jinsha River slopes of the Renzhi Snow Mountain. Administratively under Deqin County of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, it borders Mangkang County in the north, and faces Derong County, Sichuan across the Jinsha River in the east. The total area is 1879931 hectares.

5.Linzhi Spruce Forest in Bomigang Township

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Linzhi Spruce Forest in Bomigang Township
Located in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Bomigang Township contains China’s largest, best and last virgin forest. Although it is not as beautiful as the Tianshan Snow Ridge Spruce, but its primitive, dense and spectacular, it can be said to be “the only one with exclusive respect.”
Because of the moisture and warmth of the Indian Ocean, the combination of water and heat is superior, which makes the trees in the forest stand tall and tall, dense and thick. Some trunks can reach 2 meters in diameter and 80 meters in height.

6.Luntai Hu Yanglin

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Luntai Hu Yanglin
In the magnificent hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, there is such a good place with poplar poplars, hundreds of birds roaring, flowers and bees flying, and azure water. The towering gate archway reads 4 characters of Forest Park. A park connects Luntai Oasis and Taklamakan, and a Tarim River draws the charm of the green shades to the east. There are 1,200 forest parks in the world distributed in more than one hundred countries, but desert poplar forest park is the only one. Luntai County is located at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and the northern edge of the Tarim Basin. There are more than 400,000 acres of natural Populus euphratica forest, the world’s largest, densest and best-lived “Tertiary living fossil”.
Populus euphratica forest is a typical desert forest meadow vegetation type in the Tarim River Basin, and it is distributed from the upstream valley to the downstream dry riverbed. Although the structure of Populus euphratica is relatively simple, it has a strong zonal ecological imprint. Whether it is the rising sun or the setting sun, it not only gives people a sense of mystery, but also makes people interpret life and hope.
Facing the wonderland in the desert, you will suddenly feel that the first humans were people in the forest, and the forest gave everything to people’s lives. Only here you know that you are looking for the roots of humans.

7.Xishuangbanna Tropical Rain Forest

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Xishuangbanna Tropical Rain Forest
Xishuangbanna rain forest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful forests in China. It is very rich in layers, with as many as a dozen layers in the densest places; the unique roots of the tropical rainforest, the flowering of old stems, the phenomenon of aerial gardens, the strangulation of vines, and the large banyan trees made of trees are all impressive .
Typical tropical scenery, particularly rich in trees. There is almost no identical tree in a tropical forest. They are a resource pool of plants and a paradise for animals.

8.Libo Karst Forest

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Libo Karst Forest
The karst landform is characterized by its undulating mountains, rocky forests, swirling caves, the extension of circular arcs and the intersection of vertical lines, reflecting the beauty of geometric forms peculiar to nature. But the exposed karst landscape sometimes feels sad. When the Libo Maolan Karst Forest was discovered, people cherished this rare green karst landscape.
The Maolan Karst Forest has gone beyond the karst landscape’s fixed formula to a considerable extent, and it blends a variety of mountain and water scenery, underground caves and turquoise forest scenery to present a perfect natural scenery.
Maolan is located in Libo County, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. Maolan Nature Reserve was established in 1984, and was approved by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province in 1987 to establish a provincial nature reserve. The State Council approved it as a national nature reserve in 1988, joined the China Biosphere Reserve Network in 1995, and joined the UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve Network in 1996. 2007.6.27 South China Karst was listed on the Libo List of the World Heritage List, and 2011 Libo Maolan was listed in China’s top 10 beautiful towns.

9.Larix gmelinii forest in northern Daxinganling

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Larix gmelinii forest in northern Daxinganling
The Daxinganling Forest is dominated by Larix gmelinii, which is a component of the Arctic Coniferous Forest. It is distributed along the Greater Xing’an Mountains from north to south in China. The forest is accompanied by unique Arctic species, such as snow rabbits, moose, snow owls, and plants and plants such as fragrant bilberry, bilberry, and Shigaolan. The Xing’an Mountains are divided into two parts, north and south, by the Daer River in the Xing’an League. The northern section is about 770 kilometers long, and the terrain gradually rises from north to south. It is a coniferous forest area dominated by Larix gmelinii.
Its seasonal changes are obvious, especially in spring and summer. In spring, new branches and tender leaves are particularly enchanting against the background of the purple flowers of Xing’an azalea; in summer, the clouds in the forest are dangling, trees are vying for glory, and green is dripping. In the long river of history, this is also the place where many nations find their way. Deep in the Greater Xing’an Mountains, there are still ancient forest hunting peoples such as Ewenki and Oroqen. The primitive features of the northern part of the Greater Xing’an Mountains, with its majestic momentum and the ocean-like greenness, make it a piece of emerald treasure in the northern frontier of China.

10.Shunan Bamboo Sea

10 Most Beautiful Forests in China-Shunan Bamboo Sea
The southern Sichuan bamboo sea in Changning County, Sichuan was formerly known as “Wanling Mountain”. Its central scenic spot is composed of bamboo forests mainly composed of nan bamboo, with an area of more than 70,000 acres. Ascending the distance and looking far away, thousands of hectares of blue waves, verdant green like the sea, so it has the reputation of “bamboo sea and green world”. The natural bamboo landscape is the main body of Shunan Bamboo Sea. The area of the main natural scenic spot is the largest in the country, and the landscape types are rich, the combination of natural beauty, and the rich bamboo culture.
Zhuhai has a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of 15.5 degrees Celsius. Winter is rarely below 0 degrees Celsius, summer does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and the frost-free period is 345 days. The streams in the forest are vertical and horizontal, the waterfalls are high, the lakes are like mirrors, the springs are clear and sweet, the air is fresh, the fragrance is fragrant, and the winding paths are quiet, introducing people into a mysterious world.

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